What Do Cows Eat In Minecraft?

Have you ever wondered, “What do cows eat in Minecraft?”. This article will teach you everything about the diet of Cows in this game.

Minecraft features worlds with all sorts of creatures and animals. These mobs are spread all over the world, and each of them has its own features and characteristics. There are aggressive mobs that players need to be wary of.

But there are also passive and peaceful mobs, and they can even be beneficial. One of the most common animals in Minecraft is Cows, as they spawn almost anywhere in the Overworld. They can be eaten for food and bred by feeding them. But what do Cows eat in Minecraft?

What are Cows in Minecraft?

Cows are passive animal mobs in Minecraft that spawn in the Overworld, mostly in plains and forests. They are a common sight in the game and are known for their distinctive black-and-white coloring.

They are usually hunted because they produce beef which is a food item. They can also be milked by the player using a bucket, which yields a Milk Bucket that can be used for various purposes. Cows can also be a source of leather which can be crafted into tools and armor. 

Just like real-life animals, cows also need food to survive and thrive. So what do cows eat in Minecraft? In this article, you’ll learn all about their diet and what to feed them to make them breed so you’ll have big, healthy, and unlimited cows.

What do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

What do Cows Eat in Minecraft


Just like real cows, Cows in Minecraft also eat grass. If you keep Cows in a fence or stable and you observe them for a while, you’ll notice that they are eating the grass off the ground, and grass blocks will turn to dirt blocks. 

This means that the natural food for cows in Minecraft is grass. However, the player can’t feed cows grass. 



Besides grass, cows in Minecraft also eat Wheat. But they don’t do it naturally. They can only eat wheat if a player feeds it to them. Cows cannot eat wheat crops or when you drop them as an item. 

You’ll notice that when you hold wheat in your hand, you’ll attract any cow nearby, and they will follow you around. The same goes for sheep, goats, and mooshrooms. You can feed wheat to cows by holding it, aiming at a cow, and right-clicking.

Doing this will put the cow into love mode and allow you to breed them. 

How to Breed Cows Using Wheat

How to Breed Cows Using Wheat

Cows can be killed for food. However, they won’t spawn unlimitedly near your base. So if you want to have a renewable food source, you can start your own cow farm. 

  1. Find two adult cows: The first step is to find two adult cows in the game. You can find cows roaming around in most biomes, including plains, savannas, and forests.
  2. Keep them in a cage: Make a cage using fences and lure two cows inside to keep them from coming out.
  3. Feed the cows: Once you have encaged two adult cows, you need to feed them. To do this, you will need at least two wheat.
  4. Breed the cows: With two wheat in hand, approach one of the cows and right-click on it to feed it. You will see hearts appear above the cow’s head, indicating that it is ready to mate.

Now, repeat the process with the other cow, and you’ll see a baby cow in a little while. It will grow into an adult cow after a while, and you can repeat this entire process for unlimited livestock.

Where to Get Wheat to Feed Cows

Where to Get Wheat to Feed Cows

You can get Wheat from Villager farms. They usually grow crops like wheat, carrots, and potatoes, and they won’t mind if you harvest their plants. Harvesting mature wheat will give you wheat and wheat seeds.

You can also start your own wheat farm by planting wheat seeds on tilled land. We have an entire article that teaches you how to grow Wheat in Minecraft. So go ahead and check it out.

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Now you know what cows eat in Minecraft. Cows currently only eat grass and wheat.  Now that you know their diet, you can tame and breed cows as much as you want.

Starting a Cow Farm is one of the best ways you can ensure that you will never go hungry.

If you’re looking for more guides, tutorials, tips, tricks, and answers to your questions, you can always check out our Minecraft section. Make sure that you leave a comment if you have any queries, and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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