Is DayZ Cross-platform In 2023?

Survive the zombie apocalypse with friends. Is DayZ cross-platform? Find out now.

How long will you survive the apocalypse? In a world riddled with zombies, the undead isn’t your only enemy. As you scavenge for supplies and try your hardest to survive, others will be struggling the same way. Will you choose to join forces with strangers or look out only after yourself to keep betrayal at bay?

The open-world permadeath gameplay of DayZ appealed to a lot of players, and it made the game extremely popular.

Because of all the thrilling stuff you can do in this survival action, a lot of players have been wondering if they can enjoy it with friends from different platforms. Thus the question arises, is DayZ cross-platform?

Before buying a console or a new game, the majority of serious gamers take this into account. If you want to know more about cross-platform gaming and are unsure of what it entails, you can check out our article “What Is Cross-platform In Gaming?“.

A Quick Intro to DayZ

DayZ will take you to the devastated city of Chernarus, a 230 square kilometers of post-Soviet country. The zombie apocalypse is here, and your only task is survival for as long as possible.

Is DayZ Cross-platform

Design your own story and have real open-world freedom without the use of daily objectives, scoreboards, or map markers. Remember that in merciless Chernarus, permadeath is a thing.

So when you die, you die. There are no redos or checkpoints because one mistake will make you have to start all over again.

With 60 players battling it out to survive any way they can, the possibilities are limitless. Build a base, murder anyone you see, make friends, or run the danger of being betrayed for a can of delectable beans.

VOIP can be used to communicate with other players however you see fit. When your life is constantly in danger, every contact is significant. Don’t take anything for granted. Be vigilant. No one deserves your trust.

Developed by Bohemia Interactive, DayZ was released in 2018. It can currently be played on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming

Who better to trust than your own buddies? But first, is DayZ cross-platform?

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Is DayZ Cross-platform

Is DayZ Cross-platform in 2023?

Sadly, No. DayZ is not cross-platform compatible. This means that players from different platforms won’t be able to play the game together.

So if you’re playing on the PC, it would not be possible to play with console players.

Is DayZ Cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4?

No. DayZ is not cross-platform between the Xbox One and PS4. This means that if you and you’re friend want to play DayZ together, and you would have to purchase the same gaming console.

Is DayZ Cross-platform between PC and PS4?

No. The PC and PS4 versions of the game are not cross-platform compatible. This means that PC and PS4 players would not be able to play DayZ together.

Is DayZ Cross-platform between PC and Xbox One?

No. DayZ is not cross-platform play compatible with Xbox One and the PC. Though they are both from Microsoft, Xbox and Windows players wouldn’t be able to play DayZ together.


What a waste that such a magnificent game lacks one of the most important features. Surviving the apocalypse would be more thrilling if you could do it with friends from other platforms.

No news have been released yet regarding the addition of cross-platform play to DayZ.

As cross-platform gaming becomes more mainstream, let’s hope that DayZ will be added to that list soon.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a specific game, you can check out our cross-platform section or comment down below the title you want us to cover next.

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