Is Payday 2 Cross-platform In 2023?

Walk in the shoes of the original Payday crew with your friends. Is Payday 2 cross-platform? Let’s find out.

If GTA scratches the itch players have for doing crimes, the Payday franchise totally awakens the lurking criminal inside every player. Imagine you and your gang on a big job to take everything and anything you want but without the real-life consequences.

There’s an inner animal in every Payday player that gets even wilder with friends. That’s why a lot have been asking, “Is Payday 2 cross-platform?”.

Most gamers today search for cross-play and cross-platform features, particularly when looking for a new game to spend hours and hours on. However, if you’re not yet familiar with the feature, you can read our post titled “What Is Cross-platform In Gaming?“.

In this article, we’ll tell you whether Payday 2 is cross-platform or not.

A Quick Intro to Payday 2

Is Payday 2 Cross-platform?

Payday 2 is a wild and action-filled co-op shooter that serves as the sequel to the original Payday. You and your friends will fill the shoes of the original Payday crew. As Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains, you’ll embark on an epic crime spree in the heart of Washington DC.

In this action-packed game, the CRIMENET network offers a vast array of dynamic contracts, giving you the freedom to choose from a range of criminal activities.

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Whether you prefer small-scale convenience store heists or high-stakes cybercrime and bank vault infiltrations, the choice is yours. You can even dabble in local politics and run errands for the community while you’re at it.

Approach each job according to your style, whether it’s a silent and stealthy approach or an all-out assault.

With up to four players working together, the jobs become increasingly challenging and rewarding as your crew progresses. As you accumulate wealth and become legendary criminals, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your characters and craft your own arsenal of guns and gear.

The game is available on the following gaming platforms:

  • Windows
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Linux
  • Nintendo Switch

Can you go on this spree with friends from other gaming platforms?

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Payday 2 Cross-platform Feature Frequently Asked Questions

Payday 2

Is Payday 2 Cross-platform?

Unfortunately no. While Payday 2 is available on various platforms, cross-platform play is not supported.

This means that you and your buddies should be playing on the same platform in order to play the game together.

With the lack of cross-platform gameplay, players from the Xbox One can only connect with players on the same platform or console family, cutting off co-op games with PlayStation and PC owners.

Is Payday 2 Cross-Platform Between Xbox And PS4?

No. Cross-platform play is not available for the Xbox and PS4. So, players from these two console families won’t be able to join each other in Payday 2.

So before buying your next console, make sure to take cross-platform functionality into account.

Is Payday 2 Cross-Platform Between Xbox and PC?

Sadly no. Payday 2 is not a cross-platform game. That’s why Xbox and PC players will not be able to play the game together with friends from other platforms and enjoy the excitement of cross-platform play.

Is Payday 2 Cross-platform Between PC and PS4

No. Cross-platform gaming is not available for the PC and PS4. This is sad news for PC players who want to play Payday 2 with their friends on the PS4. 

Is Payday 2 Multiplayer Coop?

Yes. Payday 2 is one of the quality coop multiplayer games. It allows up to 4 players in a thrilling cooperative gameplay experience. We also expect the same for Payday 3.

Will Payday 2 be cross-platform?

The developers of Payday 2 have released no updates about adding cross-platform play to the game.

Additionally, they are working hard and using their resources to make the new installment to the series, Payday 3.

Is Payday 2 Cross-Generation?

Yes. You’ll be glad to know that Payday 2 has cross-generation functionality. This means that you can play the game on different console generations.

So if you’re playing on an Xbox 360, you can play with someone on the Xbox One.


There you have it. Unfortunately, Payday 2 doesn’t have cross-platform play, and the chances of it being added to the game are very slim.

Don’t worry though, Payday 3 is in the making, and soon you’ll have an all-new game to enjoy; let’s hope that it has cross-platform features on release.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a specific game, check out our cross-platform section or comment below the title you want us to cover next.

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