5 Best Bloxburg Room Ideas – Aesthetic Designs for 2023

Want a comfy look for your personal space? Take a look at our best Bloxburg room ideas!

Your bedroom should be a tranquil escape from the virtual world’s hustle and bustle. It should contain the amenities you need while expressing your personality at the same time.

Bloxburg room ideas

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to their room. That’s because we spend almost half of our life in this private space, and it should be a haven where you can relax and be yourself without stress.

So, to inspire you and help you make your dream room, we have compiled the best Bloxburg room ideas that can tickle your imagination and creativity in the popular game, Welcome to Bloxburg!

5 Best Bloxburg Room Ideas

Feast your eyes and creativity with these bloxburg room ideas:

1. Aesthetic Modern Bedroom

If you have a social media account, then you’ve probably seen all those posts about aesthetic bedrooms. Modern designs now focus on being more artistic with less flashy colors.

This room design from Daniellerys features a room with simple yet beautiful designs. It uses aesthetic white decals for an eye-pleasing interior.

She added little contrast with black lines and patterns to intricately match the light walls.

It also comes with black and white furniture pieces that add a cozy feel to the room. If you’re a minimalist who wants to have a room ready for friends to come over, this is a solid idea.

2. Trendy TikTok Bedroom Bloxburg

TikTok is filled with loads of bedroom ideas, and this one is among the best.

It is inspired by the trend set by TikTok influencers who showcase a room with purple LED lighting. Whether you’re a teenager or young at heart, you’ll definitely love this Gen Z room.

This room is meant to be more appealing to younger audiences. It comes with paintings and wall decors that match the wall and LED lighting.

Framed Spotify albums also add to the aesthetic appeal of this modern theme.

3. Mafia Queen 100k Bedroom

If you want a larger space and have a huge budget for your room, this dark-themed room from Alaska Violet is a jaw-dropper.

It’s a massive black room with grey accent walls and its own fireplace!

You have a cinema-like TV setup and a coffee table for you and your friends to chill out in.

The bed is elevated, and you have a luxury desk. And, of course, a huge wardrobe like any dream bedroom.

The video teaches you how to make this massive room and also comes with 1k and 10k rooms for lower-budget builds.

4. 3×3 Bloxburg Bedroom

This tutorial from truereeses is perfect for those who are working with limited space in their bedroom.

If you want something simple and not too flashy, but still a comfortable and cozy haven for you to rest your bones in, this is perfect as you can build it within just a 3×3 space.

It only costs 10k. It comes with all the basic amenities as well.

Besides this compact design, the video also teaches us how to make a 5×5 and a 10×10 room.

So if you have a wider space and more budget, you can always check them out.

5. Pinterest Teen Bedroom

Next up, we have a trendy bedroom idea from Pinterest. It features light colors and pink shades perfect for girls.

The beautiful green plants contrast the room’s theme perfectly and add a touch of elegance and refreshment to the room.

The room only costs 12k to build and it has a very simple design with visuals that could accommodate any design you want.

It’s a good thing that the creator, Daniellerys, left some room for players to add accessories of their own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with empty rooms in Bloxburg?

If you have a house layout and end up with empty rooms, you can always add other amenities as long as you have the budget.

For example, you can add a bar, pool area, gym, or art and music room to your house design.

But if you simply want to fill empty spaces, you can use a statement piece like a grand piano or sculpture to add some personality and take your house design to the next level.

What room should I make in Bloxburg?

A room entirely depends on your personal preferences and taste.

You should also keep your budget in mind. A nice room usually matches your overall house design. Of course, you’ll need a cozy bed and a desk for working and studying.

When it comes to decoration and furniture, it’s really up to you. So experiment and let your imagination run wild.

What place in Bloxburg pays the most?

Now that you have your dream room, how do you acquire the money needed to bring it to life?

Some of the highest working jobs in Bloxburg include being a Fisherman, Miner, Mechanic, Stocker, and Pizza Delivery. These places can give you a great start in saving up for your dream room.

If you are below Level 50, the Excellent Employee Game Pass will be very beneficial as it increases your salary by 25%. For only $300, you can already acquire it.


Those are the best Bloxburg room ideas to inspire you.

With these rooms as your foundation, you can start making a cozy room that reflects your personality and vibes.

If you are still up for more ideas not only for your bedroom but other parts of your Bloxburg house as well, let us know in the comment section!

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