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Blox Fruits Tier List: A Definitive Guide to All Devil Fruits in 2023

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game developed by Gamer Robot Inc in 2019.

It is loosely based on the popular Shonen manga/anime One Piece, where you can explore a massive world surrounded by seas and become one of the mightiest by consuming a blox fruit.

To gain an advantage in this game, you need to understand how blox fruits work.

For a start, this article will provide a definitive Blox Fruits tier list that you can use as the basis when searching for a strong devil fruit that best suits your playstyle and increases your damage output.

blox fruits tier list

What Are Blox Fruits?

Blox fruits are inspired by the devil fruits, which are mysterious fruits introduced in the One Piece world.

These mysterious fruits, once eaten, grant specific abilities that can be used throughout the game.

Some blox fruits even provide immunities from certain things, like normal attacks.

what are blox fruits

However, the common drawback among blox fruit users is the inability to swim and death upon staying in the water for too long.

Three Classifications/Types of Fruits

Blox fruits are generally categorized into three types or classifications: Natural, Elemental, and Beast.

Before we proceed to the updated blox fruits tier list, you’ll need this information as well to see what kind of ability you want to get.

Natural Blox Fruits (Paramecia-Type Devil Fruits)

natural blox fruits

Natural Blox Fruits enable their users to manipulate certain natural forces and items.

An example of a Natural Blox Fruit is Spin, which grants its users the ability to create damaging winds by spinning their bodies.

Complete List of Natural Fruits & Their Rarities (2023)

  • Kilo (Common)
  • Spin (Common)
  • Chop (Common)
  • Spring (Common)
  • Bomb (Common)
  • Spike (Common)
  • Revive (Uncommon)
  • Diamond (Uncommon)
  • Rubber (Rare)
  • Barrier (Rare)
  • Quake (Legendary)
  • Portal (Legendary)
  • Love (Legendary)
  • Spider (Legendary)
  • Paw (Legendary)
  • Gravity (Mythical)
  • Shadow (Mythical)
  • Venom (Mythical)
  • Control (Mythical)
  • Spirit (Mythical)

Elemental Blox Fruits (Logia-Type Devil Fruits)

elemental blox fruits

As the name suggests, Elemental Blox Fruits allows its users to harness the properties of various elements, such as smoke, fire, and ice.

Moreover, users of these blox fruits have the unique passive ability of nullifying the damages made by lower-level enemies, except for bosses and players with a full body haki or aura.

Here is a guide on how to get full body haki in Blox Fruits if you want your avatar to gain this ability when fighting Elemental Fruit users.

Complete List of Elemental Fruits & Their Rarities (2023)

  • Smoke (Common)
  • Flame (Uncommon)
  • Ice (Uncommon)
  • Sand (Uncommon)
  • Dark (Uncommon)
  • Light (Rare)
  • Magma (Rare)
  • Rumble (Legendary)
  • Blizzard (Legendary)
  • Dough (Mythical)

Beast Blox Fruits (Zoan-Type Devil Fruits)

beast blox fruits

The fewest among the three blox fruit types, Beast Blox Fruits allow their users to turn into powerful creatures.

A notable example of a Beast Blox Fruit is the Dragon, which grants the user to assume the form of a fire-breathing serpent.

Complete List of Beast Fruits & Their Rarities (2023)

  • Falcon (Uncommon)
  • Buddha (Legendary)
  • Phoenix (Legendary)
  • Dragon (Mythical)
  • Leopard (Mythical)

Roblox Blox Fruits Tier List 2023

Apart from the three types of blox fruits, we can also divide all the available fruits in the game through a blox fruits tier list.

Using a tier list will help you identify which blox fruits are the most potent in combat, as well as exploration.

Blox Fruits Tier List – Natural Fruits

SShadow, Soul, Venom
AQuake, Barrier, Spider, Control
BPortal, Gravity, Revive, Diamond, Paw
CSpring, Rubber, Love
DChop, Bomb, Spin, Spike, Kilo

Blox Fruits Tier List – Elemental Fruits

SDough, Blizzard, Dark, Ice
AFlame, Magma, Light, Rumble

Blox Fruits Tier List – Beast Fruits

SBuddha, Leopard, Dragon

Blox Fruits Tier List – Strong Fruits of All Types

SShadow, Blizzard, Leopard, Buddha, Soul, Dough, Rumble, Dragon, Dark, Venom
ALight, Quake, Barrier, Flame, Phoenix, Magma, Control, Spider
BRevive, Portal, Paw, Diamond, Ice, Sand, Gravity
CFalcon, Spring, Rubber, Smoke, Love
DChop, Bomb, Spike, Kilo, Spin

Different Ways of Getting Blox Fruits

Don’t know how to get blox fruits yet? Devil fruits can be obtained in several ways, such as:

  • Purchasing fruits from the Blox Fruit Dealer or the Blox Fruit Gacha.
  • Taking fruits that spawn every hour or every 45 minutes during weekends.
  • Fulfilling specific conditions when participating in raids.
  • Dealing the final blow to the last enemy while defending Castle on the Sea.

Choose the Best Blox Fruit With Our Tier List!

That concludes our definitive guide for the blox fruits tier list of 2023. Keep in mind that blox fruits also vary in rarity, so obtaining those S-tier fruits is not an easy feat.

In case you’re a newbie, we recommend going for the common and uncommon fruits first as they are the cheapest and are more likely to spawn in the game.

Keep grinding, and with enough patience and determination, you’ll eventually find the blox fruit that you’re yearning for.

Happy blox fruit hunting!

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