Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits: Where Is It, and How to Get There

Journey through the clouds and reach the peak of the First Sea by finding the location of Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits.

The Skylands is perhaps one of the most exciting locations in the game since you literally have to climb all the way to the clouds and witness the sight of the entire First Sea from above.

Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits

Moreover, every area in Skylands has a high concentration of mobs that you can grind for hours, giving you a handful of EXPs and money.

While you need to leave the Skylands after level 190, did you know that you can return once you reach level 450?

And no, your compass isn’t tricking you – the Skylands is home to another high-level location where you can fight stronger NPCs and face the boss named the Thunder God!

If you want to get there, here’s our definitive guide so you can arrive in the higher region of the Skylands, the Upper Skylands.

What Is Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits

What Is Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits

The Upper Skylands is an area located at the top of the Skylands in the First Sea. This is a place filled with stronger winged NPCs and a home to two giant trees and temples.

Since this area is not connected to mainland Skylands, it can only be reached by air jumping and dashing, or with the help of some Blox Fruits abilities.

Skypiea One Piece

And for One Piece fans out there, the place is obviously inspired by the fictional island of Skypeia, where Luffy and his crew fought Enel and his God’s army.

How to Go to Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits?

If you want to get to the top of Skylands in Blox Fruits, you need to reach level 450 first, so you can take advantage of the available quests in that area.

Here’s how you can exactly reach the Upper Skylands:

Step 1: Climb to the town of the fourth island

From the foot of the Skylands, climb the way to the town of the fourth island, which houses the Quest Giver and the Master Sword Dealer.

How to Go to Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits? - Climbing from the Fourth Island town

Step 2: Head over to the top of the tree

In this town, head over to the top of the tree that is closest to the nearby upper island.

How to Go to Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits? - Go to the top of the tree

Step 3: Use Air Jump and Dash or Blox Fruits abilities

From there, use Air Jump and Dash to reach the next island, or use Blox Fruits abilities that allow air travel.

How to Go to Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits? - Using Air Jump and Dash

Congratulations! You just reached the first sub-island of the Upper Skylands! Feel free to explore the first sub-island, and once you want to go to the area’s highest point, enter the small temple.

Path to the Upper Skylands second sub island Blox Fruits

Inside the small temple, look for the blue arrow that points downwards, and walk to that direction.

Teleportation to Second Sub Island - Upper Skylands Blox Fruits

Once you’re below the clouds inside the temple, you will be teleported to Upper Skylands’ second sub-island.

Second Sub-island Upper Skylands Blox Fruits

The second sub-island contains the location of the Instinct Teacher, as well as the Thunder God, a level 575 boss that can drop the Legendary sword (technically it’s a spear) Pole (First Form).

Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits: FAQs

With the knowledge about the location of the Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits, it would also be more helpful for you to learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this location:

How to learn Air Jump in Blox Fruits?

To learn Air Jump in Blox Fruits, find the Ability Teacher in the Frozen Village or Magma Village and buy the skill for $10,000. After purchasing Air Jump, you can use it by pressing the spacebar mid-air.

How to get to Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits without flying?

An alternative method to reach the Upper Skylands in Blox Fruits is by using Air Jump and Dash. Always use Dash more than Air Jump as you reach the Second Sub-Island to make it easier.

Where is the secret room in the Upper Skylands?

New players are unaware that there’s a hidden room in the large temple where you can find the Instinct Teacher in the Upper Skylands.

secret room Upper Skylands Blox Fruits

The secret room in the Upper Skylands can be accessed by entering any of the two pathways at the Temple’s base and breaking its door. You will reach a room with a bunch of chests.

What is the next island after the Upper Skylands?

Once you are level 625, you may now leave the Upper Skylands for more EXPs, and your next destination would be the Fountain City, the last island in the First Sea before you can go to the Second Sea.

Wrapping Up

The Upper Skylands isn’t that far away from the main Skylands, making it moderately accessible for players wanting to grind more levels and farm some money.

But in case you’re after the Thunder God, prepare yourself for a hard fight since the boss won’t be easily taken down, plus its attacks deal a lot of damage over a massive area.

However, defeating the Thunder God and the other Upper Skylands’ NPCs are still worth your time considering the amount of EXPs and money you can get from them.

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