Bloxburg New Year Update [2024] – Aging Up, Parties, Foods, and More

What surprises does the Bloxburg New Year update hold? Find out now!

2024 is finally here and with it comes a new update for our favorite game. Say goodbye to the seasonal Christmas login screen and feast your eyes on a new and more festive one.

 Bloxburg New Year update

Get ready to click play and create new experiences and memories for this year. 

But before you do, what new features, themed items, objects, and elements can you expect?

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Bloxburg New Year update brings to the table so you can be informed and learn how to make the best out of these new additions.

Bloxburg New Year Update – New Items

The New Year update is filled with both new and returning items that will blow up your New Year celebration.

From party-themed items such as firecrackers, and fireworks to confetti, balloons, banners, and more. Here are some of the most notable ones that you should try.

Party Items

Bloxburg New Year Update - Party Items

The Bloxburg New Year update came with a lot of party items and seasonal updates including the following:

  • Piñata: One of the most festive-themed objects in Bloxburg. Hang this Unicorn Pinata to make your feast a blast. You can whack it and it will drop candies. You should definitely get it if you have enough Blockbux.
  • Balloon Filling Station: Embrace the festivity with this new item that allows you to make all sorts of balloons. From Heart and Star Balloons to New Year and Party Balloons.
  • Ballon Figure Kit: If you want to get more creative and delight the kids, you can create uniquely shaped balloons with this item. Whether you want a flower, a dog, or even a sword-shaped balloon.
  • Chocolate Fountain: A delightful edible decoration that will add some sweetness to your party table. Using this flowing chocolate fountain, you can make chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. Delicious!
  • Karaoke Machine: Sing your heart out with friends using this karaoke machine. You can interact with it and sing and another friend can also join in for a duet. Or you could just enjoy listening to it like a radio. Dynamic faces also work with the Karaoke Machine.
  • Paper Party Plates and Napkins: Perfect for holding your party treats.

New Year Items

Bloxburg New Year Update - New Year Items

To make your New Year celebration on Roblox awesome, these New Year-themed items have been re-added to the game. 

  • Fireworks: Of course, Roblox has re-added Fireworks. There are various fireworks in the game but they work the same. You light them up individually or all at the same time. Fireworks go off in the order that you added to your plot. So you can have fun making your own fireworks display
  • New Year’s Photobooth: Create lasting Memories with friends during the new year with this photobooth.
  • New Year’s Banner: If you want to hold a New Year party, then this banner can’t be missing from your decorations.
  • New Year’s Balloon: Balloons shaped as 2024. If you love logo balloons, they are on decorations as well.
  • Firework Centerpiece: Don’t forget the star of the New Year party.

There are tons of new and re-added items for the Bloxburg New Year Update. You can check more of them out in the game. But the ones listed here are all must-tries.

Bloxburg New Year Update – New Textures

Bloxburg New Year Update - New Textures

To expand your building options and to make your parties even more lively, Bloxburg has added new textures to the game.

  • Sequins: This material is often found in clothing as flashy decorations. But you can also use it in buildings. For example, change it to dark stone grey color and you have a nice and more realistic concrete texture.
  • Snow: You may have seen this already in your surroundings. This is currently the material of Roblox’s terrain and you can use it in the future for your winter-themed builds.
  • Confetti: This confetti wallpaper is perfect for celebrations and milestones in your Bloxburg journey.
  • Party Cubes: Throw an epic party with this new purple and yellow wallpaper.

Bloxburg New Year Update – New Features

The Bloxburg New Year Update also came with new gameplay features to freshen up your experience. Here are the biggest ones.


Bloxburg New Year Update - Nametags

Nametags were already present previously but they were exclusive for Premium users. But now, everyone can choose between a variety of nametags.

You can be a Grandparent, a Child, a Designer, an Innovator, you can even be a Bloxburger.

Go to Options, choose Nametag, pick one and it will appear on top of your head below your username. This new feature is perfect for roleplaying.

Party Invites

Bloxburg New Year Update - Parties

Parties are already in the game for a while. But now, they are more festive than ever. Bloxburg has revamped its party invite system by adding a new invitation card.

Now you can customize its color, details, and theme. Moreover, everyone on the server can receive a stunning invitation card that will make them attend your party.

Aging Up

Bloxburg New Year Update - Aging Up

Now you can actually age up and grow from a baby through different stages into a fully grown adult.

All you have to do is make a Birthday Cake or Birthday Cupcakes, interact with it, and choose Age Up or Blow Candles. 

This will grow your avatar by one stage and you can do this from a toddler up to an adult. This feature is perfect for roleplaying and birthday celebrations.

Besides the Birthday cake and cupcakes, there are also a lot of new foods in the fridge, quick meals, and the food warming tray.

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Those are the most notable changes and additions for the Bloxburg New Year update. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out in-game.

We hope you have an enjoyable 2024 and make more memories and fun experiences in Bloxburg.

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