6 Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: Not Your Typical Fancy Footwear

Confused about what the best boot enchantments in Minecraft are? Give your feet some love with these boot power-ups.

There are tons of equipment and armor you can acquire in Minecraft to help you in your survival quest. Boots may not be the first one that comes to mind because it’s not as flashy as a sword or as protective as body armor.

But boots have very convenient effects and essential benefits if you want to progress through the game. Pair this with the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, and you will be one quick and nimble fellow ready for anything.

With all the enchantments to choose from, finding the right one for your boots can be confusing. That’s why we have compiled the most suitable upgrades that would be most compatible with your footwear. These are the best boot enchantments in Minecraft.

The Best Boot Enchantments In Minecraft

Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft
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There are tons of enchantments in Minecraft, and some of them are best used on specific pieces of equipment. These are the best boot enchantments in Minecraft:

Feather Falling

This is one of the most common enchantments that seasoned Minecraft players put on their boots. Feather Falling protects you by reducing fall damage, and it can be the difference between life and death when you fall from big heights while digging or when pushed off a towering spot.


Whether in Minecraft or real life, we all want boots that last longer. This is exactly what Unbreaking is for, as it increases the durability of the boots, making them last longer before breaking.

Frost Walker

The Earth is made up of 2/3 of water. Now we don’t know about Minecraft worlds, but we’re sure that there are many bodies of water in Minecraft.

Frost Walker creates frosted ice blocks when walking on water, allowing the player to walk on top of the water. Imagine the time you’ll save and how cool you’ll look while Naruto-walking on water.


The name says it all. Most of the time, boots are looked at as items for speed and agility. But with the Protection enchantment that provides general damage reduction for the player when worn, your boots can actually boost your defense.


Longevity is still the reason why you would want this enchantment on your boots. Having Mending will allow you to use XP to repair your boots. Pair this with Unbreaking, and those boots will stay with you for a very long time.

Depth Strider

Now we know you can already walk on top of the water. But what if you have to swim? Which is very likely in Minecraft. Having the Depth Strider enchantment on your boots increases the player’s speed when swimming in water.

What enchantments make the best boots?

The best boot enchantments in Minecraft include Feather Falling, Unbreaking, Frost Walker, Protection, Mending, and Depth Strider. All at the highest level will give you a perfect all-rounder pair of boots.

Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft 1

What are the max enchants for boots?

In Minecraft, the maximum level for enchanting boots using an enchanting table or anvil is level 3. You can have up to 3 enchantments applied to them at once.

How do you get 7 enchantments on boots?

This task is technically possible, but it can be really challenging to do. Getting 7 enchantments on a pair of boots would require a combination of methods, such as using multiple enchanting tables, anvils, and grindstones.

Additionally, certain enchantments may be mutually exclusive, meaning they cannot be applied to the same item simultaneously. Furthermore, some enchantments may have level limits.


Those are the best boot enchantments in Minecraft that you definitely need if you plan on seeing this long journey through to the end.

Ultimately, the best enchantments depend on the player’s specific needs and playstyle. But these enchantments were found to be the most useful and helpful in the game in general.

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