What Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft?

If you love these white and cuddly creatures, you might be wondering, what do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s worlds are composed of different kinds of biomes. Each biome has its own unique set of animals and creatures to offer. You can tame them, hunt them for food, and even breed them.

This time, we’ll be taking a look at the icy regions and the famous Polar Bear that is exclusive in those areas. Polar Bears have been around for quite some time, yet a lot of players still wonder; what do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?

What Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft?

What are Polar Bears in Minecraft?

Polar bears are usually passive, neutral mobs that spawn naturally in snowy biomes. They are white in color and have black eyes, noses, and mouths.

They have been added to the game in the Minecraft 1.10 update, and they are unique creatures that can only be found in cold biomes like Frozen Ocean, Ice Spikes, Snowy Plains, etc.

Polar bears in Minecraft have a few unique behaviors. They will attack the player if the player attacks them first, but otherwise, they will not attack the player.

What are Polar Bears in Minecraft

They will also attack any nearby foxes, and they will actively seek out fish to eat. Additionally, if a player approaches a polar bear cub, the adult polar bear will become aggressive and attack the player.

There is a lot of confusion about how to feed and tame these bears. That’s why a lot of players are wondering, what do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?

What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft?

What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft

Polar Bears drop raw cod or raw salmon when they die. This directly tells us that these bears actually hunt different species of fish and hide them to eat when they are hungry. Polar Bears probably eat raw cod or raw salmon in Minecraft. 

However, you cannot actually feed a Polar Bear in Minecraft. Equipping any fish you catch using a fishing rod and right-clicking on a Polar Bear will only make your character attack it, and the bear will chase you. On the other hand, right-clicking with a fish on hand will only make your player eat the fish.

So the sad answer is, Polar Bears probably eat different types of raw fish, but they cannot be fed by players.

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft?

How to Tame a Polar Bear in Minecraft

Polar Bears in Minecraft can’t be tamed the same way you tame other animals. You cannot feed it raw fish, its favorite food, and expect it to follow you. However, you can make a Polar Bear follow you around using a Lead. 

If you want to keep one as a pet, you can use a Lead to lure a Polar Bear into a fence near your house, and you can even put a name tag on it.

FAQs About Polar Bears in Minecraft

Where to find Polar Bears in Minecraft?

You can only find Polar Bears in icy biomes such as the following locations:

  • snowy plains
  • ice spikes
  • frozen oceans
  • deep-frozen oceans
  • frozen rivers
  • legacy frozen oceans
  • snowy slopes
  • jagged peaks
  • frozen peaks.

Can you feed Polar Bears in Minecraft?

Sadly, no. Polar Bears will not take any food or any type of fish from a player, so you can’t feed them in Minecraft.

How to Ride a Polar Bear in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ride a polar bear in Minecraft without the use of mods. These animals cannot be ridden like horses or other mounts in the game, and the player cannot control them. You can only use Lead to make them follow you around.

So if you really want to ride a Polar Bear in Minecraft, you have to install mods.

How to Breed Polar Bears in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way for a player to breed Polar Bears in Minecraft. You can leash them and bring them home, but you can’t make Polar Bears breed. 

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That’s all there is to it. Now you can answer the question, “What do Polar Bears eat in Minecraft”.

As of date, Minecraft doesn’t have a lot of features with Polar Bears. This article should clear up all the confusion caused by fake tutorials and videos that are using mods. 

But this doesn’t mean that you have to stop your love for breeding animals. There are tons of tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks in our Minecraft section that will help you become a better and more knowledgeable Minecraft player. So make sure you check it out.

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