10 Best Two-Story Bloxburg House Ideas

Time to wake up your creativity with some of the best two-story Bloxburg house ideas that can literally raise your home to the next level!

As the famous line says, two is better than one. If one floor is not enough to satisfy your desired lifestyle, add some stairs and say hello to another beautiful and spacious platform.

Indeed it is very relaxing to have a house where you are at least a few steps closer to the sky.

Editor’s Note (January 4, 2023): If you felt like your house is too small to your liking, why not add another floor to spice up your private property? Check out ten of the best two-story ideas around so you can build something that you can brag to your Bloxburg friends!

Best Two-Story Bloxburg House Ideas – 10 Easy-To-Build Structures for Your Home

Two-Story Bloxburg House Ideas

With a two-story house, you can make more room for your ornaments. Additionally, an area where you can breathe fresh air, like your veranda, and a breathtaking view from above.

With that in mind, we have come up with the best two-story Bloxburg house ideas to amp up your next home. Here are our ten best picks that you should see.

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10. Split-Level Cottage

Let’s start with a budget-friendly home with a distinct architectural design that transformed a cozy cottage idea into modernity.

With a budget of around $112K, you will be able to live in this modern cottage with three bedrooms, a very spacious living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a veranda, and a basement. 

9. Two-Story Modern Family Home

With a touch of modernity, this $170,000 house is perfect for individuals looking for a spacious area for their big family.

The value comes with a grand exterior and spacious front yard. The house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a garage, a dining hall, a full kitchen, an office, and a living room.

8. Soft Sage Green House

If you love a cozy looking home with colors that are delicate to the eyes, you might consider building this house. The house costs around $86,000 to build but is surely worth it.

The space is suited for four people. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pleasing living room, a kitchen area, and a library. But what makes this house perfect is the pleasing combination of colors that gives the house a charming atmosphere.

7. Luxurious Modern Mansion

To support your classy lifestyle, this $240,000 mansion offers just the place that fits you best.

The highlights of this mansion are its seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, multiple living areas, a backyard pool, an indoor balcony, and a high-rise living room roof with fancy skylights.

6. Blush Modern Mansion

A home sometimes needs a blush to be a perfectly cozy place. For $240,000, you can live in this aesthetically pleasing home with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a sassy living room, an office, a dining area, an upstairs loft, and a room for your artistic spirit.

5. Aesthetic Loft

Following the blushing home is the elegant loft that costs $103,000. The spacious areas of the house leave you room for your creativity. The swirling stairs to the second floor complement the dreamy-themed home.

The loft has a minimalist design, making it a lot more appealing. If you are into simple spaces, this design is perfect for you.

4. 2-Story Vintage House

If you are into a home with a vibe that will take you back to the good old times,  I highly doubt that you would not be captivated by this house. From the exterior alone, you will be enchanted by its colors.

The interior’s design combines minimalism and a classic theme, creating a place that gives you nostalgia.

3. Hillside Modern Beach House

Why wait for summer to see the beach if you can just live beside it. It is not only the beach that made this idea on the list but because of the creative approach to building this house. The beach house highlights the elegant placement of the glass walls.

The combination of black, brown, and black perfectly match the tropical approach to the house, making it very elegant

2. Simple Roleplay House

A warm exterior plus a cozy interior equals a fancy home. The design of the house is not as wide as the others, but what makes this house stand out is the super simple yet captivating pastel color and lively atmosphere inside and out.

The house is spacious, with plants inside and out which make the home vibrant.

1. Botanical Family House

Lastly, a perfect home for lovers of mother nature. This is just a simple homemade special with the presentation of greens inside and out.

The house is made of bricks and wood, with plants in every corner of the house, making every room lively and pleasing at the same time.


Whether you’re a first-time house buyer or you’re looking for something specific.

No matter your budget, you’ll find a nice cozy house that fits your vibes and personality in our top 10 best two-story Bloxburg house ideas.

Make sure to try what best matches the lifestyle that you desire to live.  And if you loved this list, let us know by sharing your reactions below!

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