What Do Donkeys Eat In Minecraft?

Ever wondered “What Do Donkeys Eat in Minecraft?” If so, this article will answer all your questions.

Minecraft is an open-world survival game that offers one of the best single-player experiences. You have an entire world all for yourself, and the only things that limit you are your wits and creativity.

What Do Donkeys Eat In Minecraft

Even though you can go through this epic journey alone, there are some great perks of having friends and companions. Tamed animals, for example, can give you a ride, provide you with food, and even protect you from hostile mobs.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Donkeys, and we’ll answer the question, “What do Donkeys eat in Minecraft?”

What are Donkeys in Minecraft?

What are Donkeys in Minecraft?

Donkeys are passive mobs, meaning they won’t attack a player. Donkeys can also be tamed and ridden by players. They can be found in the wild, usually in plains or savanna biomes, and can also be spawned using spawn eggs in creative mode.

If you want to look for Donkeys, they can be found in the following locations:

  • Meadow
  • Plains
  • Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Sunflower Plains
  • Windswept Savanna

Donkeys are quite similar to their Horse cousins as they have the same attributes, but have slower movement speed and cannot jump as high.

However, they have the ability to carry chests, which makes them useful for transportation and storage.

Though they are quite stubborn and temperamental, it’s undeniable that Donkeys offer a lot of conveniences.

That’s why Donkeys are worth taming, breeding, and feeding. But what do Donkeys eat in Minecraft? Let’s find out.

What do Donkeys Eat in Minecraft?

Donkeys will eat Sugar, Wheat, Apples, Hay Bales, Golden Carrots, and Golden Apples.



Donkeys can be fed with sugar, and it can heal them for 1 point, adds 3 points of temper, and speeds up growth for 30 seconds. You can get sugar in Minecraft from Sugarcane and Honey Bottles.



Feeding Wheat to Donkeys will restore 2 health points, adds 3 temper, and speeds up growth by 20 seconds. Wheat can be obtained from villager farms, chests, or you can grow them from seeds on your own.



Apples can be fed to Donkeys to restore 3 health points, add 3 points of temper, and speed up growth by a whole 1 minute. Apples can be obtained from leaf blocks, and you can increase your odds of getting one by using a tool enchanted with fortune.

Hay Bale

For the most restoration to their health bar, you can feed your Donkey a Hay Bale to restore 10 health points and boost growth speed by 3 minutes. Hay bales can usually be found in most large villages.

Golden Carrot

A Golden Carrot can be fed to a Donkey to heal it by 4 health points, speed up growth for 1 minute, and adds 5 temper points. Golden Carrots are one of the foods that can be fed to a Donkey to make them breed or enter love mode.

You can craft a Golden Carrot by combining a regular Carrot and Gold Nuggets on a Crafting Table.

Golden Apple

Another food that makes Donkeys breed and produces Baby Donkeys in Minecraft is the Golden Apple. It also heals for 10 health points, adds 10 temper points, and speeds up growth by 4 minutes.

You can obtain a Golden Apple from Dungeon chests, Mineshaft chests, and other kinds of chests.

How to Breed Donkeys in Minecraft

How to Breed Donkeys in Minecraft

Donkeys aren’t the simplest animals to breed in Minecraft. You can only breed Donkeys by feeding them Golden Carrots or Golden Apples. Since Golden Apples are a lot rarer and more useful as a food item before major fights, it’s more practical to just use Golden Carrots.

To breed Donkeys, make sure you put them in a cage or enclosure to prevent them from running away. Put at least two adult donkeys in the cage and feed them both with Golden carrots.

Once you do, hearts will appear above their heads, signifying that they entered love mode and a donkey foal will spawn. Note that a new baby donkey will not be a tamed one already.

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Now you know what donkeys eat in Minecraft. You can go ahead and look for these food items and feed them to your donkeys.

They may be pretty stubborn animals, but it’s definitely rewarding when you successfully breed and tame donkeys.

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