What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg? A Definitive Game Pass Review

Are you thinking of getting the Marvelous Mood gamepass? Before that, you might want to know what does Marvelous Mood do in Bloxburg first.

In Bloxburg where being a millionaire and building your dream house is the goal, you’ll be spending tons of time grinding for money.

What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg

You can be the most workaholic person or have that mamba mentality and be willing to grind more than anyone else, but your avatar simply can’t.

Even if you’re okay with delivering pizzas or chopping trees for hours, you’re in-game avatar has moods that decrease over time, and with it goes down your income and productivity as well.

If you want to be more efficient and ultimately earn more money quickly, the Marvelous Mood game pass is something you should consider.

What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg?

What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg

Marvelous Moods (added during the Toddler Update) is a purchasable gamepass in Welcome to Bloxburg that comes with special features and perks. It can be purchased for Robux 2019 Logo Black 180 in the Bloxburg Roblox Store.

Marvelous Mood provides a positive mood boost and negative mood decrease, resulting in a 50% increased duration of your character having a high mood level.

It also comes with an option to toggle most negative mood effects, such as negative mood particles and animations.

With your moods staying high for longer periods of time, you can also work efficiently for extended periods and roleplay without worrying about getting your mood back up.

Without this gamepass, you can only reach Great Mood, but when you purchase it, it will be replaced with Marvelous Mood.

Perks of Having Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg

Besides the aforementioned benefits of having this gamepass, here are some of the awesome advantages of getting Marvelous Mood:

1. Toggle Negative Mood Effects

What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg - perks

One of the moods in Bloxburg is Hygiene. When this is too low, your avatar becomes stinky, and it has animation effects, including a stinky yellow fog around your character and flies flying around your head.

With the Marvelous Mood game pass, you can turn this off. Simply go to Settings, scroll down to “Show Negative Mood Effects,” and turn it off.

If you don’t like smelling and looking stinky in the middle of your friends, you can just make it disappear.

2. Work Longer, Earn Higher

What Does Marvelous Mood Do in Bloxburg - perks

If you love working and earning money, whether it’s Pizza Delivery, Woodcutting, Mining, etc., you’ll know that your Mood plays a vital role in jobs.

When your moods are high, you can earn the maximum amount of money, and you can move around normally.

But when your moods are down, you get less money from doing the same tasks, and when you’re too tired, or your energy mood is too low, you will be sluggish and slow.

That’s why players tend to set up mood stations near their favorite workplace so that they won’t have to go all the way home to refill their moods.

But with the Marvelous Mood game pass, your moods go down slower by 50%. This means getting paid more and being able to work for longer periods. 

Is Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg Worth It?

For the price, Marvelous Mood is worth it. With this game pass, you will spend way less time maintaining your moods and can focus more on what Bloxburg has to offer.

Now, you can spend more time actually working and earning money, and you can have fun with friends longer during roleplay.

This game pass can be purchased for a low price of Robux 2019 Logo Black 180, which is less than 3 USD. With its benefits and the amount of time it will save you, this game pass is a bang for its buck.

Should You Get Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg?

Marvelous Mood is worth its price. But in the end, whether you should get it or not still depends on your personal needs and experience as a player.

The following questions will help you decide if you should get Marvelous Mood or not:

  • How long have you been playing Bloxburg? Have you tried the limits, ups, and downs of this game enough to say that you genuinely like it and you can be sure that you’ll stick around to benefit from buying Marvelous Mood?
    The last thing you want to do is buy this game pass and end up quitting Bloxburg after a few days.
  • How long do you work in Bloxburg? Are you a serious Bloxburg gamer who really wants to be a rich player? Or are you just a casual gamer who checks on his virtual home when bored?
    You can only get the most out of Marvelous Mood if you spend a considerable amount of time playing. If you close the game before your mood even drops low, you shouldn’t get this game pass.
  • Have you purchased more essential game passes yet? Other gamepasses can help you more than Marvelous Mood, just like Excellent Employee.
    Before getting Marvelous Mood, you should prioritize these more helpful game passes first.

How to Get Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg?

How to Get Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg

The Marvelous Mood game pass can be purchased in the game’s store for 180 Blockbux.

Once you have enough Blockbux, you can buy Marvelous Mood in Bloxburg by clicking on the cog icon at the lower right portion of your screen and navigating to the Bloxburg Store.

All you have to do is click on Marvelous Mood and pay up. After you purchase it, it will take immediate effect, and you can now enjoy high mood levels longer.

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Now you know what does Marvelous Mood do in Bloxburg.

If you’re a player who likes to work longer and play more, this will be a worthy game pass to purchase.

If Bloxburg is one of your favorite games, and you know you’ll be spending more time with this game, we highly recommend you get it.

To learn more about other game passes and everything else related to Welcome to Bloxburg, go to our Roblox section. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section!

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