20 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft – Never Get Bored Again

Be inspired with the most awesome and cool things to build in Minecraft! After investing so much time and effort in playing Minecraft, the next thing that you will likely feel is boredom.

However, we cannot just let you abandon the world you’ve worked so hard in! Before completely tiring yourself with building time-consuming yet unsatisfactory ideas, let’s revive your creativity.

Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

There are plenty of adventures that await you in every corner of the Minecraft world. But if you are into trying out new ways to expand your world, it’s time to check out some of the cool things to build in Minecraft.

From castles and museums to underwater bases, we got you covered!

20 Cool Things to Build in Minecraft

Squeeze your creative juices by constructing the following structures in Minecraft!

1. Castle

This may be a very ambitious idea, but almost everyone playing in the survival mode chooses to build an epic castle instead of a house.

For those who wanted to take time to build their world, one of the most ideal references is a medieval castle.

You can set up large gates for your protection and a lot of decorations to make it appealing.

2. Town/Village

If you wish to insert more effort into your world, you can start building a town or village. With this idea, you can choose to construct buildings, roads, gardens, and ponds.

You can also build houses in similar styles and add some common areas like markets and malls for your people.

The ideal way to build your dream town is to start building it in Creative mode to avoid all the dangers that might ruin your town in the survival world.

Check out a tutorial by fWhip for first-time builders.

3. Floating Base

Let’s take this list of cool things to build in Minecraft up in the clouds by building the craziest thing ever!

Don’t be intimated, it may not be easy to build, but it is surely possible. And if your problem is getting bored of the typical builds, this is your cure!

Building a floating base allows you to be hidden from other players in the game.

Just make sure that you have a safe way of getting down, such as a ladder, a slime block, or a body of water to fall on.

If you have no idea how to create this cool thing, here is a tutorial from Minecraft Buildings.

4. Farm

The farm is one of the most convenient builds in Minecraft, especially in survival mode.

Having a farm only means that there will be no more shortage of food supplies and other convenient kinds of stuff like wood blocks.

This idea is both functional and decorative. Not only that it is convenient, but it also adds a touch of realism to your world.

Here are some designs from TheMythicalSausage that you can follow for your ideal farm.

5. House

There are plenty of house ideas that you can check out if you wanted to build one.

This is the first thing that most players would build first, as it offers protection and allows you to respawn from death.

You can decide whether you want to build the most luxurious or the most aesthetic house.

Try different themes and add big windows to get that natural light all over the place.

Check out these amazing designs compiled by ItsMarloe.

6. Underground Base

Of course, we cannot exclude the underground base from the list of awesome stuff!

If building underground will restrict you from being creative, scratch that thought.

In building a base underground, you can look for a large underground ravine for fast progress.

However, you can also carve out a hole for your base. You can arm yourself with Minecraft Modpacks if you plan on digging your own underground base.

You can either build an underground town or just a base for yourself. Either way, this idea is a must-try!

For a tutorial on the ultimate underground base, check out disruptive builds‘s channel

7. Bridge

If you think building a bridge only allows you to place some blocks over areas, and that’s all, you got it all wrong again.

You can build exciting themed bridges and add them to your world, changing the whole view completely.

You can base your project on real-life bridges and attach it to your city, kingdom, or town, and you’ll see why this idea made it to this list.

For more bridge ideas, you can check out this bridge designs compilation by Avomance.

8. Boat

This is not a bluff! It is very possible to build a real boat or even a pirate ship in Minecraft.

If building on land bores you so much, constructing a seaworthy vessel for a new experience is what you need.

You can make this boat your headquarters or even a home base. As long as you enjoy complicated structures, you will find this idea very much preferable.

Check out Sv Gravity‘s tutorial if a boat is what you need in your world.

9. City

In Minecraft, your limit is your imagination.

If you wanted to go bigger, you can try building a great modern city. You can picture own your own city or get references from your favorite fantasy films.

You can follow this guide by NDV Games for making an entire city of your own.

10. Tree House

Why cut trees if you can just build a house on them?

The tree house is one of the unique ways of building a house. If you want to build one, the best area of choice here is a Jungle biome.

There are many building ideas you can choose from to get inspiration for your new dream house.

