How to Find Ancient City in Minecraft: A Roadmap to Uncovering Hidden Secrets

If you’re in search of mysteries and surprises and want to learn how to find ancient city in Minecraft, then this article is one necessary pitstop.

Minecraft is infamous for its blocky, open-world adventure that allows players to set their imagination free. One aspect of the game that many players enjoy is the ability to discover and explore ancient cities and civilizations. These ancient cities can be found in various locations throughout the game and are often filled with hidden secrets and treasures for players to uncover.

This article will serve as a map that will guide you to these secret destinations and will provide you with tips and tricks on how to find an ancient city in Minecraft.

Where can I find an Ancient City?

How to Find Ancient City in Minecraft

In order to locate an ancient city in such a vast world, you have to look for them in the right places. 

You can search for ancient cities in appropriate biomes or use underground mapping tools such as the cave finder or cave mapping mods to help locate abandoned mineshafts. Here are some places you want to check first.

  1. Desert temples and jungle temples: These structures can be found in desert and jungle biomes, respectively. They are often guarded by traps and mobs but contain ancient ruins and treasures.
  2. Abandoned mineshafts: These can be found underground in any biome. These structures are often filled with abandoned mine carts, rail tracks, and mine shafts, and may also contain ancient artifacts and treasures.
  3. Village ruins: The remains of old villages that have been abandoned and left to decay. These ruins can be found in any biome and are often filled with old cobblestone buildings, broken minecarts, and other remnants of the village’s past.
  4. Mods and Texture packs: Some of them add ancient city structures to the game, which can give players access to a wider variety of ancient city structures to explore.

How rare are ancient cities in Minecraft?

ancient cities

The rarity depends on the specific type of ancient city and the seed being used to generate the world. Generally speaking, desert temples and jungle temples are somehow uncommon structures that can be found in their own biomes.

You can often find them in isolated areas, and they may not always generate in every world.

The same goes for Abandoned Mineshafts and Village Ruins. Overall, Ancient Cities are pretty rare in Minecraft due to the fact that they are challenging to find, and they may not always spawn in every world.

Why can’t I locate an ancient city?

If you are sure that you’re looking at the right place or biome and you have followed the tips mentioned above, then there are a few reasons why you still might be unable to find an ancient city.

  1. You may be using a seed that does not generate ancient cities. Not all seeds will generate ancient cities, so if you are having trouble finding one, try using a different seed or creating a new world.
  2. You may be using a mod or texture pack that does not add ancient cities to the game. If you are using a mod or texture pack that does not include ancient cities, you will not be able to find them in your world.
  3. You may have already found all of the ancient cities in your world. 

How to teleport to an Ancient City in Minecraft?

There is currently no built-in way to teleport directly to an ancient city. You may use cheats, but they aren’t available in all game modes or servers. So try using tools like maps and a compass to go back to an Ancient city more quickly.


And that is how to find Ancient City in Minecraft. The search can be quite challenging, but with the adventure, artifacts, and treasures you’ll find, it will definitely be worth the effort. So go out there and start your epic city hunt!

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