Budget Bloxburg House Ideas – Thrifty and Trendy

Are you looking for great houses with low prices? Try these budget Bloxburg house ideas that will make you feel rich while spending less!

Upon starting your life in Bloxburg, you don’t get a luxurious or massive mansion but rather a humble and plain-looking house.

Budget Bloxburg House

As this starter house cannot satisfy your ideal lifestyle, you’re looking for ways to build a better one that even a low-budget player who’s just starting out can afford.

But is it really possible to build a desirable house without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bloxburg?

Worry not because this article will give you priceless tips and ideas for building a budget-friendly but stylish house that your pocket can handle.

How to Make a Budget Bloxburg House Look Better

Cash may be able to buy fancy materials for a luxurious house, but it will always be your skills that make or break the build.

Here are some tips and ideas that will help you in building a house without spending too much:

Tip #1: Plan How You’ll Spend Your Budget

Budget Bloxburg House - Planning

Every build must start with a plan, especially when you have a limited budget.

When it comes to building pocket-friendly houses, you’re not just considering the layout but also seeking alternative items that will allow you to spend less while making your cheap set of materials look expensive.

Finding inspiration from different sources helps you come up with practical ideas you can apply to your design.

Modern theme is highly recommended due to its minimalistic yet stylish approach.

Tip #2. Build Small But Admirable

Budget Bloxburg House - Build Small

If you think a small house may not be as appealing and functional as other houses, then maybe you need more creativity.

Since you’re on a limited budget, a large build won’t be practical. Instead, you can go for a small but functional and stylish home. 

You can still set up a living room for guests and for watching TV, a bedroom to regain your energy, a kitchen to avoid hunger, and a bathroom for your hygiene.

You need to limit putting up unnecessary furniture and other decorations that will make your house look crowded.

Even if your house is built small, don’t forget to leave open spaces as it will make it appear wider despite its actual size.

Tip #3. Utilize Colors and Texture

Budget Bloxburg House - Colors and Texture

While decorations are appealing, there’s not much you can work with on a limited budget.

What you can do is invest in choosing the right color palette that will take our cheap build and transform it into an expensive-looking house.

Colors like grays and light tones give off that modern and expensive look so these are good choices.

Moreover, wood and marble are good materials that eliminate the plain look of the structure.

Using pillars also improves the details of your house, especially if used in your exteriors.

Wall Trims can elevate the look of your home without costing a fortune. These do not cost much but the visual appeal when put together is impressive.

Tip #4. Use Accent Walls

Budget Bloxburg House - Accent Walls

One trick to make your cheap house appear spacious and expensive is by adding accent walls.

Accent walls are used to highlight areas of your home that you want to stand out.

There are different ways to introduce wall accents like adding wallpapers and wall paintings but one inexpensive way of doing so is by simply adding colors to your walls.

Choosing the right colors is important as it gives different effects to the area you want to highlight.

For example, adding dark colors to frame your walls makes the area look wider while neutral colors soften the vibe of your room making it look pleasant and inviting.

Choose one that goes well with the overall design of your home.

5 Best Budget Bloxburg House Ideas

Ready to build your budget-friendly humble abode?

Give these budget Bloxburg house ideas a try or simply take a tour through them for some inspiration:

1. 10K Starter Roleplay House

At first glance, you would not suspect that this house is really worth its prize. This design is an engagement of modern architecture with a minimalist exterior.

The materials used in this house are mostly marble, wood, and wide glass panels in shades of brown and gray.

2. Modern Budget Home

From its exterior, you can see that this house honors the openness of its space as the walls are all made of glass panels.

Considering its price, the size of the house is quite admirable providing a spacious bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

3. 4K Modern Home

Although this house is simple and undeniably tiny, it is highly functional as it has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room.

This is very easy to build but is very appealing at the same time.

4. Itapixca’ Build’s Autumn Suburban Single-Person House

This is an example of how a certain theme can bring out the best from a low-budget theme.

From the exterior to its interior, blending of orange and brown hues dominated the whole house to captivate the autumn vibe.

5. 10K One-Story Home

This build is one of the simplest yet most appealing budget Bloxburg houses. This perfectly depicts how to apply the tips we mentioned in this guide.

The use of modern colors and materials elevates the looks despite the low costs. Not to mention, that it only costs 10k.

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 So, are you ready to build a stylish house that both you and your virtual pocket will love?

With these tips and tricks to guide you and the best budget Bloxburg house ideas to inspire you, you can achieve a thrifty but trendy home.

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