Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes: Accessing Hidden Gems

Wanna join some cool and active hoods? Check out these Bloxburg neighborhood codes!

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the most well-known life-simulation games in Roblox. It’s a vibrant and fun place where you can build the perfect home and be part of an awesome community.

Bloxburg neighborhood codes

If you’re getting tired of the typical servers and are looking for a more inviting haven to live your virtual life, neighborhoods are the best places for you.

You need to dish out a few Blockbux to create one, but you can join for a hood for free if you have the codes.

That’s why in this article, we have compiled the best active and working Bloxburg neighborhood codes for you to choose from.

So, let’s dive right in!

Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

These Bloxburg neighborhood codes have been tested and are currently active and working.

Thanks to YouTuber Cyder, we were able to get our hands on newer codes. Check them out in the list below:

  • ashwiq
  • beachybearbear
  • elxreaqx
  • makepayton
  • cyder_tv
  • natdely
  • regan_riot
  • george_roblx
  • tylah_aubury2048
  • margexo
  • casxiidy
  • got_botox
  • l0velyclo
  • itzrebecca1
  • axsolla
  • charlie9gametv
  • glamxems
  • 1uvbear
  • zilgon
  • eqleax
  • whitexdaisys
  • leyuii
  • regain_riot
  • madiekell
  • busa-neighbourhood
  • aboutcm
  • tyler_1745
  • reekabloxy
  • e1xto
  • ona21natur

More Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

  • Veeunicorn12!
  • Ilychloayy
  • Serenltty
  • starfifilove
  • Coolkhi5
  • L1L1M30W
  • PIGS101PIGS101
  • AudreyER
  • Happycookie_Dushess
  • kingvon881299
  • itsmikayla78
  • xxxLovelyTaytayxxx
  • Gryffindorsav
  • Spring Hill
  • BestyMimii
  • oliveeahh
  • Elxto_yt
  • exclusivejamess
  • butterflylollypop1
  • regansxo
  • Duke112008
  • starzinskyz
  • itzrebecca1
  • vqnillaheart
  • sirequacc

These codes are currently active and working, but neighborhood owners may decide to stop paying for their neighborhood at any time.

So if a code is not working anymore, please tell us in the comments below and we’ll update the list.

How to Use Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes?

How to Use Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

These codes are completely free and they are pretty easy to use. To join a new neighborhood, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Roblox and Launch Bloxburg.
  2. Click on Neighborhood
  3. Select Join New Neighborhood
  4. Enter one of the Bloxburg neighborhood codes from our list.
  5. Enjoy your new Neighborhood!

That’s how simple using these codes is. So open up Welcome to Bloxburg and try them out.

Why Use Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes?

Why Use Bloxburg Neighborhood Codes

Joining a neighborhood comes with many perks and makes gameplay more enjoyable.

For example, a standard server only hosts up to 12 people. Meanwhile, a neighborhood can have up to 75 players at once.

This leaves more room for engagement and roleplay opportunities allowing players to socialize with more peers and do various fun activities together.

Using these codes, you can join a neighborhood without spending any Blockbux.

Advantages of Owning a Neighborhood

Advantages of Owning a Neighborhood

If you pay for your own neighborhood, this opens a lot of opportunities that aren’t available to players on public servers.

For one, you can choose who you want to play with. Whether you want a private haven with friends or a party with loads of people.

Neighborhoods also allow you to control your environment in Bloxburg. Bored of the regular grass color? Change it to yellow, sage pink, earth green. You name it.

Don’t want the usual downpours in public servers? Or perhaps you’re looking for a snowy holiday with friends? Neighborhoods allow you to change the weather from clear, rain, fog, and snow, as you desire.

Time flies by when you’re having fun. That’s why days can sometimes feel really short in Bloxburg.

In your own neighborhood, you can control the time of day by increments of an hour. So whether you want a hot day or spooky midnight with friends, it’s as quick as the click of a button.

What Are Neighborhoods in Bloxburg?

Neighborhoods in Bloxburg is a feature that allows players to rent a “personal server”. These neighborhoods can host up to 75 players, which is massive compared to 12 in the standard servers.

Other players can join another player’s neighborhood using their username or the server ID as long as they have proper permission from the owner.

Neighborhoods can be used to create a private space to play with friends. So if you want to enjoy the city of Bloxburg with your buddies, you can save up enough Blockbux for your own neighborhood.

Some players are simply looking for interaction and socialization. If you want to meet tons of new people and build friendships through Bloxburg, a neighborhood can be of great use.

How to Get a Neighborhood in Bloxburg?

Neighborhoods can be rented for 149 for one month, 399 for three months, 699 for six months, or 1099 for one year.

Any player can make their own neighborhood, and the owner gets to set the rules and regulations for it.

Simply go to Welcome to Bloxburg’s Main Menu, click on Neighborhood, and choose Create a Neighborhood.

After payment, you can enjoy your very own Bloxburg neighborhood. Share your server ID with the players you want in your community.

How to Get a Neighborhood in Bloxburg

Bloxburg Neighborhood: Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your neighborhood experience and cut costs.

  • If you’re planning to pay for your own neighborhood, look for friends to split the cost with. This will allow you to have your private Bloxburg hangout while minimizing your expenses.
  • Before paying for a neighborhood, it would be best to purchase some essential gamepasses first, such as excellent employee, marvelous mood, premium, multiple floors, etc.
    This will help you not get bored and be able to keep up with your neighbors.
  • Make sure you set the privacy settings of your neighborhood. Make sure you only give access to people who you would enjoy being with to keep toxic players from entering your neighborhood.

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Now, it’s time to find your favorite neighborhood. With our Bloxburg neighborhood codes, you don’t have to spend your precious Robux to join others in massive fun.

So try them out, meet new people, and start making precious memories and friendships in your new virtual space.

Note that neighborhoods are not permanent, so if you find one code that doesn’t work, please comment down below, so we can update the list. 

What about you? Do you need more Bloxburg neighborhood codes? Share them in the comments below, and let’s see each other there.

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