How to Get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits – A Definitive Guide

Are you on a quest to learn how to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits? This article shall serve as your guiding light.

It can be hard to choose your favorite amongst thousands of anime games on the Roblox platform.

how to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits

But one that stands out and is loved by many players is Blox Fruits. This game will take you on a voyage with pirates and marines from the world of One Piece.

So get ready to embark on an adventure where you’ll learn new fighting styles, meet different races, utilize a variety of weapons, and master the all-powerful Haki abilities.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits.

This is one of the more obtainable fighting styles, and we guarantee that after you read this guide, you will have it in your arsenal.

So, let’s dive in!

What Is Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits?

Dragon Breath is a cheap yet powerful fighting style in Blox Fruits known for its ability to wreak havoc in melee PvP combat.

This combat style is usually maximized by players who are fond of AOE damage and lethal combos in the game.

All of its moves can hit more than one target, which makes grinding easier.

It also offers good accuracy, thus making it an ideal choice for easy usage. Aside from that, it also has a low cooldown and knockback effect, making it good for kiting.

Dragon Breathe is also easy to obtain. With this, many Blox fruit enthusiasts prefer this fighting style because it brings a huge advantage in-game and prowess in battle and is suitable for the early stages of gameplay.

If you’re a fan of Sabo from the anime, you’ll definitely love the Dragon Breathe fighting style.

How to Get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits Roblox?

To obtain Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits, you need to go to the Kindom of Rose in the Second Sea and purchase this fighting style from Sabi for 1500 Fragments. 

The process of getting the Dragon Breath from Blox Fruits is quite straightforward Having enough Fragments to buy it and access to the Second Sea are all that is required.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Prepare a Sufficient Amount of Money

Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits requirements
Credits: Sergio YT

Before setting out on a quest to obtain the Dragon Breath, you must first have enough in-game currency. Specifically, you need to have 1,500 Fragments to purchase Dragon Breath.

To achieve this sum, you have to grind in the game by completing missions, defeating bosses, killing enemies, and selling your loot.

Or you can kill one Raid Boss and get away with enough fragments to purchase Dragon Breath.

Step 2: Travel to the Kingdom of Rose

Blox Fruits - Kingdom of Rose
Credits: Item Level

Your next goal is to find Sabi, who sells the Dragon Breath fighting style. She resides in the Kingdom of Rose, which can be found in the Second Sea.

Getting there is quite a tedious task, for you have to familiarize yourself with different seas first.

Of course, to navigate the Second Sea, you have to find a ship and reach at least level 700.

Step 3: Purchase Dragon Breath From Sabi NPC

how to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits - Sabi NPC
Credits: NerdStash

Next, interact with Sabi after you reach the Kingdom of Rose. The option of purchasing the Dragon Breath through a shopping endeavor would cost you 1,500 Fragments.

After you purchase it, you can then use it as your fighting style.

Dragon Breath is one of the easiest fighting styles to obtain in the game, and using it will greatly enhance your gaming experience and give you an edge in the early stages of your gameplay.

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Now you know how to get Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits Roblox. It’s one of the easiest combat styles to pick up in the early game and is also one of the cheapest.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you should skip it.

Dragon Breath is a decent fighting style for grinding in Blox Fruits, especially for those who prefer melee combat. 

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If you want to see more guides and other Blox Fruits combat tips, you can check out our Roblox section.

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