What Do Pigs Eat In Minecraft – A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered, “What do pigs eat in Minecraft?”. Find out right here. Minecraft’s survival mode is a fun and thrilling action-packed adventure. There are all sorts of creatures and mobs that you will meet and fight along the way.

And because you’ll always be hungry on your travels, you will be eating some of them. Just like pigs, for example. Pigs are primarily food in Minecraft. But they have to eat too. What makes up the diet of these bacon-packed cuties? A lot of players are asking, “What do pigs eat in Minecraft?”.

In this article, we’ll look at the diet of pigs and how you can make them breed by feeding them.

What are Pigs in Minecraft?

What are Pigs in Minecraft

Pigs are passive animal mobs that can be found all around the Overworld, and they are most common in fields and forests and most grassy biomes. They can easily be spotted and identified with their round pink bodies and curly tails.

Pigs are usually hunted for food in Minecraft because they drop Raw Porkchop when slain. The player can eat Raw Porkchop as it is, and it will restore a little on your hunger bar. But it is usually cooked in a Furnace since Cooked Porkchop restores much more hunger.

Players can also ride Pigs using a Saddle. Besides pork chops and piggyback rides, pigs don’t offer much in Minecraft as of date.

Of course, they are a great source of food items, but they do not spawn infinitely in the same location after you hunt them. That’s why you also need to learn how to feed and multiply these animals.

But what do pigs eat in Minecraft? Let’s find out.

What do Pigs Eat in Minecraft?

What do Pigs Eat in Minecraft

Pigs don’t eat wheat, unlike most farm animals in this game. But here are the stuff they would love to consume and their favorite foods.



Pigs love carrots, and they are one of the common food items in Minecraft. The player can also eat carrots for a decent amount of hunger restoration and use it to feed pigs and even breed them. 

Carrots can also be crafted into a Golden Carrot in the later stages of a game, and they restore a whopping 6 points of hunger! You can find carrots easily in Villager farms, and you can take as much as you want, and they wouldn’t mind.

Carrots can also be obtained in structures like pillager outposts and shipwrecks. You can also farm carrots by planting them on tilled and irrigated land to make sure that you have enough to feed your pigs.



Potatoes can also be eaten by pigs. They are also a great early-game food source for players since you can cook them into Baked Potatoes, which will restore more hunger points. 

You can find potatoes in Villages as well as pillager outposts, shipwrecks, and village chests. They are also quite easy to grow, just like carrots.



Beetroot is one of the easiest seeds to obtain in the game. Pigs love beetroots, and you can find these in Dungeons, Mineshafts, End Cities, Snowy village house chests, Woodland Mansions, and Villager Farms.

You can grow beetroot seeds yourself, and they are very easy to propagate.

How to Breed Pigs By Feeding Them

Pigs can be hunted, and they spawn randomly. But their number decreases in a certain location after continuous hunting. That’s why you need to have your own pig farm. These are the simple steps in breeding pigs.

How to Breed Pigs By Feeding Them
  1. Make an enclosure using any building blocks. Fences are recommended, and you can also put a gate for easy access. This is an ideal cage for animal pens so that you can go in and out easily.
  2. Lure at least two adult pigs into your pen by holding a carrot, potato, or beetroot in your hand near a pig. You can also use a lead. Then guide them inside your enclosure and close the gate to lock them in.
  3. Feed the pigs any of the food mentioned above, and they will enter love mode. This is indicated by the hearts above the pig. After a while, a baby pig will spawn and will later grow to be another adult pig.
  4. Repeat this process for all the adult pigs, and you will have unlimited pigs.

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Now you know what pigs eat in Minecraft. They aren’t picky eaters, so you can make pigs happy pretty easily. If you feed them and make sure they are taken care of, they will take care of your hunger in return.

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