What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?  

Ever wondered, “What do Dolphins eat in Minecraft? Let’s take a closer look at their diets and answer some of the most common questions about these cute sea creatures.

Minecraft’s vast worlds offer an infinite amount of things to be explored. Both the land and sea have an unknown amount of secrets waiting to be discovered. You can find different blocks and items, unearth treasure, and meet all sorts of mobs and creatures.

This time let’s take a look at the warm-blooded aquatic creatures, Dolphins. Dolphins have been around for quite some time in Minecraft, but players are still asking the question: What do Dolphins eat in Minecraft?” 

What are Dolphins in Minecraft?

what do dolphins eat in minecraft

Dolphins are neutral mobs in Minecraft that spawn in groups of 3-5 in Ocean Biomes. They are cute and friendly creatures, but they fight back once you hurt them. Dolphins in Minecraft can also be helpful to players, as they have the ability to lead players to nearby hidden treasures and underwater ruins.

When a player swims near a dolphin in the game, the dolphin may also give the player a short speed boost to help them swim faster. In addition to their helpful behavior, dolphins can also be fed to befriend them. Once tamed, they will be your loyal friend and will protect the player from aggressive mobs underwater. 

So, what can you feed to dolphins to make them like you? What do dolphins eat in Minecraft? 

What do Dolphins Eat in Minecraft?

What do Dolphins Eat in Minecraft

Dolphins in Minecraft will eat Raw Fish like Cod and Salmon. The fact that they drop Raw Cod as food items when killed further proves this. But Dolphins don’t actually go around and look for tropical fish to eat. They will only do so if the player feeds them.

Once you feed Dolphins raw fish, you will gain their loyalty and companionship. If you befriend a Dolphin, it will give you a lot of benefits, including protection and guiding you to treasures and the nearest shipwreck. 

Raw Cod

Raw Cod

Cod can be found on any body of water from the surface down to level 32. They spawn in the most extreme conditions and temperatures, from normal and lukewarm ocean biomes to snowy and frozen oceans. Cods are pretty easy to find. 

You can catch them by using a fishing rod or by diving directly underwater and using a sword to kill the fish. Either way, you will get raw cod using any of these methods. 

If you want to learn how to fish in Minecraft, then we have a specially curated article for you. Fish can be a good source of food in Minecraft as well, so go ahead and check it out!

Raw Salmon

Raw Salmon

Salmon can be found in the same locations as Cod. These fish are pretty common in Minecraft, and you can easily get your hands on one. You can catch salmon by using a fishing rod in any body of water.

Once you have caught or obtained salmon in Minecraft, you can cook it in a furnace to create cooked salmon, which provides more hunger points when eaten. But in this case, we’ll use it to feed our Dolphin friends.

How to Feed Dolphins in Minecraft

Now that you have obtained some raw cod or salmon, you can feed a Dolphin. Simply hold the raw fish in your hand and right-click on a Dolphin to feed it. Once you do, it will lead you to a nearby treasure, shipwreck, or ocean ruins. You can easily follow it with the white trail it leaves behind.

How to Keep Dolphins in Minecraft

Dolphins are undeniably cute and adorable. That’s why a lot of players really want to keep them as pets. Sadly, even though you can use a lead to drag a Dolphin to waters near your base,  you can’t keep it there forever. And you can’t bring a Dolphin on land.

Some players have tried making enclosures around the area where they want to keep a Dolphin only to watch them jump over the blocks and return to the ocean. You can’t keep Dolphins in Minecraft.

How to Breed Dolphins in Minecraft

Some animals can be bred or multiplied by feeding them their favorite food. However, it’s not the same for Dolphins. As of date, you cannot breed Dolphins in Minecraft. Sad, but players won’t be able to produce their own baby dolphins just yet.

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Now you know what Dolphins eat in Minecraft. Use this knowledge and go out there and make those Dolphins happy and find some treasures. This mutually beneficial partnership can be a very rewarding experience and a fun one as well.

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