How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg – Adorning Your Abode

Learn how to decorate your house in Bloxburg by following these practices now!

Bloxburg is not just a game—it’s an online community where you can express your personality and creativity.

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg

Your house is a mirror that reflects your style, tastes, and design skills. That’s why learning how to decorate your Bloxburg house is essential.

But sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. You have so many items, designs, layouts, options, and gamepasses. 

In this article, we’ll show you an easy-to-follow checklist for decorating your Bloxburg abode so you can maximize your gaming experience.

So grab your mouse and let’s unleash your creativity.

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg – The Roadmap

Here’s a list of the most important things you should keep in mind when decorating your Bloxburg house.

Notice how we used these tips throughout different designs and how you can apply them to your own unique build.


How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - inspiration

Everything starts with some inspiration. Now you may have an idea or a dream house in your head, but most of the time, you end up disappointed and unsatisfied with the final product.

That’s why having some inspiration and a reference are essential in creating a beautiful virtual home.

GameGrinds’ Bloxburg section is overflowing with the best ideas and inspiration for your Bloxburg home.

Other noteworthy sites include Pinterest and Instagram. Search for real-life inspiration on these websites and use them as references.


How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - layout

This is where most beginners fail. Due to fear of not having enough space, they end up making their house way too big. This causes a ton of blank spaces and makes it difficult to fill your interior.

A good rule of thumb to follow when laying your rooms out is to not exceed 4 blocks in length or width.

Bedrooms and bathrooms would already have ample space with a 3×3 or 3×4 layout.

You can go bigger with your kitchen and living room, but avoid making them too spacious or you’ll end up with lonely furniture sitting in the middle of an unfilled room.

Pro Tip: Use Plain Markings to lay out your house before placing walls.

Color Pallete

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - color pallete

The color palette is the primary factor in your home’s visual appeal.

The choice of colors heavily relies on your tastes and personality, and no one can really decide this for you.

But there are some golden rules when selecting colors for your house to ensure that it doesn’t end up like spilled cans of paint.

Start by choosing a base or primary color. These should be neutral colors such as whites, greys, linen, and other muted and soft tones. This shouldn’t be overwhelming to look at.

Then you can follow the 60-30-10 rule—60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% accent color.

This keeps a balanced and harmonious look for your home. If you want to go more in-depth with Bloxburg color palettes, we have the right tutorial for you.

Statement Piece

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - statement piece

This step applies no matter what room you’re decorating and should be the first thing you add in a room. A statement piece is something that serves as the focal point of your build.

This is something that will instantly catch your eye as soon as you enter a room.

Your statement piece can be a big piece of furniture, a unique work of art, or a striking architectural feature.

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - fireplace

For a dining room, it’s usually the dining table. In a bedroom, it’s the bed. For your living room, it can be a bold sofa or a grand fireplace.

The statement piece should be the most detailed and highlighted part of a room.

Build your focal point and ensure everything else complements it. Other details and elements of your room should add accents, contrast, or go with the statement piece.

How to Fill Up Wall Spaces

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - wall space

There’s nothing more boring than a plain wall. It looks lazily made and badly designed, but you can turn this around by simply adding Wall Trims and Wallpapers.

You can use decals to create your own custom wallpapers.

Then you can fill up the wall space by adding Wall Trims. You can create variety by using different, yet complementary designs for the baseboard and crown moldings.

Paintings or wall decor are also welcome additions. Just make sure that the design and picture also match your overall color palette and theme. 

How to Fill Up Floor Space

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg- floor space

This step goes hand in hand with designing your wall. In filling up floor space, it’s important to consider whether your walls are minimalistic or super detailed.

You don’t want a detailed wall and a floor full of decor and furniture or it will look cluttered.

So if you have a wall with a lot of details like shelves, paintings, and other accent pieces, your floor space should contain fewer elements, and vice versa.

To decorate your floor, you can add furniture first. Chairs, coffee tables, and other essentials.

Bookshelves and storage solutions can be used to fill up some vacant spaces. You can also add a suitable carpet for your room.

Final Touches

How to Decorate Your House in Bloxburg - final touches

This part is the most fun. After putting the essentials in place, it’s time to liven up your home. This is where you should use your attention to detail.

Accentuate your space with items, decals, and plants.

For example, personalize your pillows and sheets by adding texture and color. Add minimal clutter to make the space realistic.

You can use decorative items like vases, books, mugs, gadgets, and other items that suit the room and its theme. 

Whether it’s a gaming room, a kitchen, or a library, incorporate elements that reflect the purpose and ambiance of each space.

Next, you can add plants and greenery to make it more refreshing.

Finally, decals are the perfect cherry on top to personalize your room. Just make sure they also complement your overall palette and theme. 

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Now you know how to decorate your house in Bloxburg.

With these simple and easy-to-follow steps, you can turn your Bloxburg house into a personalized haven that reflects who you truly are in a presentable and meticulously crafted way.

If you’re looking for more design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything in between, check out our Bloxburg section.

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