What Is Cross-platform In Gaming?

Gone are the days when we have to connect messy cables and wirings just to play a game with our friends. Bluetooth and hotspot connections are even considered slow and old-school nowadays.

This is all because of the introduction of the cross-platform feature. What is cross-platform, and what does it mean in gaming? This article will tell you all you need to know about this new feature.

what is cross-platform

Due to heavy player demand, most of today’s games offer multiplayer gameplay, and you must have heard of the term “cross-platform” already.

What is cross-platform, and do all games have it? Let’s clear any misconceptions and learn what this feature really is.

What is Cross-platform in Gaming?

Basically, cross-platform means that a certain app, game, or software is available on different platforms or operating systems.

So when a game is cross-platform, it means that you can download it on a variety of different platforms, and you can run it without any other preparation or third-party software.

For example, Minecraft can be installed on the PC, PlayStation, Android, and so much more. This makes Minecraft a cross-platform game.

There’s a lot of confusion going on with the term, and many gamers lack knowledge about this topic and tend to misuse the word a lot.

Gamers often confuse cross-platform with cross-play or cross-platform play. What does this mean?

What is Cross-platform Play/ Cross-play?

Cross-platform play or cross-play is being able to play a game with people from different platforms.

This means that you can connect with them online or play multiplayer game modes even if you have different devices or consoles.

For example, you are playing Among Us on the PC. Cross-play or cross-platform play will allow you to play it with friends on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms where Among Us is available.

Players typically use the word cross-platform to refer to cross-play. That’s why we have questions like, “Is Fall Guys cross-platform?”. When they actually mean to ask if it has cross-play capabilities.

Nevertheless. both of these terms are heavily related to each other, so the misuse is widely accepted anyway, and we tend to use the term cross-platform wrongly in the “right way” too.

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What is Cross-progression?

Cross-progression is being able to save and continue your progress across multiple platforms.

For example, you are playing Fortnite on the PS4. Cross-progression allows you to take your Fortnite gears, weapons, and progress on the PC and continue it on the PC or Android.

Do all Games Support Cross-platform?

Sadly, not yet. Cross-platform features are steadily introduced into the latest and most popular games. But we haven’t reached the point where every title has them yet.

How Does Cross-platform Work?

Cross-platform features require an online connection to work. Your game data will be uploaded to the server or cloud, and that will be used when connecting with other players or transferring your progress.

The only downside to this is that you always need to be online for it to work. Other than that, cross-platform is a very useful feature to have in gaming.

Examples of Cross-platform/Cross-play Games

Examples of Cross-platform/Cross-play Games

Not all games are cross-platform or allow cross-platform play. But here are some examples of the most famous cross-platform games.

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In the past, you would have to buy a specific console in order to play a popular game or play it with your friends.

You would have to take good care of a device or say goodbye to 100 hours of progress in a game.

Well, those days have been gone since cross-platform gaming arrived. Now you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone from any platform as long as your game has cross-platform features.

Even though not all games are cross-platform yet, developers and gaming companies are steadily adding the feature to their games. What about you? Is your favorite game cross-platform?

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