6 Easy Minecraft Houses to Kickstart Your Journey

Looking for easy Minecraft houses to build? Here are the best house ideas that will take no time to build.

When you first start your Minecraft world, your first priority is always to survive that first night. With zombies and creepers lurking in the dark, you are at the most risk when the sun sets.

Easy Minecraft Houses

That’s why shelter is one of the most essential things to acquire alongside food.

You don’t have a lot of options on your first day, but no one really wants to stay in a dirt house for long.

After all, when it comes to building in Minecraft, the only limit is your imagination.

So, whether you’re looking for a simple and practical starter base or want to learn the ropes of building, these easy Minecraft houses will give you a jump start in your Minecraft adventure.

Easy Minecraft Houses

Check out these easy-to-build beautiful houses this year:

1. Efficient and Compact Starter House

Let’s start with one of the house designs that withstood the test of time. This easy survival house from Cubey is already 7 years old and has been proven efficient and effective by millions of players.

It combines a compact and efficient design that ensures you have all your needs for survival while keeping a beautiful design that welcomes you warmly every time you come back to your base.

2. Easy Wooden House

When you first spawn into a world, especially in grasslands and forest biomes, the most abundant resource you can access is wood.

That’s why wooden house designs like this one from JUNS MAB are quite practical.

You’ll only need wood and your good old Axe, and you can start building this simple house.

It gives you what you need from a starter survival house and is also pretty pleasing design-wise.

3. Easy Underground House

For those who aren’t keen on constructing elaborate structures with numerous blocks or traditional house ideas, this underground house from Random Steve Guy is well worth exploring.

It may appear like an expanse of grass and trees from the exterior, but you’ll be astounded to discover a complete underground base concealed beneath the surface.

Not only does it possess an appealing aesthetic, but it also excels in functionality. This is a fully operational underground base that can be easily accomplished in survival mode.

4. Easy Modern House

If you’re the type who loves to watch people build awe-inspiring mansions on YouTube, then you’ll appreciate how beautiful these house ideas are.

But, it’s no joke attempting to make one, especially for beginners in building.

This easy modern house design from Rizzial uses a simple design and few building materials. You can even swap the Quartz blocks with White Concrete if you want.

If you want to start with a nice foundation and learn the ropes of making magnificent modern houses in Minecraft, this is a good place to start.

5. Cute Starter Brick House

If you’re not into wooden house ideas, this Brick House from Tanol Games might be for you.

You’ll only need Stone Bricks and Wooden Slabs for most of the house’s parts, and it is very easy to build.

Besides the functionality you would look for in a starter house, this particular build also lets you train your creativity and designing skills by adding decorations of your choice.

6. Minecraft Dirt House

What if you don’t want to gather wood or bricks and other materials, or they are simply unavailable? What if you want to utilize the unlimited amount of dirt around you to make a house?

Well, here’s a dirt house that’s not dirty from FlyingCow.

Who says Dirt blocks can’t look good? This design says otherwise. With nothing but Dirt and Grass blocks, you can easily make this house.

You get protection and shelter without the hassle of resource gathering. 

This isn’t the most beautiful, but you can effortlessly build this house in Survival Mode.

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Those are the best easy Minecraft houses that you can build today. They require minimal building materials and experience, so you can pull it off even if you’re a total beginner.

To make things easier and hassle-free, you can practice these builds on Creative Mode first before trying them in Survival.

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