What Do Frogs Eat In Minecraft?

If you love these little croakers, you must be wondering, “What do frogs eat in Minecraft?”

Minecraft is filled with all sorts of creatures and mobs, from imaginary creatures like dragons and zombies to animals found in real life like sheep, pigs, and wolves.

What Do Frogs Eat In Minecraft?

These creatures crawl, jump, fly, and roam throughout different game biomes.

This time, we’ll be crouching on the ground and taking a closer look at fascinating amphibians. Frogs are known for their hyperactive personalities, always jumping around and making the weirdest croaks and noises.

For this post, we will answer the query regarding a Minecraft frog’s favorite meal and teach you more about these tiny slime-covered fellows.

What Are Frogs in Minecraft?

Frogs are tiny, charming mobs that inhabit the swamp biome. These amphibious creatures can be spotted hopping around the murky waters and lush vegetation of swamps, adding an extra layer of life to this unique biome.

They are passive mobs, meaning they won’t hurt you or attack you. Frogs are peaceful creatures, but they are known for attacking other mobs and their prey using their tongue.

Frogs spawn in groups of 2-5 and they can be commonly found in swamp and mangrove swamp biomes. They can be spotted wandering around on land, but they can also jump as high as 8 blocks and take almost no fall damage from it.

Frogs move faster on water and cannot be hurt by drowning. You can witness these amphibians inflate their vocal sacks and let out cute croaks.

They are not the most useful animals in the game, as they only drop a few EXP points when killed. However, frogs can produce froglight, which is a very aesthetic light source.

What Do Frogs Eat In Minecraft?

Unlike their real-life counterparts, frogs in Minecraft don’t actually eat bugs and other insects.

Here are the two things that make up the diet of these little croakers:


What Do Frogs Eat In Minecraft? - slime

Frogs eat small mobs, and one of their favorites is Slime. When a frog manages to consume a Slime, it’s a win-win situation.

The Slime will then drop a slimeball, which players can collect and use to lure frogs into some romantic bonding time.

Yes, that’s right, you can use slimeballs to make frogs fall in love! By holding a slimeball, frogs within 6 blocks will follow you.

Feeding two adult frogs with slimeballs will entice them to breed, and the female will get pregnant.

Magma Cubes

What Do Frogs Eat In Minecraft? - magma cubes

Frogs aren’t confined to just one menu item. Frogs found in the Nether’s fiery depths feast on Magma Cubes. When a frog snacks on a Magma Cube, it gets a speed boost.

And that’s not all; the frog also drops something special called a Froglight block.

Froglight is one of the rarest and is a very special light source in this video game. Players can use it to illuminate their dark corners and fend off the creepy crawlies that lurk in the shadows.

Types of Frogs in Minecraft

Types of Frogs in Minecraft

There are different types of frogs in Minecraft, and they vary in appearance.

Here are the various kinds of frogs you might encounter in the game:

Temperate Frogs (Orange)

Temperate frogs are adorned in striking shades of orange and call the normal Swamps their home.

You’ll often find Temperate Frogs in these swampy terrains, where the murky waters provide a perfect habitat.

Additionally, if a tadpole is nurtured in mild climates, like hills, forests, normal taiga, meadows, or plains, it will take on the cheerful orange hue of the Temperate Frog.

Cold Frogs (Green)

Cold Frogs cannot be encountered in the wild. They wear a luscious green coloration and are one of the rarest sights in the game.

You can only see them by braving the snow-covered landscapes of snowy Taigas or the majestic peaks of snowy mountains.

Breeding them in these icy conditions is the key to bringing the special Cold Frogs into your Minecraft world.

Warm Frogs (White)

The  Warm Frogs with ethereal white hue can be found naturally in Mangrove Swamps.

Instead of blending in or camouflaging with their surroundings, Minecraft frogs tend to stand out instead.

Warm Frogs can also be bred by nurturing tadpoles in the warm environments of jungles, deserts, and savannas.

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Now you know what frogs eat in Minecraft. So next time you see one, you know what to give them as a treat.

If you are a savvy Minecraft player, you can create a farm of frogs and produce slimeballs and froglight infinitely.

If you’re looking for more tutorials and guides like this one, then make sure you check out our Minecraft section.

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