Jeremy Blox Fruits Location: Where Is This Springy Boss?

Are you wondering where in the world is Jeremy in Blox Fruits? Here’s how you can find his whereabouts in the game.

The Kingdom of Rose is the first area that all players will explore upon reaching the Second Sea. This massive kingdom is home to about three bosses, and one of them is a pirate named Jeremy.

jeremy blox fruits location

Whether you’re trying to hunt this guy to complete the Bartillo quest or acquire the Black Spikey Coat accessory, finding his location can be a pain in the butt for the first time.

There’s a chance you already tried exploring most areas in the Kingdom of Rose and Jeremy is still yet to be seen.

But don’t worry! This article will provide you enough details on finding Jeremy’s Blox Fruit location.

Where Does Jeremy Spawn in Blox Fruits?

Where Does Jeremy Spawn in Blox Fruits? - jeremy location

Jeremy in Blox Fruits spawns right in the elevated area above the location of the Swan Pirates in the Kingdom of Rose.

If you use a compass, Jeremy’s location would be in the kingdom’s eastern portion, which is a mountainous area that you need to climb if you want to fight him.

Jeremy's Spawn point from swan Pirates

To go there, you’ll need to air jump your way through the giant stairs, and at the top, sitting at the center is Jeremy.

climbing steps to Jeremy blox fruits location

Alternatively, some Blox Fruits abilities, like Light’s Light Flight, Ghost’s Wandering Soul, and Spin’s Helicopter Flight allow air travel, so they can work as well if you want to go to Jeremy Blox Fruits’ location faster.

jeremy spawn point blox fruits

If Jeremy’s not there, it means that someone already defeated him, so consider doing a server hop until you find him there.

Jeremy Blox Fruits: Spawn Time

Unlike most bosses in the First Sea, Jeremy has a spawn time of 20 minutes, which is a fairly long time to wait if you want to complete a quest.

Again, we recommend you switch to another server (preferably a private one) when you hunt Jeremy.

Tips for Beating Jeremy in Blox Fruits

how to beat jeremy blox fruits

Before facing Jeremy, you need to be at least level 850 to match his strength. Fortunately, he’s not that tough, especially if you are agile enough to dodge his attack patterns.

Jeremy uses the Spring Fruit, and all it takes to bring his HP to zero is to anticipate his moves.

This boss uses only 2 moves (Leap and Cannon), and he usually triggers these attacks when you move too close to him.

Unless you’re a Buddha user, avoid engaging him in melee combat as he can still deal decent damage, plus the continuous spamming of his Spring moves is capable of taking you down if you’re not careful.

The best fruits to use when fighting Jeremy would be those that can deal massive damage from long range, like Buddha, Magma, Ghost, and Light.

As for the guns, any gun weapon should help in taking him down, since Jeremy is most vulnerable right after he performs his moves.

In case you’re bold enough to fight Jeremy in short range, feel free to use swords that can also damage from afar, such as Saber, or spin your way to him with Shark Saw.

And most of all, don’t forget to turn your Instinct and Aura for some extra dodges and damage.

Anyways, if you haven’t got the Saber Sword yet, here’s our guide for obtaining this amazing sword in Blox Fruits.

Jeremy Blox Fruits Location: Drops

black spikey coat dropped blox fruits

Jeremy is an in-demand boss in the Second Sea because he gives the players a chance to get the Black Spikey Coat.

Aside from being one of the coolest-looking accessories in the game, the Black Spikey Coat can work with almost any build, whether you’re a sword, fighting style, or a fruit main.

Black Spikey Coat Blox Fruits

Black Spikey Coat provides +7.5% damage with +200 in energy and health.

Many players are lucky enough to get the Black Spikey Coat on their first try, but some can take several attempts before Jeremy drops the accessory.

Nevertheless, fighting Jeremy if he’s alive in your server is always worth your time, as he also gives a bunch of EXPs and money.

Jeremy Blox Fruits Location: Conclusion

Jeremy isn’t that too much to handle if you compare him with the greatest baddies in the Second and Third Sea.

However, what annoys players the most is his hidden location, which is almost impossible to find if you simply check the suburbs of the Kingdom of Rose.

Once you arrive at Jeremy’s location in Blox Fruits, you still have to prepare for an epic showdown as he won’t let you take him down without a fight.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on finding Jeremy! If you want more tips and tricks like these, check out our other Blox Fruits articles here on GameGrinds:

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