Bloxburg Japanese House – 5 Oriental Home Ideas

Check out these Bloxburg Japanese house ideas straight out of the land of the rising sun!

The home of sushi, anime, and cherry blossoms. Japan is one of the most popular countries in the world for tourists.

Bloxburg Japanese House

There’s just something about this oriental nation that gravitates people towards it. One of them is the religiously preserved tradition.

This includes traditional houses with the signature Japanese architectural style. Some of them are over centuries old and have unmatched historical charisma.

If you love Japan, its culture, lifestyle, and its homes, you’ll be thrilled to see our compilation of the best Bloxburg Japanese house ideas and helpful pro tips for making your own oriental home inside Bloxburg.


5 Best Bloxburg Japanese House Ideas

5. Wisteria Traditional Japanese House

Let’s start with a serene Japanese home that serves as an elegant testament to the beauty of Japan’s architecture and natural beauty.

It features a theme of Wisteria flowers flaunting a lavender hue native to East Asian countries.

Inside, you’ll find a perfect blend of simplicity and refinement. Tatami mats span the flooring, offering that soft and authentic Japanese touch.

The traditional circular windows offer a perfect view of the meticulously crafted exterior filled with Wisteria and other soothing plants.

4. Affordable Japanese Spring Tea House

Right at the entrance, you are greeted by a mighty but welcoming Torii gate. As you step inside, your nerves and senses are soothed by a serene pond.

As you walk over the bridge, you are shaded by a gentle canopy of cherry blossom trees.

Now in front of you is a humble tea house wearing a classic wooden exterior with a modest pitched roof, covered in weathered tiles.

This combination of modesty and therapeutic surroundings creates the beautiful spirit of Japanese design.

3. Japanese-inspired Modern House

For a nice change of pace and something that you’ll see being built more in Japan nowadays, we have this Japanese-inspired modern home.

This design will take you on a journey through time as it fuses together tradition and modernity.

The house’s exterior still features a classic Japanese design but with a modern twist.

You have a man-made pond and the house features clean lines and large windows allowing natural light to fill the interior.

Inside, you’ll find an open-concept living area adorned with modern and Japanese-inspired pieces.

2. Traditional Japanese Mansion

Experience luxury and serenity at the same time with the richness of culture and elegance offered by this traditional Japanese mansion.

The grand home features a sprawling design with multiple wings, inspired by classic Japanese palaces and estates.

The interior is massive, showcasing a combination of traditional tatami mat spaces and more modern furnished areas.

We know that not everyone can afford gamepasses, that’s why this one is a great choice for our free-play Bloxburg players.

1. 10 Custom Japanese Build Hacks

For the last entry on this list, we included something that anyone who aims to build a Japanese-inspired home will find useful.

These Japanese build hacks will let you create custom items that aren’t normally available in Bloxburg.

By utilizing a few gamepasses (especially Advanced Placing) and the power of decals, you can create fascinating and jaw-dropping details.

This includes traditional Japanese Geta Shoes, Sliding Shoji Screens, Japanese Lightboxes, Custom Japanese Roofing, and so much more.

How to Make a Bloxburg Japanese House

1. Layout and Planning

Bloxburg Japanese House - Layout

Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to plan the layout of your Bloxburg Japanese house.

Starting with a clear goal in mind will make the process seamless and more cost-efficient. You can use plain markings to lay out the walls.

Keep in mind that Japanese houses always have a porch or two where you can relax or meditate and enjoy a cup of tea.

Open-concept living is a common feature of Japanese homes because this fosters a sense of togetherness and closely-knit familial bonds.

Always remember that the exterior and landscaping play a huge role in every Japanese home.

So, make sure you leave enough space for a garden or a pond.

2. Add Japanese Elements

Bloxburg Japanese House - Add Japanese Elements

While Roblox has a wide variety of items and building materials, it can be hard to achieve a realistic Japanese home without some pro tips like what you’re about to get.

First, Japanese houses are distinguishable from their walls and windows alone.

To recreate traditional Japanese architecture, use wooden materials for your walls. Linen and Planks Long would be great for walls and floors.

Use framed windows with wood materials and colors. If you’re feeling creative, you can recreate Shoji Screens and Fusuma Doors.

Bloxburg Japanese House - Walls and Floors

For the flooring, instead of using basic floors, you can recreate the multi-leveled Japanese floors by utilizing cubes and the resize tool if you have the gamepass.

Bloxburg Japanese House - Tatami Mats

Next, you need to emulate the traditional Tatami mats. You can do this by placing bathroom mats and resizing them.

Then choose Wicker as the material and Beige is usually the best color for the job. 

Other than that, it’s up to your creativity to decorate the interior with other Japanese stuff.

Create a tea room, an indoor hot bath, or add traditional Japanese decor.

3. Create a Serene Exterior

Bloxburg Japanese House - Serene Exterior
Credits: YT mvqsy

This is one of the features that set Japanese homes apart from other house styles.

Japanese houses are known for their therapeutic landscaping, depicting a close connection with nature and the importance of peace and meditation.

Cherry Blossoms are always welcome in Japanese exterior design. The same goes for Wisteria and orchids.

You can add such unique flowers by utilizing decals. GameGrinds offers the best tutorial for making your own custom decals, so you can recreate anything you want in Bloxburg.

Japan also popularized Koi Ponds. Ponds offer a splash of serenity and are very aesthetically pleasing.

If you want to learn how to create the best ponds in Bloxburg, you can check out our specially curated article.

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Those are five of the best Bloxburg Japanese house ideas.

With these steps as your guide and realistic inspiration, you are now ready to make your very own Japanese-inspired home.

Share your Japanese house ideas with us in the comments below.

If you are still looking for more ideas on creating your Bloxburg house or have any questions, let us know in the comment section!

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