How to Play Blox Fruits: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Embark on an epic journey and become the strongest pirate or marine by learning the basics of how to play Blox Fruits!

In this ultimate beginner’s guide, you are about to acquire the skills of leveling up your character, utilizing weapons, fighting styles, and Blox fruit abilities, as well as the controls you need to perform specific actions in the game.

how to play Blox Fruits

You will also be given some tips and tricks to speed up your progress, as Blox Fruits is a game where you will do a lot of grinding at the start so you can get to the fun part, which is to hunt tougher bosses and find unique items.

And without further ado, indulge yourself for a definitive masterclass about the nuts and bolts of this popular Roblox game.

Editor’s Update (May 2024): Some fruits have been added, as well as some new relevant links.

What Is the Blox Fruits Game About?

blox fruits roblox

Released for the Roblox platform on January 16, 2019, Blox Fruits is a game inspired by one of the longest-running manga and anime series, One Piece.

Unlike the anime where the characters travel the world to find the highly-coveted One Piece, Blox Fruits redirected its focus on exploration and acquisition of mysterious Blox fruits and items.

Blox fruits specifically refer to the edible items the player can consume to gain various supernatural abilities.

The fruits are basically the counterpart of devil fruits in One Piece and are also categorized into three types: Natural, Elemental, and Beast Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits List (Updated, May 2024)

how to play Blox Fruits - blox fruits list
credits: Blox Fruits Wiki

Here is a list of available fruits in the game since Update 23:

Natural Blox FruitsElemental Blox FruitsBeast Blox Fruits
Rocket (Common)Smoke (Common)Falcon (Uncommon)
Spin (Common)Flame (Uncommon)Buddha (Legendary)
Chop (Common)Ice (Uncommon)Phoenix (Legendary)
Spring (Common)Sand (Uncommon)Mammoth (Mythical)
Bomb (Common)Dark (Uncommon)Dragon (Mythical)
Spike (Common)Light (Rare)Leopard (Mythical)
Diamond (Uncommon)Magma (Rare)Kitsune (Mythical)
Rubber (Rare)Rumble (Legendary)T-Rex (Mythical)
Barrier (Rare)Blizzard (Legendary)
Ghost (Rare)Dough (Mythical) 
Quake (Legendary)  
Love (Legendary)  
Spider (Legendary)  
Sound (Legendary)  
Portal (Legendary)  
Pain (Legendary)  
Gravity (Mythical)  
Shadow (Mythical)  
Venom (Mythical)  
Control (Mythical)  
Spirit (Mythical)  

Some fruits have been removed or replaced in the previous updates. These items are now unobtainable:

  • Kilo
  • Revive
  • Door
  • String
  • Paw
  • Soul

If you want to know which Blox Fruits are the best for your character, check out our guide about the latest Blox Fruits Tier List.

How to Play Blox Fruits: Starting the Game

how to play Blox Fruits - picking a side

Once you open Blox Fruits either through your browser or the Roblox Player app, you will be greeted by a screen that prompts you to pick a side: pirates or marines.

Now the choice is completely yours, but if you want to form your own pirate crew and accumulate a high bounty for your character, you can select the Pirates.

On the other hand, if you hate playing with the lawless pirates, and you want the bounties on their heads, feel free to become one with the Marines. Either way, you can always change sides so this won’t affect a lot to your gameplay.

At the start, however, your chosen side will determine your initial spawn location as a new character.

Blox Fruits - Starter Island

All new pirate players will first arrive on the Pirate Starter Island, while greenhorn marine cadets will be on the Marine Starter Island.

Both starter islands are located on the First Sea, which is comprised of other islands filled with hostile mobs and bosses, but more about that later.

Your character will also be designated with a random race at the beginning of the game.

You have a bigger chance to become a human, but for equally slight chances, your character can come out as a shark, angel, or a rabbi, apart from advanced races like ghoul and cyborg.

You can see your race on the top right corner of your Stats window. Each race provides the player specific buffs and passive abilities that can be used during combat.

how to play Blox Fruits - stats

Similar to picking a side, you can also change your race later through a race reroll in exchange for specific currencies like Robux or fragments.

How to Play Blox Fruits: The Controls

blox fruits controls
Credits: Katharina Gloth on Unsplash

Now that you are in the middle of some nondescript starter island, the next thing you need to worry about is how you will move your character.

The controls for Blox Fruits may vary depending on what platform you use to play Roblox games.

