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10 Best One-Story Bloxburg House Ideas

Tired of going up and down every time you go somewhere inside the house? Here are the best one-story Bloxburg house ideas for you!

These one-story Bloxburg house ideas are specially designed for those who hate too many stairs.

If you think that simple is boring, then we are very pleased to inform you that when it comes to houses, plain and minimalist is the new aesthetic. For instance, a one-story house is very ideal if you enjoy personalizing your own space in a jiffy. It is easy to decorate within a short time as it only has a single floor to work with. 

With that said, we are suggesting these 10 one-story house ideas that would surely make your home aesthetically pleasing even with a low profile.

The Best One-story Bloxburg House Ideas

One-story Bloxburg House Ideas

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Budget Starter House

If you are looking for a home that is on the budget, this single-story home is for you. The building includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, one carport space, a living room, and kitchen space good for individuals who prefer personal space or even a couple. Giving $12, 000 dollars isn’t that bad for this stylish home. 

Modern Starter House

Another perfect pick for beginners who prefer a home that was on a $10,000-$15,000 budget. This affordable home does not require a game pass and with its price plus its modern and sophisticated design from interior to exterior, you will be getting a huge bang for your buck.

Winter Family Home

What an insanely satisfying feeling it may be, to live in the embrace of the winter every day. This winter wonderland is filled with snowy vibes that will cost you $100k-120K.

The interior is designed to keep your winter season love intact as you walk around the corners of this vibrant space. It was built to be a simple one-story house with all your necessities inside. 

Neutral One-Story House

This single-story house is worth $71,000. The house design is simple yet very elegant. It comes with multiple rooms, a garage,  a spacious living room, an office, a classy bathroom, and a library. 

One-Story Family Mansion

One way to respond to the demand of environmental stress is to surround yourself with calmness, thus, a house beside a pond would be a great place.

In this one-story mansion, you can live a life with your own movie theater, bedrooms with wide spaces, a dining hall, four bathrooms, and a big kitchen. On the outside are the playground and a serene pond demanding to be seen every time you look through your window.

Cottegecore Starter House

This house is waiting for a wanderer who loves to be surrounded by the smell of wet woods and freshly baked bread. The cottage is designed for only one occupant.

It comes with a small bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a mini living room with a big window which would be perfect for your simple pleasures. This little cottage will cost you $36, 000 dollars with no game pass needed to build it.

Aesthetic Botanical One-Story Home

If you are a gardener at heart, this design is especially for you. This farmhouse screams elegance from the outside to the inside.

The theme of the house is very warm to the eyes, and nature is all over the corner of this humble abode. Glass doors and walls are designed for you to connect with nature any time of the day.

Tropical Minimalist Family Home

A cozy tropical home matches a lovely soul. If you are into summer vibes, then this $50,000 home is perfect for you. There is a big front yard and a mini backyard if you wish to sip your coconut juice while enjoying the kiss of the sun.  

One-Story Suburban Family Home

This single-story house is composed of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two car garage, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and a covered backyard patio. The place is very festive and spacious, perfect for a big family.

Neutral Bungalow House

Last on the list is a perfect space for dependent cuties out there. This $40,000 humble abode has all the things you need while enjoying the beauty of aloneness. It also has a spacious backyard perfect for gardening and outdoor activities.

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And that’s for the simple yet unique approaches that you can choose from in building your very own humble abode. Whether you are a person who values personal space or a family man, you’ll surely find one amazing home in our best one-story Roblox house ideas.

Remember to always build a place that can supplement your daily dose of relaxation and rest. Let us know if you loved this list by sharing your reactions below!

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