How to Get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits: A Complete Guide in 2024

Is the Saber V2 your weapon of choice? You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to share the way how to get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits!

To reach new areas and discover more places in Blox Fruits, a player must grow stronger in terms of raw skills and fighting capabilities.

how to get saber v2 in blox fruits

Besting an adversary in combat can be achieved by eating magical fruits, as well as using weapons like swords and guns.

A particular sword became more popular among many players due to its massive damage output. This powerful sword is called the Saber V2.

Editor’s Note (January 3, 2024): Saber can be your best bet if you want to kick some butts in the Second Sea. The process for obtaining Saber remains the same, and it’s best for sword mains who already grinded all First Sea mobs.

What Is Saber V2 in Roblox Blox Fruits?

Saber V2, also known as Saber Version 2 is an upgraded form of the Legendary sword Saber (or Saber V1). According to its item description, it is a blade that “carries many burdens and lives, and once used by an expert of its kind.”

In the real world, sabers are now commonly used as a fencing weapon, but it was once a staple blade among light cavalries during the Napoleonic era.

saber v2 blox fruits

Going back to Roblox Blox Fruits, obtaining the base form of Saber is not a complicated process compared to other legendary weapons. Nevertheless, Saber remains one of the strongest swords in the game.

If you already have the Saber, you may skip the next section and head straight to how to get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits.

How to Get Saber V1 in Blox Fruits

saber expert blox fruits

To get the Saber V1 in Blox Fruits, you need to solve the Saber Expert Puzzle and defeat a boss named Saber Expert.

Once beaten, the Saber Expert will drop the Saber V1 as long as you inflicted 10% damage to his HP during the fight.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to find the Saber Expert in Roblox Blox Fruits:

Step 1: Go to Jungle Island. The best level to have before attempting to get Saber is 200 or higher.

Step 2: Trigger the Saber Expert Puzzle by touching five hidden buttons located around the island. Use the image below as a map so you can pinpoint all their positions:

jungle island blox fruits

Step 3: Get the torch hidden inside the underground room of the bunker-like structure at the center of the island. The torch is hanging on the wall and beside it, a text that says the following lines:

Lands of sand
My Home does stand
Now dark and grim
Bring light within

Step 4: The text is a clue to your next destination – the desert! Take the torch and bring it to Desert Island.

Step 5: In Desert Island, find the abandoned house with a red door. Go inside and enter the sealed room by burning it down with the torch.

Step 6: Get the cup in the room, and there’s another text that says:

If power you seek
Fill the cup from a leak
Left alone in the cold
Is a story to be told

Step 7: The text refers to the water droplets that “leak” from a stalactite found in the cave in Frozen Village. Go to Frozen Village and proceed to the cave that also houses the Ability Teacher NPC.

Step 8: Using the cup from Desert Island, catch one of the droplets from the stalactite. With the cup filled with water, give it to the Sick Man in one of the houses of Frozen Village.

Step 9: Go to the Rich Man in Pirate Village. Turns out you helped his starving father, but you need to complete a boss quest for him.

Step 10: After completing the Rich Man’s quest, you will be rewarded with the Ancient Relic.

Step 11: Return all the way to Jungle Island, and find the building with the Blox Fruits Gacha.

Step 12: In the building, find the keyhole with the same shape as the Ancient Relic. Use the relic as the key to open a hidden room.

Step 13: Inside this hidden room is the Saber Expert himself. He might be a tough nut to crack, so ensure that you’re well-prepared and once you beat him, you get the Saber V1.

How to Get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits

combat blox fruits

As mentioned earlier, Saber V2 is the improved version of Saber. For Saber wielders out there, upgrading to Saber V2 is the best way to unlock the sword’s true potential.

Two Conditions to Get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits

1. Receive a Total of One Million Bounty/Honor

If you’re a pirate, you need to get a specific amount of Bounty. For marines, on the other hand, it’s the Honor. Nevertheless, the required amount of Bounty/Honor to upgrade Saber is one million.

You can receive Bounty/Honor by fighting enemy NPCs, killing bosses, or winning PVPs. Keep doing these methods and avoid getting killed to reach one million Bounty/Honor in no time.

2. Kill a One Million Bounty/Honor-Player With the Same Level as Yours

Meeting this criterion requires some serious skills since you’ll be dealing with a fellow human player. However, you might have already completed this one as you collect Bounty/Honor.

Your objective is simple: hunt and slaughter a player with a similar level and a Bounty/Honor of one million.

Pro tip: If you want to make things easier, you can ask a friend with a similar level and one million Bounty/Honor to “help” you. Challenge your friend to a duel and you should get the kill!

Now, You’re a Proud Owner of Saber V2!

saber v2 owner

Once you completed the requirements above, a message should appear notifying you that “something weird” happened to your Saber.

Congratulations on your success in learning how to Saber V2 in Blox Fruits!

Turning your Saber to its V2 form won’t result in any changes to the Legendary sword’s physical appearance. Saber V2’s moveset, however, will look different and more destructive than its V1 form.

Saber V2 in Roblox Blox Fruits: Moveset

With the Saber V2 in your hand, you now have access to the same but better moves from this blade:

Deadly Rush

saber v2 - deadly rush

Pressing the Z button enables the player to use the Saber V2 and create an underlined V-shaped slash that dishes out incredible damage to the enemy.

Triple Slash

saber v2 - triple slash

With the X button, the player creates a giant projectile that launches in the desired direction. This move also deals massive damage to the enemy.

To give you a better way to see all the moves of Saber, here’s a showcase video from Crimson Phoenix:

Become a Feared Swordsman With Saber V2!

Saber V2 is a weapon that can only be acquired by worthy warriors. Train with this sword before challenging anyone to a PVP match or braving the lairs of the most fearsome bosses of the game.

Moreover, to make the most out of your Saber V2 sword, don’t forget to have the Blacksmith upgrade it to an additional 15% damage!

Keep in mind that if you perfected landing the move Deadly Rush to its intended target, you can quickly put a weakened enemy to rest, especially if the damage becomes critical (What a great way to end a fight!).

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