6 Best Bloxburg Backyard Ideas – Love Your Lawn

Do you want your yard to look fabulous? Here are the best Bloxburg backyard ideas!

Welcome to Bloxburg is a popular game known for the freedom it gives to players in making their dream house.

Bloxburg backyard ideas

Not only are they able to design a luxurious living room, a cozy bedroom, or a rustic kitchen, but they also make a soothing outdoor space.

Picture a serene oasis right in your Bloxburg backyard, where your imagination can run wild, and you can let go of problems with every relaxing breath you take.

Being able to interact with nature while in your own home can be very therapeutic.

That’s why we have handpicked some of the best Bloxburg backyard ideas to give you some inspiration for your next outdoor space.

Editor’s Note (January 4, 2024): A neglected Bloxburg backyard can be a deal breaker even if you have a eye-catching house. Get only the latest and best Bloxburg backyard ideas by reading our article!

Best Bloxburg Backyard Ideas – 6 Cool Designs From the Most Prolific Bloxburg YouTubers

The following are the best ideas you can use when designing your Bloxburg backyard:

1. Minami’s Backyard

For our first backyard design, we have one from a Bloxburg YouTuber, Minami Oroi. This backyard idea is not too flashy but comes with everything you need for a perfect backyard.

There’s a nice patio with a comfy sofa set and table for you and your guests to chill out in. Beside it is a set of tables and chairs where you can have a nice cup of tea or snack with your friends.

It also has a small pool with an artificial waterfall that makes this place more relaxing.

If you want something that’s not too complicated but would still wow your visitors, this is one of the best Bloxburg backyard ideas to go for.

2. 20k Bloxburg Backyard with Pool and Barbecue

Everyone dreams of a backyard with a pool. But we also know that that can be quite expensive, even in Bloxburg. 

But this design from melendezz allows you to build a wonderful party-ready backyard with only 20k.

It features a rectangular pool, and beside it are outdoor lounges with some nice shade where you can spend an entire afternoon and just relax.

It also has a cooking area where you can create delicious memories with friends.

This 20k build is perfect for hosting a pool and barbecue party. A perfect combination of different elements that makes for a perfect family gathering or reunion with friends.

3. Modern Bloxburg Backyard With Sunken Pool Bar

This design from BullBlox takes advantage of a simple yet genius hack to create a lowered pool and bar/seating area.

This entire build will cost around 98k. But you can adjust the size of your pool and bar depending on your budget.

This design basically puts a basement over the pool to create that lowered look for the seating area. It is surrounded by some palm trees for that beach vibe and shade.

Spending time outside has never been better with an oasis like this waiting for you in your backyard.

4. Tropical Hillside House and Yard

If you’re bored of the traditional flat backyard design, we have just the idea for you. 

Daniellery’s creation features a beautiful house on a hill. So if you’re planning on building your dream house in a similar location, you can take some pretty nice pointers from her exterior design.

She utilized the hill’s natural landscape to create a very realistic stream and waterfall. The plants and stones were placed intricately to get that tropical paradise vibe.

Trees surround the hill for a fresh and cool breeze that takes your senses on a countryside trip.

5. Backyard With Rock Slide and Hot Tub

Why settle for a pool when you can turn your backyard into an inland resort? Most backyards are summer-oriented in terms of design and features.

But this build from Robuilds is great for both hot and cold days.

It has an awesome pool with a rock slide. It also features a hot tub.

All of them are completely functional, so have fun going down that slide and dipping yourself in that hot tub.

With a backyard like this, you don’t even have to go to far places for a vacation. All you have to do is step outside of your house and you’re already in paradise.

6. Flxral’s Aesthetic Garden-Backyard Build

This Bloxburg backyard idea is an excellent option for those who want to test their online green thumbs while building a highly elegant and luxurious-looking outdoor space.

Flxral’s design comes with a tutorial to build a custom patio and a chill area where you can enjoy looking at a nostalgic site of a tire swing.

Watch more of the video above if you want a more detailed explanation of how you can achieve this backyard build.

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Those are 6 of the best Bloxburg backyard ideas for you to try. We hope that these creative designs have inspired you to create your dream backyard.

Feel free to copy them but let’s not forget to give thanks to their creators.

If you are still up for more ideas not only for your backyard but other parts of your Bloxburg house as well, let us know in the comment section!

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