How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg

Are you searching for alternative ways to get money in Bloxburg? Learn how to make money without working in Bloxburg through this detailed guide now!

Money is the primary in-game currency in Bloxburg. You can use it to buy food and purchase items in Build Mode.

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - GameGrinds Guide

The most common way to earn money is by working in jobs that are offered in the game.

Are you tired of the usual grind? Or perhaps you just want to know if any hacks can help you make money without actually working?

In this article, we’ll be answering all your questions.

We’ll show you various in-game money-making options that anyone can do to make money without delivering pizzas or chopping wood. 

7 Ways to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg

Here are the ways to earn money without working in Bloxburg:

1. Daily Login

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Daily Login

The first and most common way of making money in Bloxburg without having to work is through the Daily Rewards.

This is Bloxburg’s reward system for consistently active players. Just by logging in, you already get free money and even Blockbux.

At first glance, the rewards don’t seem that much. But they compound over time, and the longer you play Bloxburg and log consistently, the more money you will earn.

For example, logging in every day for a month will give you around $20k, and you don’t have to work for a single minute.

Doing this consistently will also reward you with Trophies that are very valuable and can be sold for money as well.

Pair this with the Premium gamepass, and you will get double the rewards.

2. Gardening

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Gardening

The next free money-making machine we have is the Gardening Skill. This is one of the learnable skills in Bloxburg that can be leveled up.

As you reach higher gardening levels, you also unlock more plants.

These plants can be grown, harvested, and sold for profit. The money you’ll make through selling fruits and berries is no joke at all.

So, get your green thumb ready and start planting.

But gardening also takes patience since plants don’t bear fruits fast. Some of them even take hours of being active in the game to be harvested.

So, every time you launch Bloxburg, make sure you tend to your garden first before doing your usual in-game activities.

Plants are passive income assets that grow money for you while you play Bloxburg. So make sure you invest in them.

3. Elf Hunt/ Events

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Special Events

This next way of making money without working will earn you big bucks and more fun. Bloxburg limited-time events offer a thrilling way of earning rewards and socializing with other players.

One of the most loved ones is the yearly Elf Hunt held in December during the Christmas update.

This event will require you to look for 16 missing elves all throughout Bloxburg and feed them to earn money, Bloxbucks, and rewards.

But finding them won’t be an easy task if you don’t even know where to start looking. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is check out our article to find all Bloxburg Elves locations in order.

4. Athletic Skill

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Athletic Skill

Another skill that you can make money from is the Athletic Skill. Leveling up this skill will reward you with in-game cash.

You can earn money from reaching levels 1, 14, 24, and 29. Maxing out this skill will give you a total of $33,000.

That’s clean money without working for a day in Bloxburg. The best part about it is you can do it while AFK.

All you have to do is get your moods to the max, place a punching bag through Build Mode, and keep on beating that bag to increase your Athletic Skill level.

5. Build for Others

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Build for Other Players

This method requires a lot of skill and socializing but can be very rewarding if done correctly.

All you have to do is look for clients in your server or neighborhood and offer your house-building services in exchange for in-game money.

You can even join Discord channels and other social media platforms to look for other players who need a professional builder.

The price for each project differs and depends on the budget and needs of your client.

This is where confidence and negotiation skills come in. Start developing your building skills and learn how to sell your talents, and the income potential is limitless.

6. Buy Premium

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Buy Premium

If you love Bloxburg but simply hate working and want to look for ways to gain more money without the tedious jobs, then getting gamepasses would definitely benefit you and enhance your overall gameplay.

One of the best gamepasses to purchase is Premium. This gamepass will give you doubled Daily Rewards and halved bills.

This is super useful if you are always active on Bloxburg or have a large house and a high-value house. You also get a Premium Trophy that can be sold for $7000.

The Excellent Employee can give you more money, but it actually requires you to work since it can only double the amount you are paid by working.

So, if you think that working isn’t rewarding enough, check out the Excellent Employee gamepass as well.

7. Undo, Don’t Delete

How to Make Money Without Working in Bloxburg - Undo Instead of Deleting

Even if you hate working in Bloxburg, there’s no way that you hate building.

We all love the game because of the creativity it allows, its attention to detail, and the awesome features available in Build Mode.

Nobody can count the number of projects they have worked on in Bloxburg, let alone the number of times they made a mistake and wanted to delete it.

Some players resort to just deleting any error they make, and it costs them.

You’ve probably deleted thousands of small items of stuff in the building, and that can add up to a significantly huge amount over time.

So, instead of deleting, make use of the undo feature by pressing “ctrl z” on your keyboard when you want to undo a mistake.

Planning your layout strategically and copying items and duplicating them instead of painting them one by one are small steps that can give you a ton of savings in the long run.

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Are you ready to get out of the Bloxburg rat race?

Now you know how to make money without working in Bloxburg, it’s time to get these steps into action and escape from the typical path.

So don’t spend your Robux for Bloxburg money because you can always earn more in-game with these methods.

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