Editorial Standards and Policies

Since 2017, GameGrinds (Formerly Techything.com) has been here to provide you with the most detailed and comprehensive articles on gaming.

With over ten years of publishing expertise, we know that our readers count on us to deliver timely, high-quality information—not too soon after it was released or last week, but still relevant! We’ll see that they feel their time coming here today was worthwhile before leaving.

Article Corrections

If you find an error with one of your articles, please let us know so we can correct it. You can leave a message in the post’s comment section or contact us.

Updating our Articles

Our articles are occasionally updated based on whether or not they require minor adjustments and grammatical edits. You always know when a page has changed, you may check the date it was last modified.

Code pages

Codes pages are often updated when new codes are made available. We will also update each one once every 30 days to ensure that you see the most recent codes.