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5 Best Jobs in Bloxburg To Earn You More Money

Just like how our real world works, you can earn money in Bloxburg by taking a job, and we are bringing you the best jobs in Bloxburg that you could get in the game to help you earn more.

Welcome to Bloxburg is a fascinating Roblox game where you can do everything you want inside a fictional city. From building your house, driving, cooking, customizing your character, interacting with other players, you name it – you will always find something to do here whenever you’re bored.

However, since Welcome to Bloxburg is a life-simulation game like the popular The Sims series, you will need to acquire certain commodities to make the most out of every activity that you want to try.

And one of these commodities is something everyone wants to have right now – money.

Best Jobs in Bloxburg

The Highest Paying and Best Jobs in Bloxburg – Earn More Money

There are lots of jobs that you can try in Bloxburg City, but some of them can pay you more compared to others. That’s why familiarizing yourself with the best jobs in Bloxburg is crucial.

If you are looking for what job pays the most in Bloxburg, here are some of the notable ones that you can try right now:

5. Stocker


With a bit of patience, you can work as a stocker at the Bloxburg Fresh Food Market. All you have to do is keep the shelves filled with supplies by restocking them with crates that can be retrieved in a nearby stockroom.

While stocking supplies can be quite repetitive, it is a job that can be a reliable source of income. Working as a stocker can give you a starting salary of $15, but with a gamepass, you can earn as much as $21.

4. Mechanic

image 26

In case you’re the type that loves tinkering with machines, perhaps you can apply to become a mechanic at Mike’s Motors. As a mechanic, you’ll have the responsibilities of replacing the tires, refilling the oil, and painting the vehicles of your clients.

This job is quite enjoyable, as you are not confined to doing the same thing to get paid. Clients can request different tasks from you, which earns you $13 as a beginner and $28 with gamepass.

3. Deliveryman

image 1

Delivering pizzas in Welcome to Bloxburg is a lucrative career. Getting this job at Pizza Planet allows you to explore different places as you earn a lot and give people their orders.

The pizza orders that you’ll receive as a courier are random. If you’re unlucky, you might need to travel over a long distance to clear a single delivery attempt.

This job might be time-consuming, but it is hardly noticeable as you receive a whopping $25 on average and $44 if you get a gamepass. It’s reasonable to consider being a delivery person is one of the best Jobs in Bloxburg.

2. Miner

image 2

Some players might skip working as a miner due to its low starting rate of $7 per block. However, mining inside a mountain can give you a chance to get a lot of bucks if you’re able to find rare blocks.

Bloxburg miners will be given a pickaxe to smash different blocks, which gives both money and exp relative to every block’s rarity. Finding an amethyst block can give you at least $44. Other blocks that are worth mining for are emerald and gold.

1. Fisherman

image 3

Catching fish is also a sustainable career in Welcome to Bloxburg. Head over to the Fishing Hut near the Ferris Wheel, and you can make some money as a fisherman.

Proper timing and a keen eye are needed to become a successful fisherman in this game. Using a fishing rod, you will have to wait until the bobber (the ball at the end of the rod’s line) starts sinking.

The movement of the bobber will indicate a sign of a catch, and once you pull the line, you get yourself a fish. You will receive $13 as a newbie fisherman and $44 with gamepass.

The Bloxburg Gamepass – Become an Excellent Employee

Some of you might be wondering about this “gamepass” that makes you earn more money while working. To be more specific, this is called the Excellent Employee, a gamepass feature that you can buy for 300 Robux.

Players with the Excellent Employee gamepass can get 25% more earnings from any jobs available in Welcome to Bloxburg. This purchase is quite worth the price considering that you’ll save more time from grinding a lot of cash, even if your character is in a low mood.

No Pain, No Gain!

Which from the list of the best jobs in Bloxburg is your first pick? Whether you have the gamepass to become an Excellent Employee or not, getting a job in Welcome to Bloxburg is quite a rewarding experience.

As you get paid, you’ll realize that this game allows you to feel like you are part of a community where your efforts provide value to other people.

Do not hesitate to try any of the jobs mentioned above since you can always change your career anytime you want. Good luck with your job hunting!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best jobs in Welcome to Bloxburg. Do you want to learn more tips and tricks from GameGrinds? Check out our other articles:


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