What Is the Best Sword in Blox Fruits? Top 5 Blades in the Game

Become a sword master of the sea by wielding the best sword in Blox Fruits!

Apart from utilizing Blox Fruit abilities or learning a specific fighting style, you can also defeat mobs and bosses by using weapons.

best sword in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits offers various weapons that can be used in long-range or melee combat.

If your playstyle is melee, you will likely excel in using a sword to hack and slash your way to victory.

Whether you’re a newbie looking for a powerful sword to survive the First Sea or a seasoned player who wants to be a sword main, we got you covered.

For this post, we listed five of the strongest swords in Blox Fruits, as well as the top blades players can use in the First and Second Sea.

Best Sword in Blox Fruits: Our Top 5 List

The following blades are the best swords in all seas in Blox Fruits:

5. Tushita

Tushita is a strong Blox Fruits sword that allows its user to deliver fast-paced attacks that are very difficult to dodge.

Despite its mobility, Tushita has a high damage output and is highly compatible with Blox Fruits abilities and fighting styles.

Perhaps the only downside of Tushita is that getting one is a lengthy process.

Check out this guide on how to get Tushita in case you’re interested in obtaining this sword.

4. Pole (Second Form)

While Pole (Second Form) is technically a spear, it deserves a spot in our list of the best swords in Blox Fruits.

Pole (Second Form) is the upgraded version of Pole (First Form), a legendary weapon dropped by the Thunder God Boss in the Upper Skylands.

Electric Prison, its signature move can deal high AOE damage to mobs and can be followed by other moves for a strong combo.

3. True Triple Katana

True Triple Katana is an excellent choice for taking out multiple enemies at once thanks to its Dragon Hurricane move.

This sword can damage any hostile units in all directions, making it one of the best swords in Blox Fruits in terms of grinding, especially for Buddha users.

Getting True Triple Katana is also no joke, as it requires the obtainment of three swords from the Sword Dealer NPC: Wado, Saddi, and Shisui.

2. Cursed Dual Katana

If this list is a popularity contest, Cursed Dual Katana (also known as CDK) will likely top the list for the most notable sword.

Both of CDK’s moves produce a barrage of cool-looking red slashes that can delete anyone and are highly efficient in PVP and grinding.

Like most swords in this list, CDK’s moves can damage enemies in Sea Events, which is quite an advantage if you’re hunting for Sea Beasts.

1. Dark Blade

The Dark Blade is considered as the ultimate melee weapon in Blox Fruits due to its long-range moves that can quickly destroy enemies from a considerable distance.

Dark Blade’s One Thousand Slices is a viable move to counter melee opponents, such as fellow sword users and fighting style mains.

Moreover, the fast-charging animation of its move Dark Blade Slash is a good finishing move that you can perform in a range that rivals guns.

Best Sword in Blox Fruits – FAQs

rengoku blox fruits
Source: SilentAsura YT

What is the best sword in Blox Fruits for First Sea players?

Saber V2 is the best sword in the First Sea as its Triple Slash can deal massive damage when it scores a critical hit.

While it’s not in the same caliber as the game’s top mythical swords, it is certainly a must-have weapon before entering the Second Sea.

Read more: How to Get Saber V2 in Blox Fruits

What is the best sword in Blox Fruits for Second Sea players?

The obvious answer would be the True Triple Katana. However, other players may also go for Legendary swords like the Pole (Second Form) or Rengoku.

What is the best sword in Blox Fruits in terms of PVP?

The answer to this question might be subjective, as players can be comfortable in using various swords in PVP.

Nevertheless, Blox Fruits many players believed it’s a tie between Saber V2 and Tushita.

What is the best sword in Blox Fruits in terms of grinding?

From its massive damage and AOE, Dark Blade is arguably the best sword if you’re grinding in Blox Fruits.

The Bottom Line

Every Blox Fruits sword is unique and every player can have their own take on the most formidable sword in the game.

While some might not agree with our list, that’s completely fine! This article, after all, is made to give you an idea about which swords stand out the most in Blox Fruits.

But for now, our top choice would be the Dark Blade – the blade inspired by Yoru, the sword owned by the strongest swordsman in the anime One Piece.

Feel free to list your top Blox Fruits swords in the comments section below!

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