Welcome to Bloxburg Keyboard Controls and How to Play – Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to Roblox Bloxburg and want to get a head start? In this article, you’ll learn everything about the basics of the game.

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the most popular life-simulation games on the Roblox platform.

welcome to bloxburg

What’s there not to like? You can build your own home or any building you desire, earn money from a job, eat anything you like, and socialize or roleplay with others.

However, if you are new to the world of Bloxburg, all of these features and information can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry because that’s why we’re here!

This article will teach you about the basics of Welcome to Bloxburg, including the controls, designing your first house, earning money, pro tips and tricks from experienced players, and other essential things need as a newbie.

Welcome to Bloxburg Controls (Keyboard and Mouse)

First off, let’s start with the basic controls.

Note that these are the default PC controls, and you can change some of them by going to settings if you want different keybindings:

  • Movement – Use the WASD keys to move your character around the game world.
  • Camera – Move your mouse to control the camera angle and view.
  • InteractionLeft-click on objects, characters, or buttons to interact with them.
  • Chat – To chat with other players, press the “/” key to open the chat window, type your message, and then press “Enter” again to send it.

How to Play Welcome to Bloxburg

Bloxburg is basically a sandbox, role-playing, life simulation video game that puts you in a small city where you can “live” and work towards your own life goals.

In this virtual life experience, players will have to take care of their avatar’s needs.

When you start this game, you will be given a starter house. You better start with this free one since other houses can be expensive.

How to Play Welcome to Bloxburg

From here, it’s really up to you what you want to do, and this is where beginners usually get confused.

You can explore the city of Bloxburg; you can work to earn money, learn new skills, socialize with other players, and the list goes on.

There’s definitely a lot of stuff that you can do in this game, just like a regular life simulation game.

But the general goal in Bloxburg is to keep your avatar’s mood up, earn lots of money, own cool vehicles, and be able to build your own dream house.

So, how do you make your way up to that as a beginner?

Let’s start with your character’s basic needs first.


mood meter roblox bloxburg

Moods reflect what your Bloxburg avatar feels and tell you their needs.

You can check your mood meters by clicking on the “Person Icon” on the lower-right side of your screen.

As you go around town, perform tasks in your job, and even if you do nothing, your mood meter will always go down.

When your mood is too low, you will walk slower, emit stink gas, attract flies, and receive less money from work.

Having your character reach a 0% mood meter doesn’t result in death but rather all negative effects of low mood will persist, which will greatly hinder your progress.

low mood meter roblox bloxburg

That’s why you have to replenish it. Here is every part of your mood and what they mean:

  • Hunger: Just like us humans, your Avatar may also starve, and to fill it up, you should eat.
  • Fun: Your avatar can also get bored from doing nothing or working too much. Fill this meter up by watching TV, playing games, reading books, etc.
  • Hygiene: If you haven’t taken a trip to the bathroom for some time, your hygiene bar will decrease. To increase it, you can shower, wash your face, brush your teeth, etc.
  • Energy: Lastly, your character also gets tired after a physically-demanding activity. Go to your bed and sleep to replenish your energy.

Fulfilling these moods is crucial to keep your avatar happy and productive.

Bloxburg Tips for Money

Bloxburg Tips for Money

Now that you understand your moods, it’s time to find ways to get that cash.

Money can be used to buy almost everything in this virtual city, and you can earn it in different ways.

But for beginners, jobs are the most practical choice. You can choose from jobs like Baker, Miner, Woodcutter, Mechanic, and so much more.

The good thing is you can choose to work at any job at any time. Talk about freedom.

How Do You Get a Job in Bloxburg Roblox?

To get a job, you don’t need to walk to your workplace.

Simply click on the “Person Icon” on the small UI and select work.

Choose the work you want, and you will be teleported there.

How Do You Get a Job in Bloxburg Roblox?

Most of them pay decently, and you are free to try them out.

Best Jobs in Bloxburg

But if you really want to earn some big bucks, here are the jobs that are proven and tested:

  1. Fast Food Worker at Blox Burgers
  2. Delivery Person at Pizza Planet
  3. Cashier at BFF Supermarket

These 3 jobs pay super well and are well worth your grinding time. Especially the one at Blox Burgers.

With the recent update, this latest addition features fun and interactive jobs that pay you for both the tasks you accomplish and the time you spend working.

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How to Build In Bloxburg

How to Build In Bloxburg

Once you have saved up enough money, you can start decorating and customizing your house or even build a new one.

You can do this by going to the UI, clicking on the “House Icon,” and entering Build Mode.

This will allow you to edit everything on the plot of land you own.

It might seem confusing at first, but here are the hotkeys for building in Bloxburg:

Turn ScreenQ and E
Move Player’s View (Build Mode)W A S D
Zoom In/OutI and O
Rotate ItemsR
Rotate Item (Facing Cursor)R and LMB (Left Mouse Button)
Sell ItemG
Undo ActionCtrl+Z
Redo ActionCtrl+Y
Aerial ViewSPACE
Move Building Up/DownPage Up and Page Down
Paint ToolF
Clone ToolC
Scale ToolV
Transform ToolT
Change Grid SizeJ
Object CollisionK
Roof VisibilityU
Change Time of Day (Build Mode Only)B
Exit Build ModeBackspace

If you want more ideas to build your own Bloxburg home, check these articles:

Roblox Bloxburg: Fixing Common Issues

Just like any game, Welcome to Bloxburg has its own share of glitches and errors.

Most of them can be fixed by following these simple steps:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: A slow or unstable internet connection is usually the culprit for laggy and glitchy gameplay. So make sure your internet is stable.
  2. Restart the Game: Press “Esc” on your keyboard, leave Bloxburg, and close Roblox. Relaunching the game will make it reload its resources for a fresh start, solving most glitches.
  3. Rejoin the Server: Sometimes, the server itself can be laggy. Rejoining the game can help with this issue.

If you’ve tried these general fixes and the glitch or error still occurs, you can report it to the devs clearly and politely.

Roblox Bloxburg: Glitches

Here are some of the most common glitches that you might encounter:

Under The World Glitch

Trigger: When a player steers their vehicle into the river at a specific angle and subsequently jumps, they will unintentionally be glitched through the side of the river under the world.

This can also happen if you invite a blocked user into your family. If you bring them to your plot, they will be forced outside.

Fix: This glitch can be fixed by resetting your character or performing an Emote.

TV Glitch

Trigger: When a player spams the “Change Channel” button, the News Station text will overlay with other channels.

If done enough times, this can cause the UI to disappear and game FPS to drop.

Fix: This glitch can be fixed by turning the TV off and on again or selling it and buying another one.

Jumping Vehicle

Trigger: When a player jumps out while a car is in the air, it can cause the car to just float.

This glitch can be fixed by turning the TV off and on again or selling it and buying another one.

The vehicle only returns to the ground when you hop back into the main seat, sell the vehicle, respawn it, or if it is towed.

Fix: This is a lag-based glitched, so it can be fixed by lowering your graphic settings and checking if your internet connection is stable.

Have Fun and Get Rich in Welcome to Bloxburg

Now that you know the basics of Welcome to Bloxburg, you can be on your way to becoming a Bloxburg millionaire!

Mastering the controls, tending to your avatar’s needs, and honing your money-making skills through various jobs are vital steps toward achieving your goals in Bloxburg.

Don’t forget to explore, socialize, and unleash your creativity as you build and customize your dream house.

With perseverance in grinding and an unfair advantage from our pro tips at GameGrinds, you can accumulate wealth and make your mark in Bloxburg.

So, dive in and have fun. Welcome to Bloxburg!

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