The Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: Its Abilities, and How to Get it!

Possess the power of the dead by consuming the Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits!

Update 20.1 is out in November, and what a way to improve the game than add a devil fruit that pairs well with this month’s Ghost Event!

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits

Yep, we’re talking about the latest rework of the Revive fruit, the Ghost Fruit.

While this fruit is not actually a new addition to the current roster of devil fruits, its new abilities provide a new flavor of gameplay that every player will surely enjoy.

We’re going to share all the latest information that you might want to know about this spooky fruit, as well as how you can acquire it, and other tips and tricks for using it in combat.

Editor’s Note (January 15, 2023): The game’s Halloween Event might be over, but Ghost fruit is still a highly versatile fruit that you can acquire by buying it from the dealer or the Blox Fruits Gacha!

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: What Does It Do?

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits

Like all fruits in the game, the Ghost Fruit provides special abilities to its owner upon consumption. The fruit’s appearance obviously resembles a stereotypical ghost that you often see in children’s books.

Once known as the Revive Fruit in the previous patches, the game developers decided to give it an upgrade by changing its name, rarity, and set of abilities.

Revive fruit’s passive ability, Resurrection, however, passed through its successor.

As of Update 20, Ghost Fruit is a Rare fruit under the category of Natural. Let’s dig a bit deeper into its abilities that make it one of the most popular devil fruits in the game nowadays.

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Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: Passive Abilities

Brook One Piece

If you’re an avid fan of One Piece, you should’ve already figured out that the Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits is inspired by Brook’s devil fruit, the Yomi Yomi no Mi.

Like the Yomi Yomi no Mi, the Ghost Fruit also allows its user to automatically “live a second life” after dying. This passive is called Resurrection, and upon living again, the user will look different, having translucent skin.

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - passive ability
Source: Squiggly Starr YouTube

Additionally, the Ghost Fruit’s second passive ability, the Vengeful Soul turns the screen of the enemy green when the user hits them – what a great way to annoy your baddies!

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits: Moveset

On to the most exciting part, here are the moves you can perform once you have eaten the Ghost Fruit:

Shivering Possession [Z]

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - shivering possession
Source: Squiggly Starr YouTube

This move enables the user to zap through the enemy and encase them with ice upon contact. After a short delay, the ice explodes, dealing extra damage.

Spectral Release [X]

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - spectral release
Source: VarietyJay YouTube

This move delivers massive AOE damage as it calls a large tornado of ghosts that slightly knocks any nearby enemy away from you.

Cries of the Underworld [C]

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - cries of the underworld
Source: VarietyJay YouTube

Cries of the Underworld works a bit similar to Spectral Release, but it instead affects a straight line. The user screams at a desired location that produces vengeful souls, dealing more damage as you hold C.

Ghost Busters [V]

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - ghost busters
Source: Squiggly Starr YouTube

This move has a name implying that it can bust some ghosts, but it actually does the opposite. The user calls forth two ghostly clones of themselves to attack the enemy at the specified location.

These ghosts can perform all the combat abilities of the user, including the equipped weapon or fighting style.

Wandering Soul [V]

Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits - wandering soul
Source: VarietyJay YouTube

The Ghost Fruit also has a travel/escape mechanism known as Wandering Soul. The user transforms into a ghost and can fly around as it produces a cool effect of ghostly trails.

How to Get Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits?

As a Rare fruit, obtaining Ghost Fruit is not an easy task. To acquire the Ghost Fruit, you need to purchase it from the Fruit Dealer for a price of $940,000 or 1,275 Robux.

how to get Ghost Fruit in Blox Fruits

Farming almost a million bellis might be a drag for many players, but fortunately, there is a catch if you’re playing during the current Ghost Event.

As you see, one of the key features of this Halloween-themed event is that every chest you see in the game has a small chance of becoming a cursed one.

You can easily identify a cursed chest as it is color black and it exudes black smoke like this one we found on Prison Island:

cursed chest blox fruits

If you take a cursed chest, a max of three wraith enemies will immediately jump at you. They will likely damage you even if you’re an Elemental-type fruit user.

opening cursed chest blox fruits

Fortunately, they are not strong enough to tank your damage, so after you beat them, you might be rewarded with Bones, ten minutes of double EXP, which is sweet if you already used all available Blox Fruits codes, and ultimately, the Rare Ghost Fruit.

Ghost Fruit drop from cursed chest blox fruits
Look, we just got a Ghost Fruit from one of those cursed chests! Lucky us!

The chances of a cursed chest dropping the Ghost Fruit are extremely low, but considering that you can get a 900,000-worth fruit for free, trying to open all the cursed chests you can find is worth the time.

Is Ghost Fruit Good in Blox Fruits? Tips and Tricks

  • Ghost Fruit’s abilities are ideal for players who prefer a run-and-gun style of combat where dealing damage in mid range is the key before increasing the distance between you and the enemy.
  • Keep your enemy away from you using the knockback effects of Spectral Release and Cries of the Underworld.
  • Ghost Busters is your best advantage in every fight. Have your two ghost clones annoy your enemy while you cast your other abilities from a safe distance.
  • You can also utilize Ghost Busters to trick your enemy that one of your clones is you.
  • Ghost Busters is the best skill to use before initiating your Ghost Fruit combos.
  • If you find yourself in a battle of attrition where a low-health enemy manages to kill you, don’t get discouraged because the fight is not over yet – remember you have the Resurrection ability so you can finish them in your second life once and for all.
  • If all else fails, use the Wandering Soul to escape the fight so you can prevent reducing your bounty if you’re a pirate.

Become the Most Feared Ghost in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits developers indeed gave the Revive Fruit some justice by releasing its better version, the Ghost Fruit.

There are several ways to get the Ghost Fruit, but again, if you don’t want to spend anything, prepare a lot of patience in opening a bunch of cursed chests.

The hype surrounding Ghost Fruit might eventually disappear over time as more devil fruits are added in future updates, although as long as we’re thinking about long-term gameplay, this fruit is a formidable one, especially if you know how to use it right.

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