How to Get Bones Fast in Blox Fruits – A Roblox Beginner’s Guide

Looking for more bones to make the most out of the Halloween Event? Here’s how to get bones fast in Blox Fruits!

Ever since the Halloween Event of the Update 20, bones have become much more common in the world of Blox Fruits.

how to get bones fast in Blox Fruits

While it’s not hard to find bones regardless of your level or what sea you’re in, many players are still wondering how can this valuable item be farmed in the most efficient ways possible.

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For this article, we’re going to give you the best ways of getting more bones fast, as well as other relevant information you should know about bones in Blox Fruits.

What Are Bones in Roblox Blox Fruits?

bones blox fruits

Bones are a type of material that can be used as a currency to receive a random surprise, stat refund, or a race reroll from the Death King NPC.

Originally, the Death King NPC in Blox Fruits can only be found in the Haunted Castle (Third Sea), but since the Halloween Event, he is also now accessible in the Middle Town (First Sea) and the Café (Second Sea).

Like other materials, bones can also be pre-requisite ingredients to upgrade a weapon, specifically the Hallow Scythe, or craft the powerful gun, Soul Guitar.

Where to Find Death King in Blox Fruits

The Death King has a very distinctive appearance with his bluish-black hood, white spectacles, and long beard.

Below are the three specific spots where you can find him in the game:

Death King Blox Fruits Location 1

In the Middle Town, at the plaza area near the fountain.

Death King Blox Fruits Location 1 - Middle Town first sea

Death King Blox Fruits Location 2

At the Café, second area of the Kingdom of Rose. He is standing near the trading table.

Death King Blox Fruits Location 2 - Cafe Second Sea

Death King Blox Fruits Location 3

In the western cemetery of the Haunted Castle, inside the church.

Death King Blox Fruits Location 3 - Haunted Castle Third Sea
Source: Builderboy TV

Regular Ways of Obtaining Bones in Roblox Blox Fruits

You can acquire bones in Blox Fruits by doing the following:

  • Trying your luck at the Gravestone in the Haunted Castle.
  • Defeating hostile NPCs in the Haunted Castle or Haunted Shipwreck
  • Opening Cursed Chests

Most Effective Ways How to Get Bones Fast in Blox Fruits (Update 20)

If you already have access to the Third Sea, you can farm a bunch of bones by killing NPCs in the Haunted Castle area or Haunted Shipwreck alone.

Haunted Castle Blox Fruits
Source: NeedForGaming

But thanks to the recent Halloween or Ghost Event, all players can now get bones by opening Cursed Chests.

cursed chest blox fruits

Cursed chests are different from the usual Blox Fruits chests with their black color and smoke oozing from them. They can spawn randomly in the same spots where the regular chests are located every 4-6 minutes.

cursed chest blox fruits drop bones

By simply opening a Cursed Chest, you can obtain an easy amount of 20-40 bones, plus 3 wraith enemies that you need to defeat. Try to kill fast, as they can hit you with a decent amount of damage.

Upon their defeat, they can drop more bones, a sweet double experience buff for 10 minutes, or in rare cases, a Ghost Fruit.

Finding Cursed Chests is basically a game of chance, but you can drastically increase the chances of finding one every 4-6 minutes by checking the locations filled with regular Blox Fruits chests.

Here are some of the notable spots for Cursed Chests that will give you the most bones:

How to Get Bones Fast in Blox Fruits – First Sea

Head over to the second sub-island of the Upper Skylands, and look for the large temple near the bell where the Instinct Teacher is located.

upper skylands blox fruits

At the base of the Temple are two breakable doors that both lead to a secret room filled with eight chests. One of those chests will likely be a cursed one.

secret room entrance upper skylands blox fruits

If none of the chests is cursed, get all of them, including the two other chests outside the Temple, and wait for them to respawn.

secret room upper skylands blox fruits

Other alternative locations to get bones in the First Sea are the Middle Town and Marine Fortress, but we highly recommend the Upper Skylands due to the sheer number of chests you can harvest in one area.

How to Get Bones Fast in Blox Fruits – Second Sea

You farm more bones in the Second Sea through a couple of locations: the Cursed Ship and the Forgotten Island.

quest giver cursed ship

In the Cursed Ship, go to the Quest Giver, and from his direction, turn left to the next room. You should see two Ship Deckhand NPCs and a chest on a nearby table.

ship deckhand blox fruits

If the chest is a regular one, turn right to enter the room with more Ship Deckhand NPCs. This room is filled with small quarters, with each quarter containing a chest.

Keep opening all of them every spawn time until you stumble upon a Cursed Chest.

chests in the cursed ship

In the Forgotten Island, go to the town section where the Water Fighter NPCs are located and you should find a decent number of chests scattered around some of the houses.

forgotten island blox fruits

If one of them is a Cursed Chest, get the others and wait for a few minutes for the chests to respawn.

While waiting for the chests’ respawn time, you might as well get the quests that allow you to fight the NPCs in the area so you can also get a good chunk of money and EXPs.

The more Cursed Chests you open, the more bones you collect. With enough patience, you can accumulate as much as 700+ bones in a few hours by simply finding Cursed Chests!

The Bottomline

Bones in Blox Fruits are arguably the most valuable material that every new player can farm as they grind for levels.

Apart from Random Surprises like double EXPs, money, fragments, race rerolls, stat refunds, and special items, it’s also possible to get a Mythical Fruit if you are lucky enough after paying the Death King some bones!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the locations we mentioned above so you can get a large quantity of bones in no time!

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