Roblox Blox Fruits: Keyboard Controls

If you’re playing on a PC, here are the basic controls you need when using the keyboard:

W, A, S, DMoving your character in different directions.
CtrlToggling your character between running and walking.
SpaceJumping (You can jump multiple times if you learn Air Jump).
ZActivating your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 1st ability.
XActivating your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 2nd ability.
CActivating your Blox Fruit’s 3rd ability.
FActivating your Blox Fruit’s 4th ability.
Number KeysSwitching between Combat Mode, using your Blox Fruit abilities, weapons, etc.
Arrow KeysAn alternative to the WASD keys, but you can move your character with the up and down arrows, and move the camera using the left and right arrows.
Mouse (Left Click)Interacting with NPCs and performing normal attacks with your equipped weapon.
JTurning on/off your Aura or Buso Haki
E/KTurning on/off your Instinct or Observation Haki
IZooming in your camera
OZooming out your camera
Mouse (Scroll)Alternative keys for zooming your camera in and out.
TActivate race ability

Roblox Blox Fruits: Xbox Controls

Whether you’re playing Blox Fruits on Xbox or playing on PC using a controller, here are the button functions that you need to remember:

Left joystickMoving your character in different directions.
Left joystick (Press)Toggling your character between running and walking.
AJumping (You can jump multiple times if you learn Air Jump).
Left joystick (2x Forward)Dashing
XActivating your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 1st ability.
YActivating your Blox Fruit/Weapon’s 2nd ability.
BActivating your Blox Fruit’s 3rd ability.
Directional Pad (Right)Activating your Blox Fruit’s 4th ability.
LB/RBSwitching between Combat Mode, using your Blox Fruit abilities, weapons, etc.
Directional Pad (Left)Open Shop
Directional Pad (Up)Open Stats
RTInteracting with NPCs and performing normal attacks with your equipped weapon.
Directional Pad (Down)Turning on/off your Aura or Buso Haki
Directional Pad (Right)Turning on/off your Instinct or Observation Haki
Right joystick (Press)Zooming your camera in and out.
Right joystickMoving your camera

The Blox Fruits Interface

blox fruits interface

As you play Blox Fruits, you will eventually become familiarized with the following things that regularly appear on your screen:

  • Audio symbol: Mute or unmute Blox Fruits audio
  • Gear symbol: Shows Blox Fruits Basic Settings such as enabling damage counter, Fast Mode, or PVP.
  • Skull symbol: Create your own crew options (You must be at least level 300 to create one)
  • Three-person symbol: Shows a list of your allies.
  • Present symbol: Shows the Rewards window where you can obtain boosts by typing the latest Blox Fruits codes.
  • Compass symbol: Shows the location of the best quest relative to your current level.
  • Menu bar: Shows the Stats, Items, and Shop windows.
  • Health bar: Shows your health points. You will lose health points every time you take damage from an enemy. Once it reaches zero, your character will die and will respawn to your last designated home point.
  • Energy bar: Shows your energy points. You spend energy points every time you perform actions like dashing, jumping, and using Blox Fruits and weapon abilities.

Also included in the Blox Fruits interface are the amount of money you have, the tabs for toggling various actions, the Mastery level of your Fighting Style, Weapon, and Blox fruits, and the names of other people playing in your server.

How to Play Blox Fruits: Combat Mechanics

how to play Blox Fruits - combat
credits: Clash Hof YouTube

Now that you know how to control your Blox Fruits character, it’s time to discuss how you can get rid of the baddies that will come your way.

Before we proceed to the basics of your character stats and leveling up, you have to make a big decision on how you will deal damage in the game.

Apart from utilizing the abilities of a Blox Fruit, you can also fight using Fighting Styles, and weapons like Swords and Guns.

Again, the choice is yours, but you need to decide early so you can invest points on the right stats as you grow your character.

Take note that you can specialize in more than one way of dealing damage, but ensure that you will build your stats properly to maximize your character’s full potential.

Here are the basic explanations of each combat mechanic in Blox Fruits:

Blox Fruits – Items that once consumed, provide unique abilities for the user.

These fruits can be obtained by purchasing, trading, or giving. However, eating a Blox Fruit removes the user’s ability to swim and prolonged exposure to water can result in the user’s death.

blox fruits

Examples: Rocket, Buddha, Ghost, Magma, Mammoth

Fighting Styles – Skills that replace the player’s default combat option at the start of the game.

Fighting styles come in different forms and can be learned through the guidance of teachers scattered in the Blox Fruits world.

blox fruits fighting styles

Examples: Superhuman, God Human, Sharkman Karate, Dragon Breath, Dragon Talon

Swords – Weapons that are suited for melee combat. Each sword provides the user specific abilities apart from its normal attacks.

You can acquire swords through different means, and you can upgrade them if you talk to a Blacksmith NPC.

blox fruits - swords

Examples: Saber, Yama, Tushita, Cursed Dual Katana, Dark Blade

Guns – Weapons that can deal damage from a long distance. Guns also have unique abilities like swords, and are upgradable with the help of Blacksmiths.

blox fruits - guns

Examples: Flintlock, Cannon, Refined Musket, Bazooka, Soul Guitar

Leveling up Your Blox Fruit Character, Building Stats, and Mastery

In the Starter Island, look for a big exclamation mark, and below the sign you will see an NPC. Talk to the NPC and he will make you select a quest.

how to play Blox Fruits - quest giver

Take the quest to start your adventure. This quest is only one of the hundreds of quests you need to complete to strengthen your character, earn money, and reach new locations.

