Bloxburg Gingerbread House: Tips and Ideas for Building a Holiday-Oriented Home

Looking for a unique house for the holidays? Check our list of the best Bloxburg Gingerbread house ideas!

Are traditional houses getting stale for you? Perhaps you want to create a contrast to the cold white snow by building a festive home.

Bloxburg Gingerbread House

Do you want to pull off a house that will surely impress any Bloxburg player? Or maybe you just want to make a childhood dream house a reality. 

The Gingerbread house design’s sweet, sugary aesthetic and nostalgic warmth is a delight for anyone, especially during holidays. But, with its unusual shapes and parts, it can be hard to pull off.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to make a Bloxburg Gingerbread house and show you some of the best creations to inspire you to build your own.

So get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and sugary cravings.

How to Build a Bloxburg Gingerbread House

1. Planning and Inspiration

Bloxburg Gingerbread House - Planning and Inspirations

A Gingerbread house is very different from your traditional house designs, and you don’t really see one every day, and that’s what makes it so hard to build.

Without a reference and inspiration, this can be a really challenging task.

So first, go to Pinterest and search for Gingerbread houses for inspiration. Make sure you check out the best Bloxburg Gingerbread house ideas we have compiled for you below.

Combine the elements that you love from different designs to come up with your own design.

Gingerbread houses are typically simple in terms of layout and have a compact size, so plan your house with that in mind to ensure both aesthetics and functionality.

2. Walls and Color

Bloxburg Gingerbread House - Walls and Color

Now that you have a design in mind, you can start building the Gingerbread house. Layout your exterior walls first, then subdivide the interior into different parts.

A good floor plan will serve as a blueprint or guide and decrease your mistakes.

To recreate the color and texture of Gingerbread houses in Bloxburg, you can use Concrete and Classic Carpet as the material, then Linen or Nougat for the color.

You can experiment with other shades of Brown, but these colors and materials will serve as a nice base for your house.

For the roof, a gable roof is the staple for most gingerbread-themed houses.

3. Exterior Decoration

Bloxburg Gingerbread House - Exterior Decorations

This is the most important aspect of a Gingerbread house, so it’s okay to spend most of your time in this step.

To recreate the unusual pastry shapes of a Gingerbread house in Bloxburg, you need to think outside the box.

When decorating a Bloxburg gingerbread house, think of it like a cake. For the basics, you can add peppermint candy or candy canes as decor, pillars, light posts, etc.

The white and red go perfectly with the cookie-colored house.

Then, you can add the icing/frosting parts by using snow items, round bushes, and other structural items.

You can use any shade of white or get festive and make rainbow-colored gumdrops all over your roof.

Use basic shapes and structural items to imitate unusual decorations from a gingerbread house.

Remember, a gingerbread house should be festive and fun, and so should you when you’re making one.

Try to make everything look edible to really get that gingerbread vibes.

4. Interior Design

Bloxburg Gingerbread House - Interior Design

A gingerbread house really is like a cake because it looks delicious inside out. Your pastry home should be delectable and inviting on the inside.

For the interior, you can go with icing-designed walls, or you can also copy the same materials from your exterior.

Add structural items like crown molding, wood paneling, and baseboards to add contrast. If you used brown or tanned designs for the walls, you can color structural items white.

If you decide to go with a white icing design for the interior wall, you can recreate chocolate icings or bars.

You can also use candy canes and gumdrops for accent colors. For furniture, stay away from modern items and go for a medieval or Victorian theme.

Christmas colors like red, green,  and white are very welcome in this build. This is a gingerbread house, so let your creativity and sweet tooth decide for you. 

5. Lighting and Decals

Bloxburg Gingerbread House - Lighting and Decals

One thing that’s common in most gingerbread houses is the warm and cozy lighting.

This perfectly sets the mood for your Bloxburg gingerbread house and will surely invite anyone in during a cold winter night.

You can use curved wall lamps or other light sources as long as they give you bright and warm colors.

The inside of your house should look like a candle’s gentle glow from the outside. Pair this with a little bit of white light to balance out the colors inside your home.

To personalize and really own your Bloxburg gingerbread house, use decals. You can find tons of decal codes in our Bloxburg section, or you can upload your own.

5 Best Bloxburg Gingerbread House Ideas

1. Bloxburg Gingerbread House Trio

This tutorial features not one but three Bloxburg gingerbread house ideas.

But the main dish is the middle one, which is a mouth-watering design that will surely make you need a gingerbread house for yourself.

2. Peetahbread Gingerbread House

What makes this build stand out is its natural look. Even though it’s still a very festive Bloxburg gingerbread house, it still blends naturally with its surroundings.

This looks like a house in the forest you see in fairytales, except it’s made of pastry. Even the trees are made out of chocolate.

3. Elegant Gingerbread House

 If you want to indulge in a sugary house but still want to stay classy and elegant, then this design is for you. It still looks awesomely delicious but does so in a mild manner.

The combination of the greenery makes this gingerbread house sweet and refreshing at the same time.

4. White Gingerbread House

Who says gingerbread houses should be brown all the time? This frosting-covered Bloxburg gingerbread house will charm any sweets lover in an instant.

If you’re looking for something different than traditional designs, this one will definitely give you inspiration.

5. Blush Gingerbread House

For the lady builders out there who want a gingerbread house that will fit their vibe, this blush Bloxburg gingerbread house is top-tier.

It combines the festivity of a gingerbread house with feminine charm and colors to come up with a very sweet design.

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Are you ready to bring your Bloxburg gingerbread house to life?

Follow these tips and tricks and combine them with your creativity and imagination, and you’ll be able to create the most delicious gingerbread house for the holidays.

Feel free to share your design ideas in the comments below!

Also, if you’re looking for more design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything in between, check out our Bloxburg section.

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