Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – Level up in Blox Fruits Fast!

Taking some time grinding in your character level? Time to hasten your progress by using a Blox Fruits leveling guide!

Whether you’re playing as a pirate or a marine, strengthening your character in Blox Fruits can be a fun experience.

blox fruits leveling guide

Though let’s face it – smashing those trainers and bandits can take forever just to get some EXPs and get to level 20.

That’s why for this article, we’ll help you amp up your character with this Blox Fruits leveling hacks!

Editor’s Note (November 2, 2023): As more players are reaching higher-leveled locations in Blox Fruits, catching up to them is not a possible feat as long as you know some of the best ways to level up in fast in the game.

How to Play Blox Fruits?

If you are new to Blox Fruits, it is a typical exploration-based RPG in Roblox based on the anime series One Piece.

While the anime mentions the devil fruit that provides a superhuman ability to its user, the game features the blox fruit, which basically does the same.

Blox Fruits players must explore multiple islands to look for treasures and hunt rare blox fruits. Consuming a blox fruit grants you a specific ability, which you can use for combat.

Speaking about combat, battling enemies isn’t just all about blox fruits. Apart from blox fruits abilities, there are four other ways to bring pain to others in the game, mainly the following:

  • Fighting styles
  • Swords
  • Guns

Some islands in the game are inhabited by hostile creatures that can be defeated and gain experience from.

This is where leveling up comes into play, as you can survive and overpower more formidable foes the higher level you get.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – How to Level up Faster in Blox Fruits?

The current max level a player can achieve in Blox Fruits is 2,450.

Reaching such a level sounds like a herculean task, right?

But worry not! Here are a variety of proven ways to level up quickly and become a force to be reckoned with:

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Tip #1: Completing Quests

Blox fruits Completing Quests

The most straightforward way to level up in Blox Fruits is to complete quests regularly.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of repeatable quests that you can repeatedly take until you receive an ample amount of experience and gain access to other islands.

Some quests may involve defeating a certain number of enemies. Remember to check the minimum level required for a particular quest to prevent facing enemies that are way above your current level.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Tip #2: Beating Bosses

As you complete the normal quests, you can also try your luck and see if you can beat bosses.

These foes can pack a real punch, but once you’re deserving enough to get a kill, you’ll get massive EXPs in return.

Blox fruits Beating Bosses

Similar to most games, a boss like the Gorilla King has a chance of dropping rare items that you can use to upgrade your character’s combat capabilities and appearance.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Tip #3: Visiting Islands That Matches Your Level

Blox fruits Visiting Islands

Yes, stronger enemies will give you more EXPs, but it might take you lots of time fighting them, which is counterproductive if you want to level up quickly.

Travel to islands that suit your current level so you can farm enemies faster and complete more quests.

The world of Blox Fruits is divided into three large regions called seas. Each sea contains a number of islands or landmarks with varying level minimum requirements.

The first sea is ideal for players starting from level 0 to 700. The second sea is survivable for players level 700 to 1475.

The third sea is the toughest one, where only players having 1500 level and above can thrive.

The following is a list of landmarks found for each sea:

First Sea

  • Starter Island: Level 0-10
  • Jungle: Level 15-30
  • Pirate Village: Level 30-60
  • Desert: Level 60-90
  • Middle Island: Level 100
  • Frozen Village: Level 90-120
  • Marine Fortress: Level 120-150
  • Skylands: Level 150-190
  • Prison: Level 190-275
  • Colosseum: Level 225-300
  • Magma Village: Level 300-375
  • Underwater City: Level 375-450
  • Fountain City: Level 625-700

Second Sea

  • Usoap’s Island: Level 700
  • Kingdom of Rose: Level 700-850
  • Mansion: Level 1000
  • Green Zone: Level 875-925
  • Graveyard: Level 950-975
  • Snow Mountain: Level 1000-1050
  • Hot and Cold: Level 1100-1200
  • Cursed Ship: Level 1000-1325
  • Ice Castle: Level 1350-1400
  • Forgotten Island: Level 1425-1475
  • Dark Arena: Level 1000
  • The Cafe: Safe Zone

Third Sea

  • Port Town: Level 1500-1575
  • Hydra Island: Level 1575-1675
  • Great Tree: Level 1700-1750
  • Floating Turtle: Level 1775-2000
  • Castle on the Sea: Safe Zone
  • Haunted Castle: Level 1975-2075
  • Sea of Treats: Level 2075-2275

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Tip #4: Investing Your Stat Points Wisely

Blox fruits Stat Points

Stat points are acquired every time you level up. You can put them in different stats which directly affect your ability to take and deal damage in combat.

A set of well-placed stat points will give you the edge you need in both PVE and PVP settings.

You can sustain more damage and beat more enemies, giving you lots of opportunities to complete quests with better rewards.

Here are the stat points in Blox Fruits and their effects on your character:

  • Melee: Provides additional 5 Energy per level.
  • Defense: Provides additional 5 Health per level.
  • Sword, Gun, and Blox Fruit: Each provides additional 0.5-1 Damage per level.

Consider maxing out your stats in melee and defense in early levels. You may also invest some stat points in one type of damage stat based on your playstyle.

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide Tip #5: Using Blox Fruits Codes

Blox Fruits Codes

Blox Fruits codes are extremely helpful to speed up your leveling efforts.

Some codes, such as the ones mentioned below can provide experience boosts for a limited amount of time.

Latest Blox Fruits Codes:

  • KITT_RESET: Stat Reset (New)
  • Magicbus: 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • Sub2Fer999: 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • Sub2Daigrock: 15 minutes of 2x XP
  • Fudd10: 1 Beli
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1: 30 minutes of 2x XP
  • Bignews: Title
  • JCWK: 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • SUB2NOOBMASTER123: 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • KittGaming: 20 minutes of 2x XP
  • Sub2UncleKizaru: Stat Reset

Learn how to redeem them by clicking here.

To Wrap Things Up:

The key to leveling up quickly in Blox Fruits lies in obtaining the highest amount of EXPs relative to your current level.

However, the time you spent getting those EXPs must also be taken into consideration.

As long as you’ll follow the tips we provided in this Blox Fruits leveling guide, you’ll eventually find yourself battling enemies in the second and third seas in no time!

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