If you’re a pirate, your job is to take down five bandits (five Trainees if you’re a marine). Keep completing this quest until you gain enough EXP to level up.

how to play Blox Fruits - first quest

You will be rewarded with stat points every time you reach a new level. You will see a number on your Stats bar to notify you that you have some unallocated stat points.

Open your Stats window to use your stat points. Each stat influences some aspects of your character’s capabilities.

Effects of Stats on Your Blox Fruit Character

Melee+damage on Fighting Styles and +max energy
Defense+max health
Sword+damage on swords
Gun+damage on guns
Blox Fruit+damage on Blox Fruit abilities

If you’re keen on using swords, invest most of your points on the Sword stat. The same principle can be applied in case you want to rely more on guns and Blox Fruits.

blox fruits stat points

But for beginners, we highly recommend prioritizing on Melee and Defense stats first, as it enables you to become more mobile and sustain more damage from enemy attacks as you grind for more EXPs.

Blox Fruits Mastery

There is another way of making your character stronger apart from stat points, and this is through Mastery.

If you finish off an enemy with let’s say, your sword, you will earn EXPs for the Mastery of that sword. As you level up the Mastery of your equipped sword, you become more efficient in wielding it, so you will deal more damage in using it in the long run.

Mastery mechanic also affects Blox Fruit abilities and guns.

How to Play Blox Fruits: List of Locations in the Game

blox fruits locations
credit: Blox Fruits Wiki

As you grind levels for your character, you will eventually become too strong for the mobs in Starter Island.

You will receive fewer EXPs if you stay there, so your compass will show you the way to the next location where you can get quests with better rewards.

The routine of repeating quests until you’re strong enough to take a new one will be your way to reach locations with more dangerous foes.

To arrive at your next destination, ask the boat dealer on the pier of Starter Island and he’ll offer you a couple of boats that you can use to traverse the sea. You can always go for the free one (Dinghy) as a beginner.

blox fruits boat dealer

Alternatively, some Blox Fruit abilities allow its user to fly or travel over long distances without riding a boat, such as the Spin Fruit’s Helicopter Flight.

Based on your current level, your next location will likely be the Jungle Island. Again, use your trusty compass to get there.

blox fruits jungle island

The Blox Fruits world is divided into three main areas: the First Sea, Second Sea, and Third Sea.

Here are the islands that you will encounter in each sea, and the specific level cap for each of them:

First Sea

LocationLevel Requirements
Starter Island0-15
Jungle Island15-30
Pirate Village30-60
Middle Island100
Frozen Village90-120
Marine Fortress120-150
Skylands150-200 (plus more areas at Level 450-575)
Magma Village300
Underwater City374-450
Fountain City625-700

Second Sea

LocationLevel Requirements
Kingdom of Rose700-850
Usoap’s Island700
Don Swan’s Mansion700
Green Zone875-925
Graveyard Island950-975
Snow Mountain1000-1050
Hot and Cold1100-1200
Cursed Ship1000-1325
Ice Castle1350-1400
Forgotten Island1425-1475
Dark Arena1000

Third Sea

LocationLevel Requirements
Port Town1500-1575
Hydra Island1575-1675
Great Tree1700-1750
Floating Turtle1775-2000
Castle on the SeaNone
Haunted Castle1975-2075
Sea of Treats2075-2275
Tiki Outpost2450-2550

Roblox Blox Fruits: Tips and Tricks

Keep in mind the following tips so you can enjoy playing Blox Fruits and continue your progress as fast as possible in the game:

  • When completing quests that involve defeating multiple enemies in the same area, lure a bunch of them to a single spot where you can damage them all at the same time. You will clear quests faster this way.
  • Avoid grinding in locations that are way above your current level. It’s better to stick to places where you can kill mobs faster than beating those tanky ones that can one-shot you to death and hinder your progress.
  • Other players looking to increase their honors or bounties might want to kill you while you farm peacefully. To avoid getting annoyed by these bounty hunters, try entering a Blox Fruits private server, or use the abilities of the Portal fruit.
  • As soon as you hit level 90 and you have a lot of money to spare, head over to the Frozen Village and find the cave that houses the Ability Teacher. Let him teach you the Air Jump, Aura, and Flash Step as these abilities will give you more advantage in combat.
  • Aura is also known as Buso Haki, which can be further upgraded into a Full Body Haki. If you want to know how it affects your character, read this guide on how to get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits.
  • In level 300, don’t forget to learn Instinct or Observation Haki as it will give you the ability to dodge enemy attacks and locate enemies through long distances and solid surfaces.
  • Don’t be afraid to take on Bosses! Bosses may drop unique items like rare accessories and weapons that you can use to bring more pain to your enemies.

In Closing

Blox Fruits is a game that can be overwhelming at the start since you have a lot of leveling to do. But trust us, things will become more exciting and addictive once you get to higher levels where better loot awaits you.

Remember all the things we shared with you in this Blox Fruits beginner’s guide, and you should be fine navigating yourself through the vast regions of the Blox Fruits world.

Now that you know all the basics, what are you waiting for? Look at your compass and go complete that quest!

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