Is Dead By Daylight Crossplay In 2023?

It’s killed or be killed in this cat-and-mouse survival game. Is Dead by Daylight crossplay in 2023? Let’s find out.

Dead by Daylight has been around for quite some time. But even after 7 years, it’s still one of the best and most unique horror games around. The inventive combination of competitiveness and horror in a cat-and-mouse asymmetrical gameplay turned out to be an awesome hit.

It’s always fun to play deceptive and heart-racing games with friends. That’s why a lot of players have been asking, is Dead by Daylight crossplay? If you aren’t familiar with it yet, you can learn everything from our article “What Is Cross-platform In Gaming?”.

In this article, you will learn whether Dead by Daylight supports cross-platform play or not.

A Quick Intro to Dead by Daylight

Step into the heart-pounding world of Dead by Daylight, an immersive multiplayer horror online game from Behaviour Interactive that will test your nerves like never before.

In this chilling 4-vs-1 experience, you’ll embark on a harrowing journey where survival hangs by a thread.

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As the game begins, a group of four brave souls steps into the realm of darkness, assuming the roles of the desperate Survivors.

These individuals must band together, utilizing their wits, stealth, and sheer determination to outwit an unstoppable force.

With a third-person perspective, they gain a crucial advantage—an expanded field of vision that grants them a glimmer of hope in the face of unimaginable terror.

Standing against them is the ruthless and relentless Killer, a figure shrouded in malevolence and deceit.

Taking on the role of this nightmarish entity, the Killer hunts down their prey through the piercing lens of a first-person view; they become a predator in the shadows, their sole focus fixed upon the thrill of the hunt and the ultimate demise of their victims.

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Every encounter in Dead by Daylight is a frantic struggle for survival. The Survivors must navigate treacherous environments that twist and morph with each playthrough, never knowing what horrors await around the next corner.

Each step they take, every decision they make, could be the difference between escaping the Killing Ground or falling victim to the clutches of the relentless Killer.

Play as Survivor or Killer in this striking balance of competitive horror gameplay.

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Google Stadia
  • Android/ iOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming

With its success and popularity, Dead by Daylight has been brought to a ton of gaming platforms and even had a mobile version. But is Dead by Daylight crossplay?

Does Dead by Daylight support crossplay?

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Yes, Dead by Daylight supports crossplay across multiple platforms. Players on different platforms, such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, can come together and face the thrills of the game side by side.

Crossplay functionality only makes the game better and enhances the suspense and intensity of Dead by Daylight’s multiplayer experience. Cross-platform play allows you to play with PC, mobile, console, and friends from other platforms.

Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay Between Xbox and PC?

Yes, Dead by Daylight supports cross-platform play between Xbox and PC platforms. Players on both Xbox and PC can join forces, matchmake, and play together in the thrilling asymmetrical horror gameplay of Dead by Daylight

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Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay Between PS4 and PC?

Yes. Behaviour Interactive has added crossplay functionality for the PS4 and PC. This means that console and Windows players will be able to join a match together and enjoy the game across different platforms.

Is Dead by Daylight crossplay on mobile?

Yes. Even mobile players can enjoy the game with players from other gaming platforms thanks to the availability of cross-platform play that makes Dead by Daylight a very accessible game.

Is Dead by Daylight Cross – progression?

Technically, yes. But only for PC players. They can move their game progress with cross – progression support using Stadia or Steam. Behaviour Interactive is planning to implement cross – progression to other platforms as well, but no exact date has been confirmed.


Horror and scares are best enjoyed with friends. That’s why cross-platform compatibility is crucial to the success and longevity of Dead by Daylight. Being able to enjoy this thrilling game with friends is one of its main selling points.

What about your favorite game? Is it cross-platform yet? Do you want a specific game to be featured? You can comment down below, and we’ll take a look at your requests. Or you can visit our cross-platform section.

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