How to Get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits: Best Way to Obtain Aura

Are you having trouble fighting Elemental users in Roblox Blox Fruits? If yes, it’s time for you to learn how to get full body haki in blox fruits!

Also known as Aura and Buso Haki, full body Haki is a type of Haki ability that hardens your character and changes its body color to black.

how to get full body haki in blox fruits

Players can infuse their fighting styles and weapons with Haki as well, allowing them to deal damage to enemies that utilize the power of Elemental Blox Fruits.

Just like getting fragments, getting a full body Haki in Blox Fruits is not a difficult process, making it a highly recommended ability for everyone to learn, especially for new players.

Editor’s Note (December 4, 2023): Aura is now a staple power to learn as you continue your voyage in the Second Sea. More NPCs and fellow players are using Elemental Blox Fruits like Ice and Magma, so you need to cover your attacks with Aura to survive.

How to Get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits and How Learning Full Body Haki Works

Before learning how to get full body haki in Blox fruits or Aura, you need to understand that this ability has five stages (technically six if you will include Stage 0):

  • Stage 0: Changes the color of half of your character’s arms or legs to black.
  • Stage 1: Requires 4,000 EXPs to attain, changes the color of your character’s entire arms or legs to black.
  • Stage 2: Requires 12,000 EXPs to attain, changes the color of your character’s entire arms or legs, as well as torso to black.
  • Stage 3: Requires 24,000 EXPs to attain, changes the color of your character’s entire arms or legs, as well as torso and head to black.
  • Stage 4: Requires 48,000 EXPs to attain, changes the color of your character’s entire arms, torso, head, thighs, and knee to black.
  • Stage 5: Requires, 60,000 EXPs to attain, changes your entire body to black. (Changes may vary depending on your Roblox Avatar.

Transitioning from one Haki stage to another requires obtaining a specific amount of EXPs that are exclusive only for upgrading this ability.

As you see, it is only in the final and fifth stage that you can achieve a full body Haki.

Apart from the ability to hurt Elemental Blox Fruit users, activating your Aura can also multiply your non-fruit attacks to a certain degree and give you a defense percentage buff.

Learning Blox Fruits Haki

ability trainer in blox fruits

Similar to other abilities, you can get Haki through an Ability Teacher.

You can find the Haki Ability Teacher in two different locations in the First Sea: the Hidden Cave at Frozen Lake Village, or near the Quest Giver at Magma Village.

Speak with the Teacher, and you can purchase the Haki ability for only 25,000 Belis.

After paying the Teacher, you may now activate your Haki by pressing J on the keyboard or moving the D-pad down for console players.

How to Get Stage 5 Haki in Blox Fruits

This is where you really need to put in some real work since learning Blox Fruits Haki is as easy as finding a common item.

To upgrade your Haki, you need to train it by using your weapon and melee attacks on any NPC or boss. You might want to use your weapon or fighting style’s M1 to reach Stage 5 faster.

While upgrading Haki requires EXPs, there is actually no way to see the exact amount you need to reach the next stage.

Fortunately, you can still see your progress by looking at the color of your character, as well as the number of hits/attacks you have to inflict.

If you have a Stage 0 Haki, you will need to hit/attack someone 300 times to get to Stage 3. Stages 4-5 will take you around 3,000 hits/attacks.

Keep in mind that the number of required hits/attacks are mere estimations, but the certain thing about it is that you need to keep using your Haki whenever you have the chance to do so.

Other Interesting Things About Haki

Here are other interesting facts that you might want to know about the full body Haki in Blox Fruits:

  • The full body Haki in Blox Fruits came from the Busoshoku Haki, a type of mysterious power used by several characters from the One Piece series.
  • If you fancy the look of your character in a certain Haki stage, you can ask an Aura Editor NPC to change your appearance while your Haki is active.
    Remember that this doesn’t affect the perks of your current Haki stage, and is only changing it visually.
  • Having a Stage 5 Haki will grant you the title “Iron Man” if you accomplished it on the Second or Third Sea.
  • Some swords from the Second and Third Sea can have different colors apart from black once your Haki is activated.
  • You will be notified if you attacked an Elemental fruit user without a Haki through a pop-up message saying: “Enemy is immune to physical attack! Activate your Aura Ability to deal damage.” Quite nifty, isn’t it?

Bringing Pain to Elemental Foes with Haki

The information we presented will help you learn how to get full body haki in Blox Fruits.

Full body haki or also known as Buso haki is more of a staple than an optional upgrade for every Blox Fruit player.

Without it, you’ll be completely helpless when fighting against higher-leveled Elemental Fruit users.

Additionally, some players prefer using Haki to make their characters look cool. Several weapons are also redesigned to have a unique color once their user’s Haki is in effect.

So, what are you waiting for? Go find that Haki Ability Teacher and start honing your Haki!

We hope you liked our guide on how to get full body Haki in Blox Fruits.

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