Check out this tutorial from Goldrobin if you have no idea how to start building your own tree house.

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11. Museum

A museum can be a storage facility, but you can make it more exciting by turning it into a room of nostalgia.

Using item frames, you can keep some items that became a part of your Minecraft journey and display them on your museum walls.

You can display your very first sword, your first diamonds, the remains of a beloved animal, or some of the stuff you wanted to remember.

Everything that possesses valuable memories can all live inside your museum, so you can visit them anytime you want and relive those nostalgic moments.

Follow this tutorial from HALNY if setting up a museum is hard for you.

12. Library

If you plan on building a city or a town, you must not forget to include the library, especially if you’re a fellow bookworm.

It is very easy to assemble, especially if you’re in creative mode. You can build a tiny town library or a ginormous public library in your city.

You may want it to look like the old dusty library or the one with ladders similar to the ones you see in your favorite movies.

To make everything more mystical, you can build a secret passage behind a bookcase that leads to a secret room where you can perform your potion brewing.

Need inspiration for your future library? Here’s one from NeatCraft.

13. Pixel Art

Getting tired of buildings and structures?

You might want to try doing unusual builds, such as creating the face of your beloved cartoon character or recreating the best anime fight scenes in Minecraft.

Now, thanks to the flexibility of Minecraft, you can not just only craft buildings but do art as well.

Regardless of skill level, the blocky pixel-based art style of Minecraft allows you to style a character or any projects that you want.

Check out TSMC-Minecraft for tutorials on some cool pixel art in Minecraft.

14. Evil Lair

If you are still not satisfied with all the previous studs, then maybe it’s time to be a little bit crazy and add something villainous to the list.

Creating an evil lair gives you an area where you can set up secret passages, tripwires, and traps all over the place to catch whoever dares to enter your realm.

This lair can also be your secret base where you can perform potion brewing and other crazy stuff.

For more inspiration, check out this cool idea from Achilles.

15. Landmarks

Whether it is inspired by real-life structures or fantasy movies, lands marks are cool additions to your world.

If you wish to create complicated landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower, you may want to do it in creative mode.

If your mode is on survival, try picking something with little details just to be safe.

Get your inspiration by checking out Oak Youtube‘s landmark idea.

16. Storage Room

All Minecraft players need to have storage to keep their obtained items secured.

Thus, one of the best ways to safe keep your stuff is by building a Minecraft storage room.

The size and design depend on your liking as long as it can keep all your valuables, such as expensive and command blocks, rare items, wealth, and other materials, away from threats.

Follow this tutorial by Zaypixel if you are interested in building one.

17. Nether Portals

Nether portals are very important for players for them to be able to reach the Nether. And there are so many ways to make a Nether portal anywhere you want.

One advantage of keeping a Nether portal in a separate room is that it keeps nether mobs from reaching the main world.

You can build it using quartz, netherrack, nether brick, or lava which can be obtained in the Nether.

You can follow these simple steps by Foxel if you are interested in building one.

18. Underwater Base

Aside from the common underground base, you can also find a way to build a base underwater.

By building this base, you can avoid mob attacks and other land threats. Just make sure to have enough ventilation for your base to avoid drowning.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial by Lomby if you wish to build a similar design.

19. Subways

Subways in Minecraft are not common, but we can assure you that it deserves a spot on this cool list.

The subway system allows you to travel easily around your city. By simply digging out a long hallway underground and adding stations along the way, you can have your very own subway.

Here’s a tutorial by TheBuildingDuck‘s to ensure a successful subway building.

20. Maze

Sounds complicated, but creating a maze is very simple.

Believe it or not, all you need are just leaf blocks, and you can set up a cool centerpiece for your garden.

This maze can be placed underground or inside buildings.

To make it more exciting, you can add traps and surprises like drops, changing walls, and traps.

Here’s a tip on how to generate mazes brought to you by OMGcraft.


And that is just 20 cool things to build in Minecraft.

We hope that through this list, the creativity that’s sleeping in you will slap out the boredom and allow you to start constructing these awesome structures.

If you’re looking for more Minecraft lists, tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks like this one, you can always check out our Minecraft section.

Or if you have a specific question, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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