Bloxburg Suburban House Ideas – Stand out in Your Neighborhood!

Looking for a house that stands out in the neighborhood? Check out these Bloxburg Suburban house ideas!

Suburban houses are private properties situated on the outskirts of the Bloxburg city.

Bloxburg Suburban House

Reflecting the vibe of the countryside, suburban houses bring simple joy to those with rustic preferences.

Houses of this type are usually designed with a shared appearance but are not limited to only one style.

A suburban house is easy to build, but making it stand out from your neighbor’s houses is another task.

With the right design, achieving a unique and captivating suburban house is not impossible.

In this article, we will give you the tips and ideas you need to build a striking suburban house.

5 Best Bloxburg Suburban House Ideas

There are plenty of ideas you can harvest on the internet.

But here, we compiled only the most amazing picks of Bloxburg suburban houses you would not want to miss:

1. Egwynox’s Craftsman Suburban Family Home

You might think this house is difficult to build because of its mesmerizing features, but this house is for beginners.

The house is pretty spacious with 4 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms with an outdoor pool, playground, basketball court, and a wide porch.

2. PandaLemonTart’s Traditional Suburban House

This house is the traditional Suburban style made of brick wall patterns and lots of windows.

Since this house is built in the middle of the town, it doesn’t have a large porch, but a little entrance deck.

3. Minami Oroi’s Suburban Two-Story House

This house encompasses a modern suburban structure that uses light shades for walls dark colors for walls and accents for the windows.

4. Ikotori’s Suburban Family House

The pleasing exterior of this design is made by combining linen, ghost grey, white, fog, and oyster colors.

Windows were decorated by hanging gardens for a livelier touch to the house facade.

5. Arixlla’s Cozy Suburban

This modern suburban house has multiple floors with a wide entrance hall, four bedrooms with walk-in closets, and a garage.

The house walls are made with wood panels and brick textures to maintain the traditional characteristics of the suburban house.

Tips for Building Your Bloxburg Suburban House

To transform your simple suburban house into a picturesque one, make sure to follow these pro tips:

Tip #1: Suburban Inspiration

Bloxburg Suburban House - Inspiration

There are a variety of styles that you can apply in building your suburban home.

Each has different designs, attributes, and features that make it stand out from other houses.

Craftsman style is a popular style for suburban houses that provides warm and inviting features to your home.

Starting with a vision and end goal or a reference at least, is highly recommended when making a Bloxburg suburban house.

Sources like Pinterest and GameGrinds are only some of the most visited sites you need to check when in need of the perfect style for your home.

Tip #2. Be Generous With Windows

Bloxburg Suburban House - Windows

Adding multiple windows creates the identity of every Suburban house.

The windows come in different shapes and sizes depending on the area where it is attached.

One of the identities of Suburban house design is windows that reach up to the ceiling to emphasize the house’s openness. 

Different shutters and shapes, such as arcs, are used to frame the windows and make them pop out.

Suburban houses are more on practical decor which is why windows are highlighted to add an excellent visual for its exterior while providing natural light to its interior.

Tip #3. Add Functional Spaces

Bloxburg Suburban House - Functional Spaces

Suburban houses are known to have wide spaces to provide a personal and inviting yet functional atmosphere.

A wide living area and kitchen is an important element of a suburban house.

To make these areas more sophisticated, make your interior design simple and focus more on colors and simple patterns.

A driveway in your front yard and a large garage are also effective elements that make a suburban house.

These features add a dramatic effect to your boring pathway in the most functional way.

A suburban house should be complete with all the amenities.

Tip #4. Landscaping

Bloxburg Suburban House - Landscaping

A suburban neighborhood requires a place for nature to be realistic. But, don’t just simply add splatters of flowers in front of your door.

To make your front yard more defined and astonishing, learn some landscaping.

Instead of settling for plain default grass, you can alternate rows of Laurel Green for a more realistic lawn.

Adding natural items such as trees and rocks or man-made decor like bird baths and hedges will enhance your plot.

Tip #5. Simple and Pleasant Color Scheme

Bloxburg Suburban House - Color Scheme

Choosing the right colors and materials to incorporate in your house is one way to bring out the vibe you are planning to achieve.

For suburban houses bricks, stones, and simple color schemes go together.

In choosing the theme color for your suburban house, always consider what styles you are up to.

Monochromatic shades, for example, create a clean and stylish visual while bringing out the modern vibe of a suburban house.

Additionally, colors like red and orange are used for a more traditional look.

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So, which one of these houses are you using as inspiration?

With these tips and instructions to guide you and the brilliance of these builds, you’ll be making your Bloxburg suburban house with direction.

If you’re looking for more guides, tutorials, design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything related to Bloxburg, check out our Bloxburg section.

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