3 Methods That Will Help Raise Your Mastery in Blox Fruits Fast

Time to unlock the true potential of your devil fruit, fighting style, and weapon by raising your mastery in Blox Fruits!

Apart from being an anime-inspired game, Blox Fruits also gives you access to a massive world filled with dangerous foes that might stand in your dream of becoming the strongest fighter.

mastery blox fruits

But before you can complete more quests and reach more areas in the game, you need to maximize your capability to deal damage to anyone, especially NPCs.

Combat in Blox Fruits involves using fruit abilities, fighting styles, and a weapon of your choice. While you are free to utilize any of these combat engines, one common thing around them is they all have a mastery gouge attached to them.

For this article, we’re going to dig a bit deeper on what is mastery in Blox Fruits, why you should invest in max level mastery, and how you can raise it in no time.

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What Does Mastery Do in Blox Fruits?

Mastery is a measurement of your proficiency in using a Blox Fruit, fighting style, or weapon.

Once you switch to a specific combat stance, you will see its Mastery level at the right side of your screen.

A high mastery level can help you unlock more abilities on your fruit/fighting style/weapon and provides your character with more damage output needed for grinding and PVP.

While the EXP meter for your Mastery level is separate from your actual level meter, you can always naturally raise your Mastery as you level up, as all NPCs and bosses in the game provide Mastery EXPs upon defeat.

How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits?

Grinding Mastery in Blox Fruits is fairly basic, since all you have to do is defeat as many enemies as you can.

But real question here is how you can do it in the fastest way possible? Here are some of the best ways that you can try to quickly level up your Mastery:

1. Try “Buddha Spamming”

How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits - Buddha Spamming

Despite the release of the newest Blox Fruits like the Kitsune or T-Rex, Buddha is still unanimously considered as the best fruit for grinding levels, and that includes Mastery.

Eating a Buddha fruit allows you to transform into a giant and shining “Buddha” version of yourself, providing you with 40% defense buff and the ability to use fighting styles and weapons.

While in Buddha form, you can keep spamming your fighting styles and weapons from longer range, while receiving less damage from enemies, and hence the term Buddha spamming.

You can keep hitting NPCs with your M1 and ending them with a move of whatever Mastery you’re trying to raise.

So the next time you pulled a Buddha fruit via Trade or Blox Fruits Gacha, congratulations! You just earned a mining tool for grinding.

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2. Defeat Bosses

How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits - defeat bosses

Yes, this might sound like a no-brainer, but defeating bosses is a time-efficient way to acquire a bunch of Mastery EXPs.

Any boss will do, but if you’re already in the Third Sea, your best choices would be Longma in the Turtle Island and Cake Queen in the Sea of Treats.

And to emphasize it more, ESPECIALLY THE CAKE QUEEN.

The Cake Queen is certainly a tough nut to crack, but not if you use a Buddha fruit. We recommend you hop between servers to farm this boss.

If you haven’t been in the Sea of Treats yet, keep on grinding mobs (you’ll still get Mastery level there anyways), until you reach this area, specifically the Ice Cream Land, where the Cake Queen resides at the top of the island’s tower.

Other alternative bosses that give a handful of Mastery EXPs are the Ice Admiral and Thunder God in the First Sea, and Stone in the Third Sea.

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3. Switching Your Combat Stance

How to Get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits - switching combat stance

This method is particularly useful if you have high mastery on any of your combat abilities, and you’re trying out a new one by raising its Mastery from scratch.

For example, if you want to level up the Mastery of your new sword, simply equip it, find some mobs or bosses to beat, and use your strong Blox Fruit moves or fighting style to reduce their HPs to almost 5%.

Before finishing your enemies, switch to your low-level sword to kill them and watch it gain a bunch of Mastery EXPs. This trick works best if you also have the Buddha fruit, or if you’re in a high-level area like the Sea of Treats.

Mastery Blox Fruits: In a Nutshell

We mention a lot of using a Buddha fruit, but if it’s not your type of fruit, you can still earn lots of max Mastery by grinding the right mobs and bosses that are mentioned in this article.

No matter how quick you raise your Mastery level, remember that it’s still a form of grinding so you’ll still need to invest some time and patience before you can max it out.

Nevertheless, achieving max mastery is one of the most sought-after goals among players who want to make the most out of their character’s combat capabilities.

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