How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

Now that you have explored most of the biomes in the Spawn and Fantasy worlds, you might be wondering about your next destination in Pet Simulator X.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, more adventure awaits you in the Tech World, a world that features tons of new biomes and pets!

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Wanna learn how to get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X? This article will show you the exact way of reaching this fascinating world.

how to get to tech world in pet simulator x

Tech World: What You Need to Get There

tech world

As the game’s third world, the Tech World is definitely the location to check out for any players who have already managed to unlock the Fantasy World.

Additionally, Tech World is also known for its currency Tech Coin and its reputation for hosting most of the mythical pets in the entire game.

Gaining access to the Tech World is quite straightforward, but apart from unlocking the Fantasy World, you also need to fulfill another condition:

And that is, accumulating a total of 7.5 BILLION FANTASY COINS.

Fortunately, there are several ways of farming Fantasy Coins in Pet Simulator X. Here are some of them:

  • Grinding chests in the Ancient Island
  • Collecting as many Golden Pets as you can through egg trading.
  • Using the Enchantment Circle to enchant pets
  • Buying the Fantasy Coins Boost in the Exclusive Shop

With enough patience, you will eventually be able to amass large amounts of these coins until you have the exact quantity you need to take the first step in reaching the Tech World.

How to Get to Tech World in Pet Simulator X

tech entry

The passage to the Tech World is located in the Glacier Biome of the Spawn World.

Once in the Glacier Biome, look for the giant chunk of ice in the middle of a lake and find the spot with a wall that requires you to spend 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins to unlock. This is where you’ll need the coins that you garnered earlier.

After the purchase, you may now go inside the Tech Entry. In this area, you will see a massive chest containing lots of Tech Coins. Walk straight past the chest, and there is the cannon that will shoot you toward Tech City, the starting biome of the Tech World.

A Glimpse to the Future

dark tech

The Tech World is home to 12 biomes. These are the following:

  • Tech Entry – 7,500,000,000 Fantasy Coins
  • Tech Shop – Free, automatically accessible after unlocking Tech Entry
  • The Backroom (Hacker Area) – 10,000,000,000 Tech Coins and 500,000 Diamonds
  • Tech City – Free, also unlocks after access to Tech Entry
  • Dark Tech – 50,000 Tech Coins
  • Steampunk – 625,000 Tech Coins
  • Steampunk Chest – 11,850,000 Tech Coins
  • Alien Lab – 8,250,000 Tech Coins
  • Alien Forest – 62,500,000 Tech Coins
  • Giant Alien Chest – 2,250,000,000 Tech Coins
  • Glitch – 550,000,000 Tech Coins
  • Hacker Portal – 7,500,000,000 Tech Coins

The majority of these biomes can be unlocked by paying a certain amount of Tech Coins. The biomes are also following a futuristic and intergalactic theme, considering that the Tech World was released during the Space Update.

tech shop

Upon arriving in the Tech World, you will find yourself near the Tech Shop. Take some time to get used to this area, and while doing it, you may also consider collecting the Tech Coins on the ground.

dark tech

Another cool biome to stop by is the Dark Tech biome, where the Dark Matter Machine can be found. Here, you can upgrade your pets into dark matter pets.

Dark matter pets essentially have better stats, which are about 2 6/7 times the stats of the rainbow pets. You can also get some EXPs to level up your Dark Matter Mastery when using the Dark Matter Machine.

hacker portal

Lastly, the Hacker Portal takes a whopping 7.5 billion Tech Coins to unlock, but this biome can help you get some ROIs due to the number of chests scattered everywhere.

Good Luck on Your Tech World Journey!

Apart from having a collection of cute and powerful pets, the world of Pet Simulator X is filled with places that are truly worth visiting.

Even after the Tech World, there are still a bunch of other worlds that you can find interesting, and who knows? You might score yourself some rare pets that will help you reach hidden places and acquire more resources!

But for now, enjoy your stay in the Tech World!

We hope you enjoyed our how-to guide on getting to the Tech World in Pet Simulator X. For more tips and tricks about the latest and hottest Roblox games, be sure to read our other related articles here at GameGrinds:

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