What Is the Best Race in Blox Fruits? All 6 Races, Ranked

Identify the best race in Blox Fruits with our Blox Fruits race tier list.

Races are a core mechanic in Blox Fruit that can significantly alter your gameplay.

From insane speed boosts to bolstering your defenses and powering up your attacks, each race comes with its own pros and cons.

best race in Blox Fruits

Choosing which race to use depends entirely on your playstyle and preference.

While there is no definitive answer to which race you should use, some races are simply stronger than others and can be more efficient if mastered.

In this guide, we’ll go over the unique attributes of each race so you can figure out which one suits you best.

All Blox Fruits Races, Ranked

6. Rabbit Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Rabbit

The Rabbit race (Mink) is known for its insane speed boosts. However, due to being far behind in other areas, this race is considered inferior compared to other races.

Nevertheless, it’s perfect for exploring and offers the best mobility in the entire game. With the V3 upgrade, Rabbit’s movement speed quadruples, its dash length extends.

V4 abilities include Warwind, which leaves damaging tornadoes, and Lightning Cloak, which extends dashes.

Upgrades strengthen tornadoes and enable a super dash. However, despite its speed advantage, Rabbit falls short in damage output and defense.

To be successful with Rabbit, you need to have adept C-ticking skills, making it less favorable for those lacking proficiency in maneuvering.

5. Human Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Human

The human race is often underestimated, making it one of the lesser options. However, it possesses considerable strength as well.

Its V3 ability increases damage as your HP decreases, while V4 offers the Psycho ability, which grants three charges of a flash step, and Limit Break, which increases damage with a rage meter.

Upgrades can improve flash step regeneration, dash distance, and damage boost duration.

The strategic depth of humans lies in managing their HP for optimal damage output and utilizing their versatile abilities.

Comparisons with the Shark race often spark debate over superiority, leaving the decision to individual preferences and playstyles.

4. Shark Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Shark

The Shark race in update 20 received significant nerfs that reduced its slowing effects, max shield, and defense buff, resulting in a lower rank (fourth) this 2024.

V3’s defense buff decreased from 80% to 65%, which is a substantial nerf. This race has abilities such as Leviathan’s Armor that grants a water shield, and Pull that slows enemies.

Upgrades enhance shield capacity and prolong the slowing effect.

Despite the nerfs, Shark remains a straightforward race to play and allows players to excel without much strategy, just by spamming abilities.

These adjustments aim to balance the race’s dominance, but it’s still a tier higher than Human.

3. Ghoul Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Ghoul

The Ghoul race is gaining popularity due to its OP nature, earning it the third spot. Its V3 grants a 40% cooldown reduction, buffs damage by 5%, speed by 10%, and defense by 15%.

At nighttime, it adds HP regeneration and a 30% speed boost. With proper accessories, Ghoul rivals Minks in speed.

Its v4’s Blood Siphon provides life steal, with upgrades enhancing its potency. The Domain Expansion-like ability creates a dark circle that hinders enemy healing and induces blindness.

The benefits that were previously restricted to nighttime become available during the day, with reduced cooldowns. Upgrades summon attacking crows and expand the dark field.

Ghoul’s prowess lies in overwhelming opponents with constant abilities and control effects, kind of similar to Angel’s strategy.

Here’s how to get the Ghoul race in Blox Fruits if you want to become one.

2. Cyborg Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Cyborg

The Cyborgs are ranked second-best among other races due to its exceptional skills.

Cyborg’s V3 provides a 30% defense boost and unleashes an AOE lightning effect that disrupts opponents’ instincts.

The V4’s Energy Control generates attacking orbs while dealing damage and offers a super jump.

The Aftershock ability applies an electrifying effect, which disables opponents’ instincts. Upgrades can enhance damage, prolong effects, and strengthen the V3.

Fighting against Cyborgs proves to be quite challenging, given the constant disruption of instincts and the difficulty in activating held moves.

Overall, Cyborgs are excellent in combat, combining defensive prowess with disruptive abilities, making it an excellent choice for PvP lovers.

1. Angel Race

Best Race in Blox Fruits - Angel

The Angel race is a strong option in Roblox Fruits and is widely considered as the best race in Blox Fruits.

With the V3 boost, you get a 15% increase in defense and also heal 20% of your maximum health, plus 10% of your maximum energy.

Additionally, the V4 abilities, Prince of Disguise and King’s Rule enable gliding and flight, while the latter creates an aura that slows down enemies and distorts screens.

King’s Rule also cancels held abilities and enhances healing by 10%, totaling 30% with V3.

This combination makes Angel a formidable force in combat, especially with King’s Rule’s effects, which makes them highly effective in combat without much effort thanks to their insane healing capacity.

Its air camping and healing prowess make it dominant in boss fights and PvP. Pair it with spammable fruits like Dough or Dragon and you are almost unbeatable.

Blox Fruits Race FAQs

Is ghoul race better than mink?

Currently, yes. Ghoul’s short cooldowns and spammable abilities paired with bigger and better offense and defense buffs make it way better than Mink or Rabbit race.

Besides its speed, the mink race falls short to Ghoul in almost every other aspect.

What is the best race v4 in Blox Fruits?

While Angel is the best race overall, it’s rare to find someone with V4 on it.

Shark is the best choice when it comes to v4 because of its insane tankiness and versatility, which comes with no downsides and low mechanical requirements.

What is the best race for PVP Blox fruit?

This depends entirely on your build and playstyle. Any race can be used for PvP. Surprisingly, the mink race is an awesome PvP option that rivals Ghoul.

Both of these offer incredible speed boosts and mobility that allow you to dodge and escape enemy combos or chase down opponents. 

Angel is awesome and Shark is also a great option if maxed out. The best PvP race is one that suits your playstyle.

What is the best race in Blox Fruits for grinding?

Ghoul is great for grinding because of its life steal effects, so if you have it, you’re good to go.

But it can be quite hard to obtain, that’s why most players stick to the common Human race because it has minimal costs and downsides.

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Now that you know what is the best race in Blox Fruits, do you have what it takes to become one with the Angel race?

Angel is currently super strong, but keep in mind that other races are also great and feel free to choose which one is ideal for your playstyle.

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If you want to see more guides for Blox Fruits or are into other Roblox video games as well, you can check out articles from our Roblox section.

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