Bloxburg Free Blockbux – Priceless Premium Currency  

No money to spend on Robux? Get your hands on this Bloxburg free Blockbux guide!

Everybody wants free stuff, and Bloxburg is no exception. Blockbux and money are the two main resources in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Bloxburg free Blockbux

Money is used to pay for basically everything you need. From building materials, items, and furniture to bill payments and food purchases.

Blockbux is the premium virtual gem in Bloxburg that can be used to access premium features like boosting your mood, purchasing exclusive items, and customizing your builds even further.

Money can be obtained by working and selling stuff, while Blockbux can be bought with real money. If you don’t have a dollar to spend on this game, 

In this article, we’ll explore different ways for players to be able to accumulate this valuable currency without spending a single Robux.

What Is Blockbux in Bloxburg?

Blockbux or Bloxbux is the premium currency in the game. Blockbux can be purchased with Robux in the Blockbux shop or in-game through the ATM.

Real-life currency is needed to purchase Robux and Blockbux.

Blockbux can be used for a variety of different purposes. If we look at the Robux values for all offers, 1 Blockbux is equivalent to 20 in-game cash.

But in reality, Blockbux is far more valuable and rare than that.

It’s quite hard to obtain, and it can be used for many premium in-game features and purchases, including the following:

  • Buying exclusive items in Build Mode: These are Blockbux exclusive items such as cars, lights, furniture, and decorations. These cannot be bought with in-game cash.
  • Buying a new Outfit Slot: To keep your outfits without losing your precious and well-thought-out designs when changing clothes, you can purchase an extra outfit slot for 60 Blockbux
  • Buy New House Slots: Your first house slot is free, but if you want additional house slots after that, it will cost you 300 Blockbux.
  • Getting Color Wheel: If you want to be able to customize your color palettes freely and even input RGB values, the color wheel can be purchased with Blockbux.
  • Boosting Your Mood: If you don’t want the hassle of restoring your moods, you can fill all moods up instantly to 100% for 25 Blockbux.
  • Fertilizing Plants: When you are gardening, plants can be grown into maturity instantly by using fertilizer, which can be purchased with Blockbux.

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg

Blockbux or Bloxbux is a paid currency in Welcome to Bloxburg. But there are some tricks and features you can utilize to get free Blockbux.

They are all listed below, so make sure you know them so you won’t be left out of the free stuff others are enjoying:

1. Daily Login Rewards

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg 1. Daily Login Rewards

The first and most common way of getting Bloxburg free Blockbux is through the daily rewards. This is Bloxburg’s reward system for consistently active players and this would be your regular source of free Blockbux.

The longer your login streak, the more Blockbux you will earn. That’s why logging in every day into Bloxburg is important if you’re a serious player who wants free Bloxbucks.

But many people don’t realize how helpful this is, so take advantage of it.

You don’t have to stay in the game to get your Daily Login rewards. Just open the game and log in quickly to get your free Blockbux.

This will take less than 5 minutes of your time, but you can really save up Blockbux in the long run.

2. Take Advantage of the Premium Game Pass

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg 2. Take Advantage of the Premium Game Pass

Technically, this isn’t a free method. However, if you already purchased the Premium game pass, then you’re in luck because it will give you tons of free Blockbux in return, alongside many other benefits (i.e. halved bills, a premium nametag, and a higher donation limit).

One month of daily login rewards will give you 120 Blockbucks. But with the Premium gamepass, you get 240.

That’s 1440 Blockbux in 1 year without Premium and 2880 with the gamepass!

You get 2 times the Blockbux for a lifetime of playing Bloxburg. Considering the other perks that come with Premium and the fact that it doubles your Blockbucks rewards, it’s a really great bang for your buck and one of the best purchases if you love free Blockbux.

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3. Trophies

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg 3. Trophies
Credits: Trueresses

Trophies are given to players who reach certain milestones in the game and can be sold for money or used as priceless decorations.

Some of them reward you with free Blockbux. This includes the 30-day Trophy, 100-day Trophy, and 365 Visits Trophy.

The 30-day Streak Trophy and 100-day Steak Trophy can be obtained by logging in for 30 and 100 days straight without missing a single day.

The 365 Visits Trophy will be given to you after 365 total login days in the game, and it doesn’t have to be a streak.

The 30-day Streak Trophy gives you 200 free Blockbux. The 100-day Streak Trophy will give you 500 Blockbux. And when you finally reach 265 total login days, you will receive a whopping 2000 Blockbux.

All of these Bloxburg free Blockbux from just simply logging in daily.

4. Special Events

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg 4. Special Events
Credits: Alfintech Computer

Bloxburg holds special events during different parts of the year, especially during the holiday season.

In these events, you can obtain free Blockbux and have fun or socialize with other players and friends at the same time.

One famous example is the Elf Hunt during Christmas. The 2021 Elf Hunt and 2022 Elf Hunt, which lasts for 16 days, require you to find 16 Elves hiding all around town, and when you spot them all, you get 500 Blockbux for free.

During Halloween, there’s usually a maze event that gives you Blockbux once you complete it. RB Battles are obstacle course events held yearly, and you can also get free Blockbux from them.

Stay active and look out for event announcements, as these are fun ways to earn free Blockbux.

5. Purchase Clothes in the Closet

How to Get Free Blockbux in Bloxburg 5. Purchase Clothes in the Closet

Our final hack is not known to a lot of people. You probably already know how to purchase outfits and customize your avatar in Bloxburg and Roblox.

Most players just buy Robux and go to the Roblox avatar shop.

But did you know that there’s a “cashback” discount if you do it inside Bloxburg? So, instead of buying outfits from the avatar shop, launch Bloxburg, go to your closet, and interact with it.

Purchase your outfits there, and you will receive Blockbux in return.

How to Avoid Scams and Hacks

Everyone covets free stuff, and that’s why scams happen. If something seems too good to be true, be cautious.

Especially if someone is offering free Blockbux or any item and is asking for your personal information or login details, such as your username and password.

Stay informed and updated with the latest updates in Bloxburg, and never log into any third-party sites with your account.

Only trust official platforms and websites associated with the game. Most of all, make sure you bookmark and visit GameGrinds often.

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Those are our tricks and hacks to get Bloxburg free Blockbux. Everyone can try these methods and get free premium game currency.

Logging in daily is the greatest way to earn free Blockbux. So stay consistent and stay active, and you’ll reap your rewards.

Also, if you’re looking for more design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything in between, check out our Bloxburg section.

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