How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits – 6 Easy Ways

Need more fragments to bolster your character? Here are some tips on how to get fragments in Blox Fruits!

If you’ve spent enough time traveling around the Second and Third Sea, there’s a good chance that you already know the importance of farming fragments to bolster your character’s combat capabilities.

how to get fragments in blox fruits

While you can quickly get lots of fragments in exchange for Robux in the shop, there are better ways of getting this currency without spending anything other than your time.

Continue reading to learn how to get fragments in Blox Fruits.

Editor’s Note (November 6, 2023): Fragments are still a highly sought-after currency in the game, as it enables you to strengthen your character and reach locations with tougher foes. Keep grinding these purple minerals as new Blox Fruits are being added since Update 20!

What Is the Use of Fragments in Blox Fruits?

Since 2020, fragments have been the secondary currency used for purchasing items, fighting styles, weapons, and awakening powerful Blox Fruits abilities.

Acquiring fragments are most relevant in higher levels where you can start farming them in the Second and Third Sea.

6 Ways How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

1. Participating in Raids

fruit raids

The first on our list of how to get fragments in Blox Fruits is joining and completing fruit raids can help you accumulate thousands of Fragments, as long as you don’t get killed during the process.

Fruit raids involve attacking five islands. Each island contains enemies that must be cleared in order to gain access to the next one.

Once you complete a fruit raid, the fragments you’ll receive will depend on the amount of time you have.

However, regardless of how fast your team are, you can only get a total of 1000 fragments per raid.

Remember that raids can only be played by a max of four players. Moreover, make sure that you are at least level 1100 so it will be easier for you to survive.

2. Defeating a Sea Beast

sea beasts

In case you don’t like raids, you can try defeating a Sea Beast instead. This mini-boss can be spawned in different Sea Events and can appear in various colors like red, brown, and green.

The difficulty of taking down a Sea Beast is based on the level of the player who spawned the monster. It is immune to M1 attacks and can only be damaged through special moves.

Conquering a Sea Beast rewards you with 250 fragments. Continue hunting three more Sea Beasts, and you’ll get the same capped number of fragments for a fruit raid.

3. Defeating the Cake Prince

cake prince

The Cake Island of the Sea of Treats is home to the Cake Prince, a Raid Boss that drops 1000 fragments when defeated.

To summon the Cake Prince, you’ll need to talk to the Drip Mama, an NPC in the Cake Island.

He’ll tell you a certain number of NPCs that you and other players in your server have to defeat to open a portal that leads to the location of the Cake Prince.

He has an HP of 750,000, and his moves don’t have cooldowns. Considering how beefy this boss is, it is highly recommended never to face him alone.

Try teaming up with tougher players, especially those who have the Buddha fruit.

4. Defeating Darkbeard


Another dangerous Raid Boss that drops a bunch of fragments is Darkbeard.

He is at level 1000 and uses his Dark Blox Fruit which can suck the life out of anyone who fights him in close-quarters combat.

To initiate a raid on Darkbeard, you need to gather around five players as soloing this boss will give you a hard time defeating it.

You can summon Darkbeard by placing a Fist of Darkness on the middle altar of the Dark Arena.

The rewards for beating Darkbeard include a whopping 1,500 fragments, as long as you caused 10% damage to his health.

5. Defeating Indra


Indra is an extremely powerful Raid Boss inspired by one of the game’s developers bearing the same name.

Also known by his exact name rip_indra, he is an absolute juggernaut that wields the Dark Blade V2, a formidable weapon of Mythical rarity.

You will be notified if Indra spawns in your server once your screen suddenly shakes and the atmosphere gets covered in very thick fog. His whereabouts are in the Castle on the Sea.

Just like Darkbeard, Indra is best to be defeated by a group and players and you must also deal damage equal to 10% of his HP.

If you survived the onslaught and managed to deal enough damage, you will be rewarded with 1,500 fragments.

6. Defeating a Player with a YouTuber Title

players with youtuber title

The final way in the list on how to get fragments in Blox Fruits is by defeating a player with a YouTuber Title.

In rare occurrences, you might stumble upon players with a YouTuber title on them. If you are lucky or strong enough to defeat them, you will earn 250,000 Belis and 2,500 fragments.

Be aware that you should not rely on this method alone since these players are often too powerful and elusive to hunt.

Other Ways to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits

Apart from the ways we mentioned above, you can earn some fragments as well by doing the following:

  • Completing Ship Raids
  • Purchasing items from Death King
  • Opening Fragment Chests on Mirage Island
  • Praying at the gravestone of the Haunted Castle

Wrapping Up

These are the best ways how to get fragments in Blox Fruits. Easy right?

To get more fragments in Blox Fruits, all you need to do is one thing – defeat bosses.

Many of the bosses in the game are quite tough to beat alone, so you need the help of other players to ensure your victory.

It can be quite tempting to rely on your stronger allies in raids, but it’s also important that you strengthen your character too to survive.

Some bosses like Darkbeard require you to deal a specific amount of damage to his health before granting you any fragments, so you still need to buff yourself up for these battles.

Good luck on your fragment-farming journey! If you want more contents like this, check out our articles here at GameGrinds:

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