How to Build a Basement in Bloxburg for More Space

Are you getting the Basements gamepass? Learn how to build a basement in Bloxburg with our detailed guide.

Welcome to Bloxburg, a place where creativity, fun, socialization, and roleplaying are the main attractions.

How to Build a Basement in Bloxburg

But not all the time will you feel energetic and interactive. There are days when you just want to enjoy the peace your virtual home offers.

If you’re looking for some alone time and a place where you can let your imagination run wild and dig deep with your passions, or if you simply need more storage space for your house, a Bloxburg basement would be perfect for you.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to build a basement in Bloxburg and everything you need to know about the Basements gamepass.

So, let’s dig in!

How to Build a Basement in Bloxburg

Building a Basement in Bloxburg

To build a basement in Bloxburg, purchase the Basements gamepass first.

Then, go to Build Mode, and under the Build Category, select Basements.

Left-click and drag your mouse across the ground to create a basement to the size you want.

Building a Basement in Bloxburg - Change Levels

Once the basement has been added, you can now add and customize floors and walls underground.

You can do this by clicking on the downward arrow on the right panel bar.

After that, you build pretty much the same as any other level.

How to Build a Basement in Bloxburg - Add Stairs

Once you’re on the lowest level, press U on your keyboard to make the ground level invisible and be able to see through your basement.

Remember to add stairs so you can access your basement.

What Can You Do With Basements in Bloxburg?

What Can You Do With Basements in Bloxburg?

There are tons of stuff you can create with the Basements gamepass.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can turn a creepy basement into various functional spaces.

Here are some custom Bloxburg basement ideas:

  • Home Gym: No space for a gym in your house? Why not build one underground? Create a complete basement gym with yoga mats, weights, and training equipment, or level up your athletic skill while AFK.
  • Entertainment Lounge: Build a movie theatre or gaming lounge where you can chill out with friends and guests.
  • Music Room: What better place to set up a music room and a recording studio than underground where you have all the soundproofing you need?
    Place musical instruments and a few recording equipment and awaken the musician in you.
  • Library or Study: Speaking of soundproofing and silence, another task that requires it is studying and reading. An underground library or sturdy room is a great idea for a basement.
  • Man Cave or She Shed: Whether you’re a guy or girl, you need a place where you can just let your primal instincts come out.
    Be it a man cave with sports and gaming equipment, or a she shed with cozy girly decor.
  • Workshop: Do you love cars? A basement is the perfect place for a functional workstation or simply a place to keep your car collection.
    You can check out our Bloxburg garage ideas right here.
  • Party Venue: With the new year update, parties are now more vibrant than ever. So, surprise players on your server with an awesome party in your basement.
    You can party all night without disturbing the neighbors since you’re in a basement and all, so it’s perfect.
  • Underground Bunker: Whether it’s for World War 3 or the zombie apocalypse, an underground bunker is one of the most fun things to build in Bloxburg.
    It creates that adrenaline rush while building and you get to touch a new side of your creativity.
  • Art Gallery: If you love painting and want a place to level up your Painting Skill fast, then the basement can serve as an elegant art room.
    Fill it up with all kinds of paintings and pictures and upload your decals. You can have your very own entire art collection underground.
  • Pool/Pond: Yes, you can make a pool without the Basements gamepass. But it doesn’t allow you to customize the bottom of your pool.
    By building a basement and using it as your pool’s bottom, you can decorate it at will and improve your underwater experience.
  • Wine Cellar: If you want to add a touch of class to your Bloxburg house, an underground wine cellar will be a nice addition.
    The cooler temperature below the ground is perfect for wine storage. Utilize a few food decals and you can be a connoisseur in no time.
  • Trap Hole: You can make a trap and prank your friends by building a basement and adding a carpet on top of it that matches the appearance of the grass on top.
    Watch them fall and lose their minds. 

How Much is Basements Gamepass in Bloxburg?

How Much is Basements Gamepass in Bloxburg?

Basements is a gamepass in Welcome to Bloxburg purchasable for 100 Robux.

It is currently the cheapest and most accessible gamepass in the game and allows players to build underneath the ground or first layer/floor in Build Mode.

You can purchase this gamepass by going to the Roblox Store on the website or the in-game Bloxburg Store.

Is the Basements Gamepass in Bloxburg Worth It?

Yes. The Basements gamepass is the cheapest gamepass being purchasable for only 100 Robux.

But it gives you access to tons of building possibilities and allows you to do customizations that were never possible before.

Pair this with Advanced Placing and you can achieve so much just with these two gamepasses.

If you want to know which gamepasses to prioritize, check out our Bloxburg gamepass tier list.

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So, are you ready to build your own basement in Bloxburg?

Using these tips and ideas, you can create a virtual basement that can add more personality to your home and make your Bloxburg experience 

If you’re looking for more guides, tutorials, design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything related to Bloxburg, check out our Bloxburg section.

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