How To Get a Saddle in Minecraft  2023 [Complete Guide]

Wondering how to get a Saddle in Minecraft? This article will tell you how you can obtain this rare item.

Minecraft is known for allowing players to test their creativity and imagination with the crafting feature. However, there are certain items just like the Saddle, which are non-craftable.

This means you can’t make your own Saddle, making it rare. This article will go over how to get a Saddle in Minecraft and teach you the things you need to do to get one and where you can start looking for a Saddle in this vast open world.

What is a Saddle in Minecraft?

A saddle in Minecraft can be used to control and ride mobs such as horses, mules,  camels, and donkeys. It allows the player to control and steer the animal they are riding.

The saddle is not a craftable item but can be obtained through various methods such as fishing, trading with villagers or wandering traders, or finding them in dungeon chests, Desert Temples, or Nether fortresses. 

If you’re on Creative mode, you only need to access the creative inventory menu to get a saddle and use it with your animals without limits.

Once obtained, the saddle can be equipped by right-clicking on the animal while holding the saddle. Riding a horse with a saddle allows the player to travel faster and jump higher than on foot, making it useful for exploration and transportation in Minecraft.

These are the various ways how to get a Saddle in Minecraft.

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How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft

How To Get a Saddle in Minecraft

1. Fishing

Fishing can be a relaxing and fun activity in Minecraft, and it’s one way to obtain rare items like saddles. Fishing for a saddle is really up to chance. but here is how you do it.

Fishing in Minecraft
  1. Make a Fishing Rod: Combine three sticks and two strings in a diagonal pattern on a crafting table.
  2. Find a body of water: You can fish in any body of water in Minecraft, including oceans, rivers, and ponds.
  3. Cast your line: Hold your Fishing Rod and cast it on the water until you get a bite.
  4. Reel in the line: Once a fish has bitten, reel in the line by holding down the right-click button. The fish will be caught and added to your inventory.
  5. Repeat until you catch a saddle: Continue fishing until you catch a saddle, which will be a rare occurrence. It may take several attempts before you catch a saddle, so be patient.

Important Tip: 

Actually, reeling in a Saddle while fishing has a chance of around 1 percent. But you can amp up those chances with the Luck of The Sea enchantment and adding Tier 3 Lure to make fishing faster, and that’s hot to get a Saddle in Minecraft sooner while fishing.

2. Trading With A Master Leatherworker

Trading With A Master Leatherworker

If you have Emeralds to spare and want a quicker way to get your Saddle, then you can trade for it with a Leatherworker. Place a Cauldron in front of a Villager to turn him into a Leatherworker.

But you can’t trade for a Saddle with a normal Leatherworker. So, you have to trade with him until he becomes a Master Leatherworker. Once he is, you can exchange your Emeralds for the Saddle which is considered a Mastercraft.

Important Tip:

This trade only has a 50% chance of being offered in the Bedrock or console edition of Minecraft.

3. Ravager Raids

Ravager Raids

A saddle can be obtained from a Ravager in Minecraft, but it requires some effort and strategy. Ravagers are hostile mobs that spawn in the game’s new village and pillage update. Here’s how to get a saddle from a Ravager in Minecraft:

  1. Find a raid: A raid is an event that occurs when a player enters a village. 
  2. Defeat the raid waves: Waves of raiders, including Ravagers, will attack the village. Defeat all the waves to successfully complete the raid.
  3. Check for loot: Once the raid is over, check for loot. There is always a chance that a Ravager may drop a saddle upon death.

How to Use a Saddle in Minecraft

How to Use a Saddle in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get a saddle in Minecraft, you can now have your own. You can now equip it with an animal you wish to ride. But, it requires you to tame it by mounting it several times until it’s comfortable with you.

Now that they’re tamed, you can use the saddle on them and ride them as you please. Use it to travel quickly between different locations or transport resources from one place to another. 


And that’s how to get a Saddle in Minecraft. This process can be challenging and requires patience, but it will allow you to ride and control different animals providing faster transportation and the ability to jump over obstacles.

Saddle-equipped animals can also be used for mounted combat and as a means of extra storage when using a donkey with a chest.

If you want to learn how to obtain or craft different items in Minecraft. then our Minecraft section is definitely a rarer find than a saddle for you. GameGrinds is a literal Diamond Mine when it comes to everything Minecraft, so check it out!

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