How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X

Have you heard the rumor about a rare hoverboard skin in Pet Simulator X?

Known as the Cat Hoverboard, this transportation tool works pretty much like most hoverboards, but is faster and cool enough to make the Pet Simulator X community go wild!

In fact, there are several videos online claiming to offer easy methods for obtaining this hoverboard, which are proven to be hoaxes and are only made to gain views and attention.

Fortunately, if you’re still hoping to get your hands on the Cat Hoverboard, we got your back!

This post will teach you the REAL WAY of getting the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X.

cat hoverboard in pet simulator x

About Roblox Pet Simulator X

Also known as PSX, Pet Simulator X is a game on the Roblox platform. The general mechanics of this game is straightforward, as every player’s goal is to collect coins and gems to acquire rare and powerful pets.

According to different sources, Pet Simulator X is one of the top Roblox games in 2023 and the best-performing game from its developer, BIG Games.

How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X

cat hoverboard

The Cat Hoverboard is a highly sought-after hoverboard skin due to its aesthetic qualities and speed. It was released in Update 14, but its existence was only confirmed when users discovered its code in the game.

Riding this hoverboard creates a cute “meow” sound once equipped.

Now, to the most exciting part, the only method to acquire the cat hoverboard is simple:

You need to achieve level 99 in all the skills in the Mastery tab.

Yup, that’s all you need to do.

The actual thing to worry about is how you can get all the 15 mastery skills, which might take forever to accomplish if you are not yet aware of the following tricks:

Eggs and Golden Eggs Mastery

eggs in  pet sim x

You’ll need to hatch as many eggs as you can, so you have to download an auto-clicker. Some gaming mice already have an auto-click feature that you can take advantage of, and with it, find the cheapest egg in the Starter Zone and spam-hatch them until you get to level 99.

Repeat the same method for the Golden Eggs, and you’re good to go.

Lootbags Mastery, Vaults & Safes Mastery, Diamond Piles Mastery, Presents Mastery, Chests Mastery, Crates Mastery, and Coin Piles Mastery

glazier biome

This is arguably the best and only way to level up seven of your mastery skills at the same time. First, ensure that your Pet Sending option in the settings is set to Single.

Go to the Glazier Biome, and find the giant glazier in the middle of the frozen lake. After reaching the location, go to the line that serves as the boundary to the other biome.

From the line, stand in the center, right on the spot where you are positioned in front of the Glacier. Zoom in, put the cursor on the lower middle part of the Glacier, and you’ll need to use the auto-clicker once more.

Find any hard object that you can put to hold the right arrow key of your keyboard, and as your spinning character auto-clicks, your pets will be roaming around the area to farm all the nearby goodies like coins, chests, crates, etc.

Wait until all the seven skills mentioned are maxed out.

Converting Mastery, Dark Matter Mastery, and Fusing Mastery

converting machine

All of these mastery skills are fairly easy to level up. Buy dozens of cheap eggs and keep using the converting machine to earn EXPs for your Converting Mastery. This process also works for Dark Matter Mastery and Fusing Mastery.

Enchanting Mastery

enchanted forest

Enter the Enchanted Forest and pick a pet to enchant. Put the cursor on the spot where you can click the enchant button, as well as the yes button that appears when the game wants to confirm your action.

This way, you can use the auto-clicker again to keep hitting those buttons without you doing anything else and giving you the EXPs you need.

Boosts Mastery and Free Gifts Mastery

free gifts

Sadly, you have to manually exert the efforts to max out your levels in Boost Mastery and Free Gifts Mastery. However, you can make it faster by purchasing Robux and getting those boosts available at the shop, or using the auto-clicker to redeem Free Gifts for hours.

Enjoy Using Your Cat Hoverboard!

Just to be clear, using an auto-clicker is 100% safe, and it won’t give you any troubles in case you’re afraid of being banned. Many players are already doing the tips we shared with you, and you might want to give them a try as well.

Once you’re done getting all of your mastery skills to level 99, you will automatically gain access to the Cat Hoverboard. Congratulations!

Now you can enjoy traveling through the different biomes in the world of Pet Simulator X at the speed of 3 flames, with a cute gray feline on your feet.

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