How to Get Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits – Easiest Guide in 2024

If one sword isn’t enough for you, why not make it two? Fight like the legendary Miyamoto Musashi in this guide on how to get Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits!

Blox Fruits players are free to choose different ways of inflicting damage on enemies. Swords, in particular, are weapons that provide enormous amounts of damage and will always be an integral part of the game’s combat mechanics.

how to get cursed dual katana in blox fruits

All swords in Roblox Blox Fruits are categorized into five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical.

As of writing this article, there are only five mythical swords in the game, and one of them is the Cursed Dual Katana.

Editor’s Note (January 3, 2024): CDK is one of the most sought-after swords in Blox Fruits. With its combo-efficient attacks, this blade is an excellent weapon of choice to those who want to excel in PVP.

Blox Fruits Roblox: The Cursed Dual Katana

Said to be “forged in the fires of both heaven and hell,” the Cursed Dual Katana is composed of two legendary swords, mainly the Yama and Tushita.

Wielding the Cursed Dual Katana provides access to two-sword style combos together with the enemy’s utter destruction.

Cursed Dual Katana

Blades of mythical rarity are known to be the strongest swords in the game, and the Cursed Dual Katana is no exception.

This two-sword combo is so strong that it can hurt even the gargantuan Sea Beasts.

Only the most experienced players can have a chance to own the Cursed Dual Katana since the requirements to obtain this mythical sword can be overwhelming to new players.

However, if you think you spent enough time grinding your character in Blox Fruits Roblox, then perhaps you can prove that you are worthy enough to brandish two formidable swords in battle.

How to Get Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits

Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits

To get the Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits, the player must first collect two weapons – the Yama and Tushita.

Obtaining these two legendary swords will take a while, but you can get them sooner if you check out the GameGrinds’ guides below:

With the Yama and Tushita in your hands, the next thing to do is keep using them to finish off enemies until you reach level 350 mastery for both of them.

Once you have your swords set with enough mastery, you may proceed to complete the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle.

This “puzzle” is composed of two scrolls containing three trials. But before you can continue, ensure that you are at least level 2200.

The Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle – A Step-By-Step Guide

On to the main requirement of how to get the Cursed Dual Katana in Blox Fruits, prepare yourself for a series of trials that will test your wits and patience.

Step 1: Go to the Crypt Master

Crypt Master in Turtle Island

Behind the Turtle Mansion in Turtle Island is an NPC named the Crypt Master. Talk to him and he’ll provide you access to a room containing two scrolls.

Step 2: Enter on Newly Opened Door

Newly Opened Door

Enter the newly opened door at the front of the Turtle Mansion. The two scrolls in this room are called the Yama and Tushita Scrolls.

Interacting with one of the scrolls will lead you to three trials, which are basically quests.

Step 3: Complete all the trials

Complete all the trials

Complete all the trials in the scrolls. You are free to choose which scroll you want to clear first.

Yama Scroll Trials

First Trial: Pain and Suffering
First Trial: Pain and Suffering

Enable this trial, and equip your Yama sword. Find an NPC or a random player, and let them lower your HP until your character is close to dying.

Second Trial: Haze of Misery
Second Trial: Haze of Misery

Travel around the other islands and hunt every purple-marked enemy. During this trial, having the Portal fruit and the item Pale Scarf would be an advantage, as tracking them down will be difficult.

Third Trial: Fear the Reaper
Third Trial: Fear the Reaper

You need to literally go to hell to clear this trial. To reach hell, acquire a Hallow Essence by either praying at the gravestone in the Haunted Castle Island or farming lots of bones from Possessed Mummies and buying it via Death King’s Random Surprise.

gravestone in the Haunted Castle Island

Take the Hallow Essence in the blue circle altar in Haunted Castle to summon the Soul Reaper. This raid boss should spawn in a room near the area, and once you find him, let the Soul Reaper kill you.

hell blox fruits

After dying, you’re finally in hell. In this place, you have to light three torches and kill the waves of enemies that stand in your way. A portal will then appear and upon entering, you’re back to the scroll room.

Tushita Scroll Trials

First Trial: Dock Legend
First Trial: Dock Legend

Go to three islands and speak with three Boat Dealers. This is the easiest scroll trial in the puzzle, and once you’re done, proceed to the next trial.

Second Trial: Sense of Duty
Second Trial: Sense of Duty

The second easiest trial after the Dock Legend, your goal for this one is simple: participate in a Pirate Raid.

Remember to kill at least one pirate during the raid to confirm that you are cleared for this trial.

Third Trial: Soulless
Third Trial: Soulless

Head to Ice Cream Land and defeat the Cake Queen. This boss is level 2175, and her Lightning Wave move can wear your HP down.

Consider asking the help of other players to complete this trial faster and use Buddha, Magma, or Venom fruits to deal massive damage to the Cake Queen in no time.

heaven blox fruits

Taking down the Cake Queen in under two minutes is crucial as it brings you to heaven afterward. While in heaven, you have to light three torches and fight hordes of mobs again before you can return to the scroll room.

Step 4: Alucard Fragment Reward

Alucard Fragment Reward

Every scroll trial will reward you with an Alucard Fragment, and with six of these fragments, place them at the mansion’s front pedestal to unlock a secret floor.

Step 5: Cursed Skeleton Boss on Secret Floor

Cursed Skeleton Boss on Secret Floor

The secret floor will contain the Cursed Skeleton Boss. Fight this boss using your Yama or Tushita, and after his defeat, he will drop the Cursed Dual Katana.

Cursed Dual Katana: Moveset

Revolving Ravager [Z]

Cursed Dual Katana: Revolving Ravager

A spinning move that creates a violent red tornado, which knocks the target away before exploding. Hold Z for more damage.

Slayer of Goliath [X]

Cursed Dual Katana: Slayer of Goliath

The wielder dashes straight to the target, dealing massive damage. Contact with the target also results in an explosion. Hold X to charge up and perform a longer dash.

Here’s a video showcase of all the moves you can perform with the Cursed Dual Katana:

Double the Pain, Double the Gain with the Cursed Dual Katana

Give yourself a pat on the back, since you just received the mythical Cursed Dual Katana!

Don’t let your efforts go to waste by practicing it right away, especially on tougher foes.

You are now capable of giving massive damage from a long range, even if you are using two melee weapon items. Use them well, and you’ll be renowned as a feared combatant in the Blox Fruits world.

To maximize the damage and improve the aesthetics of your Cursed Dual Katana, try imbuing it with Aura.

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